Lost in love starlife update Wednesday 10 January 2024

Lost in love 10 January 2024: Ishan anxiously tries to contact Riva. Nishikanth asks what did Riva say. Ishan says Riva is going to London, he wants to talk to her right now and stop her. He rushes out of house. Nishikanth rushes behind him. Surekha asks him to be with Ishan wherever he goes. Nishikanth gets into car with Ishan. Ishan speeds car and says he can’t let Riva go. Ashwini, Ninad, and Harini suggest Savi to run away from her marriage before Bhavani forcefully gets her married to an alcoholic, drug addict, and womanizer Samrudh. Savi says she can’t risk family’s dignity and will not elope.

Lost in love 9 January 2024

Ashwini says she is Virat’s last evidence and she can’t see her life ruined just like that. She convinces her to elope and asks Harini to pack Savi’s necessary items and bring it to her. Harini walks down nervously. Bhavani asks where is she going instead of bringing Savi down. Harini says she is going to get Savi’s hair prop.Ishan calls Riva. Riva waits for her flight in the airport. Swati notices Ishan’s call on Riva’s number and disconnects it. Ishan is about to ram his car to a speeding truck.

Nishikanth alerts him on time and asks if he wants them both to die. Ishan says he is ready to die for his love, will make sure he brings Riva to Mumbai. Harini still fears for family’s dignity and refuses to elope. Ninad tries to convince her to elope as he is a retired colonel and still can handle 100 people like Samrudh. Harini walks in and asks her not to let Bhavani ruin her life like she ruined Harini’s life and reminds Savi’s words to fight for herself. They all 3 chant encouraging words. Savi agrees to elope.

Vinu knocks door. They hide bag and make Savi act as performing pooja. Vinu asks what are they doing, Panditji is calling Savi for antarpat ritual. Ashwini asks him to go, she will bring Savi down in some time. Vinu says he will take Harini down. Ninad says let us handle guests while Ashwini gets Savi finish her pooja and bring her down; he takes him out. Ashwini locks the door hurriedly and asks Savi to escape via window. Savi hands over her jewelry to Ashwini saying their family needs it more than her and she will manage somehow.

Ashwini gives her god’s idol and asks her to keep it with her always. Savi desires to meet Ninad once before leaving. Ashwini says there is no time for that. Ninad comes near window. Savi jumps from window and emotionally touches his feet. Ninad blesses him and asks her to fly so high that her azoba keeps his head always high to see her. He speaks emotionally and sends her away.

Panditji calls bride to star the ritual. Bhavani asks Ashwini to call Savi. Ashwini says kumkum fell on her sari and hence she is cleaning her sari. Bhavani asks Vinu to go and bring Savi and asks Harini where is Savi. Harini nervously says Savi is not at home. Bhavani in shock asks to check everywhere. Harini says she checked everywhere. Mandar asks Bhavani to call the bride soon. Bhavani says she will go and bring her down. Savi walks out of house hiding.

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