Radha Mohan Zeeworld update Tuesday 6 February 2024

Radha Mohan 6 February 2024: Mohan turns to Mama jee explaining neither will he go from this house nor Radha, the entire family is relieved while both Damini and Kaveri are furious, Mohan instructs Radha to go inside, she kneels to pick her bag, but Bhushan Mama helps her, she goes back inside but Ketki is really tensed. Bhushan Mama informs Mohan that Radha is his wife, and it is his responsibility to take care of him otherwise anyone would scold her, he calls everyone to him so they hug him but Ketki is worried.

Kaveri in the room informs they have tried a lot to get rid of Radha but she came back to the house, Damini vows she would surely oust Radha from this house but they cannot forget the proof, Kaveri brings the papers when Damini informs she is glad she got the papers at the right time, she exclaims that the proof for which Radha made so much efforts would be in flames very soon.

Mohan picks the bed sheet, but Radha holds it from the corner saying she would not let him leave, he warns her to stay in her limits because today she has hurt the feelings of his mother and if she does not anything of the sort then he will surely leave the house. Radha thinks that she and Mohan both are on the same team, but he just does not know the truth of them. Mohan leaves so Radha asks Tulsi if she is here, she causes something to fall. Radha thinks now she has to read the proof, Tulsi wonders how it will happen when they could not find it, Radha turns on the mobile and thinks she took photo of the proof because she knew Damini would try to steal them.

Tulsi is very amazed by Radha, who wonders what is P and L, Tulsi wonders how can she explain the meaning of it to Radha, she then types the name on the mobile to learn ti in Hindi and she finds out that these are the papers in which the profit and loss is written, Radha finally writes it on a piece of paper and thinks that the results are showing a loss of seven crores but the statement is showing the profit of ten crores, Radha wonders if she was wrong to think they are involved in the death of Tulsi, Radha prays to Bihari jee to show her the way, she starts walking with the papers in her hands when one of them falls on the floor, she picks up the paper only to notice the dates, that someone withdrew fifteen lacs from the bank,

Radha wonders why would anyone take out the money when it is de monetization, Radha reading the date asks Tulsi if it is the date of her death, she thinks she was right to suspect that Damini surely had something to do with her death. Radha thinks she surely has to go to the office of Mohan jee for the answers. The person in the black dress opens the window exclaiming Radha is right to suspect and is walking on the same direction in which he desired.

Damini smiles while lighting the papers and thinks Radha does not know that the proof she thought about are burnt, they both panic after hearing someone knocking on the door when Damini quickly tries to put the papers in the bin. Kaveri opens the door when Mohan apologizes as Kaveri would once again have to sleep in the guest room, he feels that something is burning so enters the room but Damini explains that nothing is burning. Kaveri is shocked seeing the paper on the floor so signals Damini but she doesn’t know what to do, Kaveri exclaims tat Mohan would surely find out about her secret, he asks what is she talking about when Kaveri replies she is worried what Mohan would think about her, Kaveri explains he remembers that his uncle used to smoke and so she also does the same, she makes him promise to not tell anyone. Mohan asks Damini if her mother surely it does, Damini says she even shaves her beard, Kaveri turns saying she is going to leave but he stops her, Kaveri puts he paper in her mouth before turning, Mohan mixes his hand asking what she is chewing, Kaveri explains that she accidentally ate it when he was knocking. Damini mentions she is very tired so they should sleep, Damini signals Kaveri to leave.

Mohan notices the bin and slowly walks over to it, he however feels pain in his neck when Damini explains she will apply the medicine to his back, Damini notices the door is open and is about to close it but Bhushan Mama places his hand on it, he opens the door to see Mohan sitting on the bed, he is really furious and yells the name of Kadambari, Damini is scared.

Kadambari asks what is wrong that he called them so late at night, Bhushan says that he felt she is the elder of this house and everything happens according to her desire, he asks if she knows that Mohan leaves his own room and sleeps with Damini. Kadambari is hesitant but then asks Mohan if this is the truth and does he really sleep with Damini. Bhushan asks if she really does not know about it, Mohan informs it is not the fault of his mother as he did not tell anyone because relations cannot be made forcefully. Bhushan Mama says he is committing a sin which should not be allowed so he asks Mohan to sleep with his wife, Mohan says he really respects Bhushan Mama and his mother but cannot accept this decision, he angrily leaves the hall. Bhushan walks to Kadambari explaining he has started to suspect her upbringings because he cannot see even a single good deed because to sleep with another women while being married is a sin, Bhushan explains he cannot see it happen with a simple a honest girl like Radha, he exclaims he has just one way left and so says to Damini that whatever he is saying is good for her, he explains he will take Damini and Kaveri with him to Delhi. Damini refuses to go anywhere but Bhushan Mama says he is just ordering her, Bhushan instructs Kaveri to pack her bags, Kaveri tries to explain herself, but Kadambari explains it is enough, she says that Kaveri has been living here so should have informed her about this truth earlier so she could have stopped this from happening. Kadambari agrees with Bhushan saying it is time for her and Damini to go to Delhi.

Damini entering the room explains Mohan can no longer sleep here and be with Radha, Mohan explains that he has said she is his wife, but Damini says it would happen if she stays here because Bhushan Mama is ready to take her to Delhi. Mohan asks what she desires from him.

Kadambari says even she did not tell her anything, Kadambari does not know what is happening in her house as her brother has to see all these things and even Mohan is not ready to accept her instructions, Mohan walks to Kadambari explaining he has listened to her order and is going to sleep in his room, she should tell Bhushan Mama that there is no need to go anywhere, Tulsi smiles thinking everyone has mended their ways ever since Bhushan Mama arrived.

Kadambari says she does not have the heart to talk with her brother, Radha hesitantly asks Kadambari if she can go and thank Bhushan Mama because he has come here as a deity for her, Ketki however stops saying that Radha would not go, Kadambari asks what is her problem, Ketki explains she does not know what magic Radha has done on him as he is only defending her, Kadambari is also worried about what Radha has done but they have to stop her brother, Kadambari instructs Radha to go and talk with Bhushan, Ketki is very tensed however Radha leaves.

Bhushan Mama is packing his bags when Radha asks if she can come inside, she explains Mohan has listened to his order and from now on he will sleep in his room, she explains that Holi is about to come and if the entire family would really enjoy the festival, Bhushan Mama says that he can only see that Mohan hates her but she loves him, Mohan wants to throw her out of the house but even then she says she doesn’t have any hatred for him, he explains Mohan does not have any sight because of which he is running after Damini. Radha explains Mohan has done a lot for her and he even loves her, she explains she has come here to thank him because he sided with her even when he does not know her, Bhushan holding her explains that she is their family and he has to side with her, he calls her over ad hug Radha, but is not doing it out of love. Radha feels something weird when he hugs her so is tensed.

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