Lost in love starlife update Tuesday 9 January 2024

Lost in love 9 January 2024: Isha tells Savi that they have multiple evidences against Samrudh and suggests her not to marry Samrudh. She suggests her to show all the evidences to Bhavani and cancel this alliance. Bhavani walks in and asks Savi if she is doing pooja properly. Savi nods yes. Someone calls Bhavani and she returns back. Isha asks Savi why didn’t she show proof to Bhavani. Savi asks her to go now. Isha gives proofs to her and asks her to use it when needed.

Lost in love 8 January 2024

At Bhosale nivas, Yeshwanth hosts Ishan and Riva’s engagement ceremony and welcomes education minister. He introduces Ishan to minister. Minister congratulates Yeshwanth for his son’s engagement. Ishan looks at Shantanu. Yeshwanth says Ishan is his nephew, but he loves him more than his son. Anvi and Durva click selfies with Ishan.

Savi does pooja recalling Isha’s warning. Bhavani walks to her and says she knows Savi hates her, but she truly is worried for her future and loves her as equally as she loves Vinu and Virat. Savi emotionally hugs her and thinks how to tell her that she chose a wrong house. Bhavani asks her to smile as she needs to take good pics with her. Baraat arrives. Bhavani goes to attend them. Savi looks at the evidence. Swanand calls Yashwant and requests him to cancel engagement today as Riva is leaving for London today for further studies and they can perform Riva and Ishan’s engagement after Riva completes her studies.

Yeshwanth gets angry and asks what shall he reply to his high-profile guests. He breaks ties with Swanand and warns him to never call him back again. Shantanu asks why Swanand’s family canceled engagement. Yeshwanth goes on stage and apologizes guests for canceling Ishan’s engagement and requests them to go. Ishan thinks shy is Yeshwanth saying this.

Bhavani with Ashwini and Harini watches baraat coming and tells them that groom looks happy and will keep Savi very happy. She welcomes baratis. Vinu and Ashwini perform ritual on Samrudh. Bhavani tells Ashwini that siman pooja is complete, she can feed sweets to the groom. Groom’s friend joke that one who is already drunk will not differentiate sweets. Mandar shuts their mouth. Ashwini feeds sweets to Mandar and senses alcohol smell from him. She informs same to Bhavani.

Mandar says groom’s friends got the groom drunk on his special day, else groom is well cultured. Friends says yes. Ashwini asks Harini to bring Savi down. Ishan calls Riva and asks why Yashwanth canceled engagement, can she come here immediately. Riva says she can’t as she is leaving for London. Swati snatches her phone and disconnects call and says she is getting late for the flight.

Savi shows Samrudh’s truth to Harini, Ashwini, and Ninad. They are shocked to learn that he is an alcoholic, drug addict, and an womanizer. Ninad says he will confront Samrudh’s family and cancel this wedding. Savi says Bhavani will not agree and will forcefully get her married to Samrudh. Ashwini says Bhavani will do same in fear of society, she will ruin even Sai’s life like she ruined Harini’s life. Ninad asks Savi to do whatever she wants to and he will support her completely. She looks at Sai’s photo and recalls her advice. She then says if aayi was in her situation, she would have eloped. Ashwini says she should do same.

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