Lost in love starlife update Monday 1 April 2024

Ishan tells Savi that she has talent and courage to achieve her goals, but doesn’t have someone who can guide her. He says she should get someone who has gone through the IAS exam and cleared it; he passed exam, but didn’t give interview.

Savi is surprised and asks why? Ishan says he just wanted to prove that someone from Bhosale Institute can clear IAS exam, his goal was always teaching at Bhosale Institute and achieved it. Savi asks if he will guide her clear the exam. Ishan asks if she will accept him as his mentor and follow his instructions. She says yes. He asks if she can unlearn all her past learnings and be a plain paper where he can paint a new picture of a better future. Savi accepts. Ishan picks a holy thread and ties it on her wrist and promise to let her achieve her goal and dream. He seeks promise from her not to divert her attention and to focus only on her goal. Savi promises to never disappoint him. Ishan shakes hands with her.

Shantanu reaches hostel and finds Ishan’s car there. Savi tells Ishan that Isha always supported her in each step of her life and is her mentor, Ishan is exactly like his mother, he should understand that his mother is not bad. Ishan says she is good for the world, but really a bad mother. Savi says his mother immensely loves him and he should try to understand him. Ishan recalls getting upset when she asked him same before. Savi asks him not to get upset again. Shantanu reaches Savi’s room and knocks it. Ishan says he is also stuck inside the room. Shantanu asks what is he doing in girl’s hostel at this time. Ishan says he will explain once he is out. Savi asks Shantanu to get a screw driver. Shantanu calls Shukla and asks him to get a tool box to girl’s hostel. He then calls Nishi and asks him to inform Surekha not to worry as Ishan is stuck in Savi’s hostel room and he will return home with Ishan soon.

Nishi informs same to Surekha. Surekha asks what is Ishan doing in Savi’s room. Nishi asks if Ishan fell in Savi’s love. Surekha says girls like Savi trap rich boys like Ishan, she will reach there and punish Isha’s puppet. Nishi stops her and says issue will exacerbate if they go there, let Ishan return home, they will think what to do next after that. Shukla brings tool box. Shantanu throws screwdriver in via a door passage. Ishan tries to unscrew lock. Savi says that is not the way.

Their nok jhok starts. Shantanu asks them to stop fighting and open the door. Ishan breaks the lock open continuing to argue with Savi. Door opens, and Shukla falls into the room. Savi lifts him up. Shantanu asks what was he doing in Savi’s room. Ishan informs that he had got Savi’s call that her door is not locking and hence came to help her and the door got locked.

Savi and Ishan’s nok jhok starts again. Shantanu asks them to stop and tells Ishan that they should go home now. Ishan says they can’t until the door lock is fixed. Shukla assures him that he will fix it first thing in the morning and sends him home. Ishan and Shantanu reach home. Surekha asks why did he go to Savi’s room. Ishan explains her whole situation. Surekha says he should have informed Shukla to help Savi. Shantanu says problem started because of Shukla who forgot to fix the lock. Ishan continues explaining the whole incident.

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