Twist of fate update Saturday 26 November 2022


Twist of fate 26 November 2022: Ranbir thinking Prachi stopping him from touching her and Shahana blaming him for Prachi’s condition. Rhea comes there and asks where was you? He says I was here only.

She says everyone was asking about you, in the party. She asks him to come to room. Ranbir says no. Rhea asks are you tired? Ranbir says yes and moves her hand from his hand. He goes. Rhea says I understand, and says you are just mine. She says you have to just love me, I am not just your wife, but going to be mother of your child. She says I have defeated Prachi, and now I am Mrs. Rhea Ranbir Kohli.

Dida feels bad for Prachi and thinks puja should have happened hearing her pregnancy news, but talks is going on to throw her out. Pallavi asks Dida if she talked to Prachi. Dida says I will talk to her, after your birthday. Pallavi asks what is her connection with my birthday. Dida says she has connection with me, and asks her to give her sometime to talk to her.

Pallavi says only few days and goes. Dida thinks how to ask her to go, and thinks to care for her. Prachi comes out from the bathroom. Dida says it is good that you changed your clothes, and asks her to see all the arrangements for Pallavi’s birthday. Prachi nods her head in agreement. Dida thinks if Prachi arranges her birthday party, then Pallavi can have a change of mind. She thinks she can’t tell them, about her pregnancy.

Pallavi tells Rhea that they are same. Rhea asks Same? Pallavi says during her pregnancy, even she couldn’t sit at one place. She says I have good news. Rhea asks are you pregnant? Pallavi says no and tells about her birthday. Rhea congrats and hugs her. She thinks if your birthday was not there, then I would have thrown Prachi out. Pallavi asks her to rest and goes. Shahana comes there. Rhea asks if they have packed their bags. Shahana says bags are getting packed and says where fraud people stay, such place shall be left. Rhea gets upset. She comes to room and sees Ranbir sitting on the floor.

Rhea asks if he is fine? Ranbir says yes. Rhea says Mom’s birthday is coming up and she was thinking to celebrate Mom’s Punjab’s relatives. She thinks Buji was right, Ranbir will always be drown in Prachi’s thoughts and thinks to do just as Aaliya said. She thinks I have to make you go far from Prachi, to make you mine.

Ranbir is resting on the bed and thinks of his moments with Prachi. He gets up and thinks he used to think always that you are the best thing that has ever happened in my life, your existence in my life is my good destiny or a blessing. She says when you came in my life, I understood what is happiness? He says when we got separated, I became reason of your sadness and tears. He thinks he don’t want to be the reason for their separation.

Prachi also thinks of Ranbir’s confession. Rhea comes there and pushes the door. Prachi switches on the light. Rhea recalls Aaliya asking her to manipulate Prachi emotionally, taking her baby’s name. She shouts at her and says I don’t like you, and I hate you, asks her to leave from her house. Prachi asks her not to fight with her, as she has no strength. Rhea acts and falls down. She apologizes for doing wrong with her, and for all her actions. She says I have done a lot to you.

She says I know that I had hurt you a lot and troubled you from day 1, starting from college days. She says I accept that Ranbir loves you always, and you are the one in his life. She says I was wrong and so stupid to tell that you are coming between us, but I was coming between you both. She says I thought finally I have won and has more right on him. She says then I realized that a woman’s biggest happiness is to become a mother. She says it is not necessary that the baby will get all the happiness of the world. She sits on the bed and says I want to end the fight for forever. She holds her head and says I am so sorry. She says she doesn’t deserve her forgiveness.

She keeps Prachi’s hand on Rhea’s stomach, and says forgive me for Ranbir’s would be baby. She says I have never accepted you as my sister, but you used to call me as sister and told that our blood is one and we will unite. She says our blood brought us together, and I saved you from outside the hospital. She says I couldn’t see your blood flowing, as our mother is one. She says I understood this when I am going to be mother.

She says a woman goes to her mother when she becomes a mother, but I have no way to go. She says elder sister is like a Maa and says everyone gave me a gift except me, and says my sister is going to give me a biggest gift of my life.

She asks her to say, if she will give her good future and life. She sits down the bed and folds her hands, asking her to go from there, go away from her, ranbir and their child’s lives, for forever. She cries and says go for my child, his future will be good when he gets both his parents’ love. She says he can get our love when we stay together, but this can’t happen until you are here. She says our childhood is spent with both parents. She folds her hands and says lets make a new start. She asks her to go. She asks her to give Ranbir to her for her baby. She asks her not to punish her baby for her mistake and not to separate her baby from his father. She says if you stay here, then you can’t be happy and even Ranbir can’t be happy and he can’t make our child happy. She says she wants to be a good mother and wants to make her baby as her (Prachi).

She asks will you help me? She pleads asking her to give her, her baby’s father. She then gets up and runs to go, stops, smiles and throws her fake tears. Prachi gets emotional recalling her words.

