Lost in love update Thursday 24 November 2022


Lost in love 24 November 2022: Sai continues to imagine Virat while driving car and then notices him missing. She dashes her car to a jeep in shock and apologizes its owner.

Owner comes out and forcefully gets her out. Sai says his jeep is fine, why is he shouting. He continues his verbal abuse and taking her car key says he will not return it until she pay for his damage. She pleads him to let her go. Shivji’s devotees pass by. She chants Jail Bholenath. Goon threatens that nobody will help her.

Devotees ask her if this goon is troubling her. Goon says this woman dashed her to his jeep and damaged it. Sai says he is lying and was driving at 100 kmph speed. Goon continues misbehaving and says he is also shiv bhakt. Devotees say one who cannot respect woman cannot be a shiv bhakt and warns to dare not trouble the girl. Goon apologizes and leaves. Sai drives car again tensed thinking she is losing on time.

Chavans continue to pray Shivji. Mansi feels weak. Saloni asks her to rest, but she says she will not until Veeru gets well. Virat’s condition worsens. Dr. Patil says they need to arrange injection ASAP and asks nurses to keep their their contacts. Chavan family also fails to arrange injection. Bhavani scolds Pulkit for failing to arrange it.

Sai reaches pharma company godown where watchman says godown is closed. She pleads to get her injection as its a question of someone’s life. Watchman shouts at her to leave. Sai calls her friend Aniket who calls godown’s owner and finding his phone switched off says they need to wait till morning. Watchman shouts at her to leave. Dr. Patil asks nurse when will injection arrive. She says not before 7 a.m. He asks her to shift Virat to emergency room as they can’t rely only on injection. Samrat and Pakhi notice him taking Virat out of ICU and asks reason. He says he is doing his duty and trying to revive Virat. Pakhi thinks nothing will happen to Virat.

Sai enters godown area from backside and enters by climbing the door. Watchman hearing noise asks who is it. She breaks glass and enters store room. Watchman calls police. Sai locks door from outside and searches injection. Ninad with Sunny rushes to a pharmacy and requests for injection. Pharmacist says its out of stock and he is the fifth customer who is asking for the injection. Ninad asks if he can get it from somewhere. Pharmacist says he can get it from a godown in the morning.

Ninad says his son doesn’t have time till morning. Watchman notices store room door locked and breaks it open. Sai finds injection finally. Watchman tries to catch her. She pushes him away and escapes in her car. Police reaches godown and chases her car. She takes a different route and prays Mahadev to show her a way. Virat’s condition gets more critical and he starts bleeding. Doctor says his arteries are rupturing and he may not survive. Police jeep stops Sai’s car.

Police stop Gehna’s car and inspector orders her to get out. Sai pleads to let her go. Inspector says she stole injection. Sai says her husband’s life is in danger. Inspector gets her out. She continues pleading to let her save her husband’s life and they can follow her. Inspector orders constable to arrest her. She asks if he knows who her husband is. He says he doesn’t care. She says he is IPS officer Virat Chavan.

He is shocked to hear that and says they will support her and are happy to do something for Virat sir. She thanks him and gets into car. He says her leg is bleeding, so let him drive. She says she herself will. Police follow her. Virat’s condition worsens more at hospital. Sai reaches hospital with police, shows injection to Pulkit

and runs to emergency room. Injection slips and falls. Sai catches it. Dr. Patil impressed thanks her for getting 2 injections instead while they failed to get one and says in fact Virat needed double dose. He asks her to wait outside and nurses to arrange for surgery.
Sai prays god to save her husband. Nurse performs her surgery. Samrat calls family. Bhavani with her team walks in and yells at Sai followed by Sonali.

Shivani asks Sonali to stop yelling at hospital and think of Virat at least. Ninad asks Samrat why did he call them. Samrat says injection is arranged and doctors are trying their best to save Virat. Ninad thanks Pulkit for arranging injection. Pulkit says Sai brought it. Pakhi yells that Sai is responsible for Virat’s condition and Pulkit is trying to protect her. Others start yelling next one by one. Pulkit says he is not lying.

Sai says its not important who brought the injection, its important that Virat’s life is saved. They all continue their toxic comments and asks her to leave from there. Sai denies till Virat’s surgery is over. Pulkit backs her. Samrat says he respects Pulkit, but they hate Sai now and Pulkit’s lie will not change their opinion towards Sai. Bhavani orders Samrat to call Sai and kick Sai out of here.

DIG walks in. Bhavani says she was about to call him. DIG praises Sai for arranging injection and fighting for her husband’s life like a sati Savitri, asks why didn’t she inform him. Sai says she didn’t have time to inform him and is ready for the damages incurred by her. He asks not worry about that as inspector handled the issue. Inspector returns car keys and says he is available outside if she needs help. Sai thanks him. Pulkit asks now they realized that Sai arranged injection when they couldn’t arrange one. Pakhi murmurs.

Sai says let us not talk about it now and just pray for Virat’s life. Bhavani yells at Pulkit that being a big doctor, he is supporting Sai’s wrong doing, they will never forget that Sai is responsible for Virat’s condition and Sai cannot wash her sins with a small act. Sai says sh e is not worried about her sins and will stay here till Virat’s condition improves.

Doctor comes out and says there is a ray of hope in dark, he thinks Virat is going to survive. Ninad asks if operation was successful. Doctor says he had to open whole heart to remove sharpnel and gives credit to Sai for arranging injection on time. Ninad asks if his son is out of danger. Doctor says with vitals, he looks stable, but they need to keep him under observation. Sai thanks him and asks if Virat regained consciousness now. He says not yet. Samrat and Niand thank doctor. Doctor says they should thank their bahu who is their real hero. Karishma murmurs that Sai always wins a battle. Sai says doctor is a real hero who saved her husband’s life.

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