Timeless love update Friday 21 July 2023

Timeless love 21 July 2023: Dev asks who has done this cheap thing, who made her drunk and who made her wear this dress? Amba says I gave her that dress. Dev asks why? Amba says she was feeling awkward, I had the dress so I gave. Dev says you are control freak and wants to control everyone. Amba says I didn’t do any mistake. She says I had asked for just juice for her. Yogesh says Amba had ordered juice for her. Kanika says may be she drank it by mistake. Dev says Vidhi will not drink this, I know. Amba says you are very protective about her and asks why are you bearing her responsibility, she is not your responsibility. She says may be she was feeling suffocated and drank it. Dev says I know her culture and she don’t feel suffocated due to it. She says when a girl wears some dress or drinks, why we say that she is feeling suffocated. She says what will I say to her family. Kanika tells Yogesh that she had called her parents already. Arjun says I will drop Vidhi.

Dev refuses as Arjun is drunk. He sprinkles water on Vidhi and tries to make her gain consciousness. Bimla and Hariprasad are in the auto. Hariprasad recalls Kanika’s call informing him that Vidhi is drunk and Dev is angry.Urmila asks her husband to search the money in the house. She finds a crockery box and says they might have got it from the temple money. Vidhi and Dev are still there. Vidhi says she wants to tell him something and asks him to bring his ear near her. She says abhi toh party shuru huyi hai….Kanika asks shall we come with her. Dev says I saw what you have done. Amba, Kanika and Yogesh looks on.

Dev sees Hariprasad’s call on Vidhi’s mobile and thinks they will take tension and rejects the call. He finds her gone and goes to her. He asks her to come. He says you have to go home so control. Vidhi smiles and looks at him. She says I can do anything for you. She says I am in my conscience. He holds her so that she don’t fall down. She says I can see everything clear and says I am seeing you in three. She says Amba Maam challenged me that you will not come in her party and I have to bring you to party. She says I know that you will fulfill your promise and will come. She says if I have lost, if you haven’t come. She says she has won. She says Sir, I….pyaaz (onion). He asks if you like to have onion. Vidhi says I am feeling very cold. He says ok and makes her wear his suit. Vidhi hugs him. Dev makes her wear it. Vidhi asks if she is looking good. Dev says you are looking handsome and asks her to come, says they will have party later.

He makes her sit in his car. Vidhi tells that she is having stomach pain. Dev asks her to get down the car and asks her to vomit. She says that matter was stuck in the chest. She tries to express her feelings to him, but couldn’t express. She says I and falls….Dev holds her. Hariprasad and Bimla come there and see Dev holding Vidhi. They get shocked. Dev gets shocked seeing them.

Bimla holds Vidhi. Vidhi says Papa has come, and says now everyone will have party. She says I want to tell you one thing, one important thing. Bimla says we will talk later. Dev tells Hariprasad that it is not Vidhi’s mistake. Hariprasad says it is not Vidhi, but my mistake. He says the result is infront of me. He asks Bimla to take her in auto. Vidhi falls. Dev holds her hand. He says I will drop you all to home. Hariprasad says no need and says I had forgotten my value. Dev says you are thinking me wrong. Hariprasad says he don’t want to listen, this was the reason that he don’t want her to go out and do job. He says you had assured me that nothing wrong will happen and I trusted you, which broke today.

Hariprasad tells Dev that today he has lost trust on him. He says we are middle class people and we have two things, respect and trust. He says we handover this to someone with wise thinking, when this thing is gone then we don’t have anything other than repentance and pain. Bimla asks Vidhi to come. Vidhi says bye Sir. Bimla and Hariprasad take Vidhi in auto. Amba hears them. Yogesh tells Kanika that she did right at the right time. Kanika says Amba got trapped wrongly. Yogesh says collateral problem. He says Dev will handle his personal problems, and we will handle his business. Amba comes to Dev and says everything will be fine. Dev blames her and says I never thought that you will stoop low. He says first you manipulated Priya and now used Vidhi to bring me to the back. He says you made her dressed up and got her drink.

He says I had come for my staff and you did this with them. He asks if she enjoyed doing this and calls her selfish and self centered. He says I don’t love you and shall stay away from you. Amba says don’t say this. Dev sits in his car and goes. Amba looks on sad.

Hariprasad says I never thought that people will call me and say that my daughter is drunk. Urmila and her husband keep the stuff on the table. Her husband sees Bimla and Hariprasad bringing Vidhi home. He shouts asking what happened to her. Urmila comes out and sees Vidhi’s condition. She says heels sandal, and suit, she asks whose suit is this? She says don’t know what work she used to do. Bimla asks her what is she doing here and asks her to leave. Urmila says her daughter is drunk and she is blaming us. She says going to club, having wine is good and insults Hariprasad. Hariprasad asks them to leave them and asks them to go. Urmila tells them that they will question them about the stuff kept on the table. They leave.

Hariprasad and Bimla take Vidhi to her room. Vidhi says her head is paining. Bimla makes her lie down on the bed. Vidhi says I shouldn’t have drank wine, headache happens. Hariprasad looks at dev’s suit and recalls Vidhi’s closeness with him. He throws the suit. Vidhi says sorry, and says Dev Sir will be angry. Dev comes there. Vidhi says I shouldn’t have drank orange juice. Dev comes inside and knocks on the door. Hariprasad and Bimla see Dev. Hariprasad says your anger is justified, please hear me. He says it is not Vidhi’s mistake, someone has done mischief with Vidhi. Bimla asks him to come inside. Hariprasad stops her. Dev says when Vidhi wakes up in the morning, she couldn’t look in your eyes, and asks them not to scold her. Hariprasad thinks of Vidhi in Dev’s arms, and closes the door on his face angrily. Dev says until you hear me and forgive Vidhi, I will not go from here. He knocks on the door, but Hariprasad doesn’t open the door. Dev thinks why I didn’t reach that party on time.

Amba comes there. Dev looks at her. Amba knocks on the door and asks Hariprasad to open the door. She says listen to me for 2 mins. Bimla says I am going to open the door, and says a woman is standing on our door, all neighbors will gather. She opens the door. Amba folds her hands and greets Hariprasad. She says Dev didn’t call me, I came by mistake. She says actually I am guilty to some extent, I didn’t want Vidhi to feel strange and that’s why gave her that dress, she was hesitant but I insisted her to wear. She says I had ordered juice glass, but don’t know how the wrong glass went to her. She says there is nobody in the party, who wants to make fun of her. She says Dev came late in the party and didn’t know. She says I know how you might be feeling and says Dev and Vidhi, both are innocent and asks them to forgive them. She says thank you for listening to me and goes. Hariprasad apologizes to Dev and asks him to go. He says this is Mata’s door step and says if people see then will make stories, and asks him to go. Dev says I can understand. He asks him not to scold Vidhi and goes.

Next day in office, Kanika comes to Yogesh and says I knew this girl will come to office late. Yogesh says I thought a big drama will happen, but everyone is calm down. Kanika says this middle class people will come behind us, shaking their tails. Yogesh sees Hariprasad coming there. Dev calls Vidhi and the number is switched off. He thinks to visit her home, just then he sees Hariprasad standing on the door. He asks him to come inside and sit. He asks how is Vidhi? Hariprasad says Vidhi will not do job now.

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