My desire update Saturday 26 November 2022


My desire 26 November 2022: Presha gets worried for Rudra when he doesn’t return home whole night. Rudra returns home. Preesha emotionally hugs him and asks where had he gone, he should inform her and go. He says he was stuck in a jungle with Sonia. Sharda asks what were they doing in a jungle. Rudra says Sonia had gone to jungle searching Sunny and got lost there, he went to bring her back and they got stuck and spent night in jungle, good Kabir and Yuvraj came and brought them back home. Vasu says Preesha was worried a lot for him. After sometime, Yuvraj shows Sonia and Rudra’s intimate pics to his team. All 3 get excited seeing the pics. Sulochana says let us go and show these pics to Preesha.

Yuvraj says Rudra and Sonia didn’t really get intimate. Kabir says Preesha doesn’t know about it. Sulochana says he is right, let us go. Yuvraj says Preesha is a sati savitri type woman and hence she will not believe it easily; she is judge’s daughter and will question Sonia, Sonia will blurt out that nothing happened between her and nalla/waste body Rudra. Mishka asks why did he click these pics then. He says this is second evidence to gain Saransh custody in court, its a surprise element and even will tell then that something happened between her and nalla Rudra. Sulochana praises his plan and asks him to file custody case tomorrow. Yuvraj says they can prove that Rudra is an incompetent father, but they don’t have evidence that Preesha is a nalli maa.

Sulochana says nalla’s wife is nalli. Yuvraj says they should find any weakness of Preesha which they can produce in court against her.Sunny and Saransh are busy playing in a swimming pool with Rudra when Preesha feeds them vitamin C tablets. Mishka noticing that walks away with a plan. During dinner, Rudra says he will teach swimming to Saransh in 2 days and insists Preesha also to learn swimming. Preesha hesitates, but agrees on Saransh and Sunny’s insistence. Yuvraj signals Mishka toe execute her task. Mishka gets up. Rudra asks if she doesn’t want to have dinner. She says she got some important call and walks away. After dinner, on bed, Sunny and Saransh play with a pillow. Preesha feeds them vitamin C tablets. Rudra gets emotional and tells Preesha that he was craving for this happiness.

Preesha hopes nothing wrong happens. They all 4 fall asleep on bed. In the morning, Saransh wakes up first and wakes up Preesha next. They both try to wake up Sunny and Saransh, but they don’t wake up with a lot of tries. Worried Rudra calls doctor and informs him situation. Doctor treats them and informs that he removed toxins from their stomach. Sulochana asks what happened to kids. Doctor asks what did they give kids. Sulochana says normal food. He says they gave something else. Preesha says she gave vitamin C tablets. Doctor says she gave something else as he found some toxic traces in their stomach. Preesha (a so called doctor) shows him tablets. Doctor checks tablets and says these are sleeping pills and blasts her for not differentiating between vitamin C tablets and sleeping pills and that he can file complaint against her for being so careless. Sulcohana acts how can a mother harm her own kids.

Rudra asks what does she mean. Sulochana says she was just saying, but Preesha is an ideal mother. Rudra backs her. Doctor asks if there was any problem recently. Rudra and Preesha say no. Doctor says it means kids tried to commit suicide under pressure and he will file police complaint against them. Rudra gets angry on doctor. Doctor says its a protocol and seeing Rudra’s attitude, he will file police complaint for sure. Preesha tries to stop him in vain, then tells Rudra that doctor is doing his duty. They go to check kids.Mishka and Kabir stop doctor. Doctor says Rudra insulted him. They say Rudra did wrong, they are tired of Rudra’s arrogant nature and trying to control others.

Mishka asks if he will surely file police complaint against Rudra and Preesha. He says yes. They brainwash him that Rudra and Preesha are bad parents and they are worried for Saransh and Sunny’s lives, hence they are filing court petition for Sunny and Saransh’s custody and needs doctor’s evidence for that. Doctor agrees and leaves. They get happy seeing their plan working and go to inform their team. In room, Preesha calms down Rudra and informs that someone exchange vitamin C tablets with sleeping pills. Rudra thinks who can think so bad for the kids.

Sulochana praises Mishka for changing Saransh and Sunny’s vitamin C tablets with sleeping pills and says now Preesha will never find out Mishka did it. Mishka reminisces telling her team that she found out Preesha gives vitamin C tablets to kids daily and if they exchange the tablets with sleep pills, Preesha will give tablets and when kids fall ill, she will be blamed. Yuvraj says if something happens to kids, they will get a big evidence against Preesha to file custody case. Mishka says that means they will win for sure. She enters Preesha’s room and changes tablets. Out of flashback, Kabir praises Mishka. Mishka asks him to tell how they provoked doctor. Kabir informs that they provoked dotor against Preesha and now he will give evidence against Preesha, there will be a big dhamaka tomorrow in Preehsa’s life.

Next day, Vasu and Sharda plan for a picnic and insist Rudra and Preesha to join them with kids. Sulochana walks in ready. Rudra asks where are Kabir and Mishka. Sulochana says they are busy. Sharda says they are newly married, so let us leave them alone. Rudra gets a court notice. Rudra reads it thinking who must have sent it and stands fuming. Sharda and Vasu ask what happened. Preesha reads notice next and informs that Kabir and Mishka have filed Saransh custody case on them. Sulochana acts and asks how can Kabir try to snatch his brother’s son. Rudra shouts nobody an snatch is son from him and if Kabir wants to be alive, he has to take back this notice. Sulochana stands laughing. Rudra walks to Kabir and holding his collar shouts how can he send his son’s custody notice. Kabir asks what will he do. Rudra tries to hit him. Mishka stop him and warns him to don’t even dare to think of harming her husband.Preesha asks if she knows what Kabir did. Mishka says she and Kabir together have filed for Saransh custody. Preesha asks how can they do that.

Mishka shouts they cannot see Saransh dying slowly and says she informed Ahana about yesterday’s incident and she asked her and Kabir to file Saransh’s custody case on her behalf as she is Rajiv’s wife. Preesha warns to stop. Mishka shouts that she cannot leave Saransh with an irresponsible and lunatic Preesha who gave sleeping pills to Saransh and continues yelling that she is a murderer who calls herself as Saransh’s mother.Rudra raises hand on her angrily. Kabir holds his hand and warns to dare not raise his hand on his wife or else he will hit back. Rudra shouts if he will hit his own brother and warns to control his wife. Kabir says Mishka is right as Rudra has ransacked Saransh after his own son Sunny came in his life, etc. Rudra shouts again. Mishka shouts at Rudra to stop his drama and let them take Saransh’s custody. Preesha says its wrong. Mishka shouts that Preesha tried to kill Saransh and they cannot let him.

She continues shouting with her justification. Sharda tries to interfere, but Mishka stops her. Kabir says they have filed case in fast track court and tomorrow is the hearing. Rudra asks how can he betray his own brother after he did so much for him, he even fought with Preesha and his mother for him. Kabir says he is following his path of supporting his wife and can dare to hire a biggest lawyer and win the case if he can.Sulochana slaps Kabir and acts as confronting him for insulting Rudra who gave him everything he has now and orders to take back the case. Kabir says he will not back off and she can go on Rudra’s side if she wants. Rudra says they will meet in court then and walks away with his tema.

Sulochana pampers Kabir and asks if she hit him hard. Mishha says she does overacting. Kabir says he can bear her slaps for 500 crores. Sulochana says she will go and check what Rudra is planning.

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