Lost in love starlife update Tuesday 2 April 2024

Ishan describes family how he went to help Savi and the both got locked in her room. Shantanu smiles. Surekha asks if this issue looks like a joke for him, Savi boasts about her character and didn’t have any problem when Ishan spent whole night in her room. Ishan says she is overpredicting the issue, they didn’t know this all would happen.

Surekha asks why didn’t he call her. Ishan says he had left his mobile in his car. Nishi says he could have called via Savi’s mobile. Ishan says Savi’s mobile battery had drained and she had left her phone charger at Shantanu’s house, they are just overcomplicating the issue. Surekha says he has disappointed her with his act. Ishan says she should stop demonizing Savi as she is a good girl, his perspective towards her changed after learning how much she suffered in life. Surekha warns Ishan to stay away from Savi. Shantanu says he is feeling sleepy and wants to go and sleep, even Ishan should. Whole family disperses. Surekha thinks she knows Savi’s plan and will not let him trap Ishan, she will get him married to some other girl soon.

Savi gets ready for college and looking at her wrist thread thinks Ishan is not that bad. Surekha visits her and asks if she can come in. Savi welcomes her. Surekha praises her room decoration and asks if she decorated it alone. Savi says Shukla helped her a lot and even Ishan did. Surekha says if she needs any help from hereon, she should call her directly if she needs any help and not disturb Ishan as he is a busy man with college and many other responsibilities and soon he will get busy in his personal life with his marriage. Savi is surprised and says she didn’t know Ishan is getting married. Surekha says she should remember her words and walks away.

Savi rushes towards her class room when Ishan stops her and says she is getting late for lecture. Savi says she had an unexpected guest. Ishan argues with her that she can’t call a guest in her hostel room. Savi asks him to breathe in deeply until she reveals who the guest was and says it was Surekha mam. Ishan is surprised to hear that and thinks Surekha warned her to stay away from Savi and herself came to meet Savi. Savi says still 1 minute is left for her lecture. Ishan says he can go. Savi thinks he is really chidkiya. Savi attends lecture and after class, she discusses with her friends on organizing women entrepreneur shops during college navrati festival clebration. Friends praise her idea. Ishan walks to Savi and asks her to meet her immediately in conference room. Durva and her friends watch hiding.

Savi meets Ishan in conference room. Ishan gives her UPSC exam papers of past 5 years and a 24-hour time table and asks her prepare herself well as he will take her test tomorrow. Savi says he hasn’t left her any time to breathe at all. Ishan says that is how they prepare for the UPSC exam and asks her to start studying right now. Their nok jhok continues. Savi starts studying at college library, corridor, etc., and till late night in hostel. Dunya Ka Nara Jame Raho.. song plays in the background. Ishan calls Savi at 5 a.m. and wakes her up. He says she is already 5 minutes late and asks her to hurry up and start studying. Savi requests to let him sleep. Ishan say she is standing outside her room. Savi hurriedly opens room and asks where is he. Ishan says he is in his room and asks her routine hurriedly like she hurriedly opened to door and be prepared as he will take her test during 11 a.m. lecture break. Savi starts preparing for the test anxiously.

Surekha notices Ishan searching something and asks what is he searching. Ishan says he is searching his UPSC prep books. Surekha says they maybe in store room and asks if he is planning to prepare Durva for UPSC exam. Ishan says it would be better if Durva even passes her final exams, she is not of that caliber at all. Surekha asks him why he is degrading his sister. Ishan says that is the fact and says he sees immense potential in Savi and is helping her prepare for the UPSC exam, he is her Dronacharya and she is her Arjun now and he even tied a mauli/thread on her wrist. Surekha stands jealous. Durva hears their conversation. Back in college, after lecture, Ishan calls Savi to board room for the test. Durva’s friends get jealaous and say that Ishan is paying too much attention to Savi while they are also his students.

Durva says it’s Savi who is trapping Ishan and determines to trouble Savi so much that she stops thinking about UPSC exam. Ishan takes Savi’s test and plays loud music. Savi asks how can she give test in this situation. Ishan says she can’t asks a passing by marriage procession to stop while studying. Their nok jhok continues…

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