Ranbir thinking about the moment when he was about to propose Prachi, when Rhea fainted and spoiled the moment. Rhea comes to the room and sees Ranbir sleeping. Ranbir pretends to be sleeping. Rhea gets Aaliya’s call. Aaliya asks what did Prachi say? Rhea says I talked to Prachi and said all that whatever you asked me to say, but. Ranbir thinks what she spoke to Prachi. Rhea says you was wrong, Prachi was not like her mother. Aaliya asks what did she say? Rhea says what she will say, she will say when she breaks. She is a tough nut to crack. Ranbir hears her.

Rhea says I will go out and talk to you. She goes out of the room. Ranbir gets up and thinks what did she tell Prachi, and why she said that Prachi is not like her mother and that she can’t break. He thinks to find out.

Prachi recalls Rhea’s words and gets emotional. Shahana asks Prachi if she is fine. She asks her not to get confused and let the things be same as it is. Prachi says I should have told everyone about my pregnancy, else I would have been on Rhea’s place and would have told what she told me. She says everyone is happy, and says if I had told, then I would be the reason for their happiness. She blames herself for keeping her baby away from his family and their love. She says I used baby to take revenge on Ranbir. She says I sat on the weighing scale but it was too my selfishness.

Shahana says your family will always be connected with this family and he/she will get all their love. She says first he/she will get your love, first let him say Maa. She asks her not to make the baby feel sad and says he/she will get whatever she deserves. She says you have fought for you until now, but now you have to fight for your baby. Rhea calls Aaliya and says she came out of room, so that nobody hears her. Ranbir follows her and thinks Rhea is hiding something and he gets the feeling that it is related to Prachi. Aaliya asks her not to come to her room, and meet her on the terrace. Rhea turns towards Ranbir. Ranbir hides and thinks to find out what is in her mind.

Pallavi tells Rhea that she wants to take her to Dida’s room, to do the ritual. Rhea says she will come after sometime. Pallavi insists. Rhea goes with her. Ranbir goes to Vikram’s room. He asks if anything happened? Vikram says what is the use to tell, when your loved ones don’t understand you. Ranbir says if you love me, then your feelings will come to me. Vikram hugs him. Ranbir cries. Vikram says I know what you are going through and says if you want to share something then you can share with me. Ranbir tells that he did a big mistake. He says he had a fight with Prachi and he got very upset and drank wine. He says Rhea came to me, though I didn’t call her. She got closer to me, and I saw Prachi in her and got closer to her. He says I don’t love Rhea, but loves Prachi and is loyal to her. Vikram says I understand, it happens with many people, sometimes we do something, which we don’t want to do and regret all life. He says we have to pay the price for it and says you are paying for your doings and you will be guilt free and will make everything fine. He asks do you understand what I am saying?

Pallavi comes to Dida’s room with Rhea. She says when I got pregnant, you used to take off the bad sight from me daily. Dida says you don’t used to believe it. Pallavi says I do agree now, as you taught me. She says I believe on everything now and asks her to take off bad sight from Rhea, so that both mother and baby stay safe. Ranbir peeps in the room and see how Dida takes off the bad sight from Rhea. Pallavi thanks Dida. Dida says I did this for my family and asks Rhea to go to her room. She tries to talk to Pallavi. Pallavi goes.

Shahana tells Prachi that she knew that many things are happening in her life and says this storm will soon go. Prachi says I don’t think that this will resolve. Shahana asks what did Rhea say? Prachi says Rhea was talking about her baby, she was immature and will always be. She says may be, becoming a mother will bring change in her. She says Rhea was talking about love and care about her baby and I felt she is a mother. Shahana asks her not to come in her talks and says whatever she said to you, was for her benefit. Ranbir comes there and hears Shahana. He asks Prachi, if Rhea talked to you. Prachi asks him to go. Ranbir asks Shahana to ask her to give him sometime so that he makes everything fine. Prachi says now nothing can be done. Ranbir says I need a last chance.

Shahana says she had given you a chance, then she herself cried. Ranbir says let me talk to her. Prachi says everything is over now. Ranbir asks really, if there is nothing between us. She says you don’t know what is first love, first wife and first child. He says I will understand and asks her to say. She says you don’t understand and that’s why I have to talk like this.

She says she will take back her rights from him and this family. Ranbir asks her to show her rights and snatch it. He thinks tell that you are pregnant. Prachi says if I have right on it, then why I have to demand for it. She says why I have to struggle to be happy, why I have to fight daily to live etc. Ranbir bends down on his knees and says don’t do anything, I will do whatever you say. Prachi says I will not leave house, I will get whatever I want. Rhea hears them. Ranbir asks did I ask you to go, and says I want you to stay here in your room. Prachi says she couldn’t bear him now. He asks Shahana to ask Prachi to come to her room. He comes out and sees Rhea. Rhea goes from there. Shahana goes behind Prachi. Rhea thinks of Prachi and Ranbir’s conversation.

Aaliya sees Rhea and says I thought you will meet me on terrace. Rhea says I shouldn’t have heard you, and says your idea has failed. She says my respect is ruined, and you made me loser infront of Prachi. Aaliya asks her to come to the point. Pallavi says just now your bad sight is gone, you must rest and shall not roam here and there. Aaliya says I was telling her to rest. Pallavi asks her to rest and takes her from there.

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