Bitter Sweet Love Starlife Monday 1 April 2024

Kunal saying good night. Pammi and Guneet go. She praises Vaani who has tolerated Kuldeep a lot. Kunal gets a headache and wishes to have coffee. Vandana hugs Anagha and says I know you worry for this house, you will take care of the family after I go from here, never say that you will leave this house.

Anagha says I won’t go anywhere. She teases Vandana about Vaibhav’s voice message. Vandana says you give my phone, please. Anagha plays the message. They hear it and smile. Anagha says so sweet. She goes. Vandana asks Mrunal to wash the utensils. Mrunal says Anagha does overacting, she threatens Hemant every day. Vandana says she has handled you since your childhood, be thankful to her. Mrunal says I understood. Vandana instructs her and goes.

Kunal says I wasn’t getting sleep, so I sat to work. Pammi says you have come here as Kuldeep’s spy and wants to keep an eye on us. Kunal asks what game is going on, tell me. Vandana goes to Aaji and takes care of her. She lies in Aaji’s lap. She says I have to marry Vaibhav, he loves me and I love him, its enough to stay happy. Aaji says right. Pammi argues with Kunal. Guneet and Bobby come. Kunal says you aren’t handling the business well. Bobby says don’t worry, business will get fine. Pammi says you mean Guneet and I are duping Kuldeep. Kunal says I talk clear.

She says you are becoming like your dad, Kuldeep isn’t loyal to anyone. Kunal says enough. She says Kuldeep called me to London to handle his kids, you were young, I left my little Bobby to Guneet, I handled Vedika and you, I gave you love like a mum, I m not counting favor, but I m showing my regret, you both grew up, then he sent me back, he did the same with your mum, Kuldeep is the reason for Vaani’s leaving, relations are a business deal for me, don’t become like him, think from heart, not mind.

Vandana says Vaibhav loves me, he will keep me happy. Aaji asks him to sleep. She jokes. Pammi says truth won’t change, Kuldeep used Vaani and his relation like a tissue paper and threw it, he never gave respect to her as a wife, I have seen her using Vaani to reach the top. Kunal gets angry. He breaks the glass in anger. He goes. Guneet says don’t mind, Pammi overdo sometimes, you don’t get angry, don’t let this become an issue. Kunal says it’s a bad idea to mix relations and business. He goes. Pammi sits crying. Guneet consoles her. Bobby says don’t know where did he go. Pammi says he will lose his way, why did he go.

Bobby says you should have not scolded him, its his company, what’s wrong if he asked for accounts, we have everything because of him, he wants to make company number one, I have to learn a lot from him, he isn’t bad at heart. She says I know, he has Vaani’s goodness. Vandana sees someone in the penthouse. She thinks its some thief. She goes there and beats up Kunal. She sees him.

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