Lost in love starlife update Wednesday 17 April 2024

Ishan reaches a ghost bungalow in search of Savi. He finds the door locked and enters the house by jumping a wall. He knocks the door, but nobody opens it. He gets afraid seeing a shadow from a window and chants Hanuman chalisa. He thinks Savi can’t be here and tries to leave when he slips and falls on a bag.

He gets shocked seeing blood on his hand a a body emerging out of a bag. Rupa walks to him holding a knife and asks what is happening. Ishan gets afraid thinking her as a ghost. Rupa asks who is he. He says he is Ishan Bhosale, director of Bhosale Institute, and is here in search of her student Savi. Rupa takes her in. Ishan asks where is Savi, if she killed him. Rupa asks what rubbish. Ishan says he saw a deadbody in the backyard. Rupa laughs and says she is a novelist Rupa Romanchika. Ishan asks if she is a famous mystery novel writer Rupa Romanchika. Rupa says yes and she used method acting to write a mystery novel.

She takes him to the backyard and shows that the dead body is fake and Savi is working for her as an assistant novelist. Ishan asks where is Savi. Rupa says she finished her work early and left, he can call her and find out. Ishan says her phone is not reachable. Rupa reveals that Savi is working for her till Saturday and will get 45000 rs which she will use to repay her sister’s house rent. She further reveals that Savi doesn’t have money to have food and hence is having biscuits. She says Savi is a wonderful character and requests him not to stop Savi from doing all this. Ishan promises and requests her to give her next novel’s first signed copy to him. She agrees, and he leaves.

Ishan calls canteen owner and asks him if Savi is visiting canteen. Owner says she is not visiting canteen after he informed her about her past dues. Ishan asks him to send breakfast to Savi’s room today and he will pay her dues. Shantanu walks to him seeing overflowing water lost in thought while gardening and alerts him. Ishan makes him sit on a bench and says he needs his advice to select a gift. Shantanu gets emotional seeing him seeking his help for the first time. Ishan says he wants to buy gift for his best students. Shantanu asks for all students. Ishan says Savi. Shantanu suggests him to give her a book as she loves reading. Ishan laughs.

Savi feels hungry and thinks she will have proper breakfast and not biscuit today.

Canteen owner brings her favorite breakfast and says he felt bad when she stopped visiting canteen when he informed her previous dues. Savi says she was busy in organizing college’s cultural festival. Canteen owner asks her not to lie. Savi says she will pay today’s bill. Owner says someone already paid her dues. Savi asks who. He recalls Ishan’s request and says he doesn’t know. She returns breakfast and says she will first find out who paid her dues. Owner says she shouldn’t insult food and can find the person later.

Ishan visits Harini’s house and invites her for Savi’s surprise birthday party. Savi calls her and asks if she paid canteen dues. Harini says no and looks at Ishan. Ishan signals her not to inform Savi that he is here. Savi starts badmouthing about Ishan and calls him chidkiya who always argues with her and should be a president of chidkiya comittee, etc.. Harini gets tensed. Savi asks if someone is around and insists to show her house. Ishan hides. Harini shows her house and disconnects call. Ishan asks Harini about Savi’s favorite cake. Harini says red velvet cake. Ishan asks her to help him select a gift for Savi. Harini says Savi accepts gifts only from her dear ones and Ishan madam.

Next day, Ishan takes class and tells students that instead of studies, they will play a game and find out what word they get in their mind for a particular person. He asks Preeti what she thinks about Durva. Preeti says arrogant. He asks Durva about Kabir. Durva says he thinks he knows everything, but in reality he doesn’t. He asks Savi what she thinks about him. She thinks he is arrogant, irritating, chidkiya. Ishan says se means arrogant, irritating, chidkiya. Savi gets tensed and thinks if she thought loudly.


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