Lost in love starlife update Thursday 13 June 2024

Yashwant tells Ishan and Reeva that if they both have made an entry like hero and heroine, then everything will be fine. He asks Swanand if they shall fix their marriage. Swanand says yes. Swati extends her hands towards Reeva to hug her, but Reeva ignoring her touches Surekha and Yashwant’s feet instead and apologizes Surekha for not replying to her question in the hospital. She says she was waiting for Ishan’s reply and was already ready to marry him. Surekha jokes that she was waiting for Ishan to call her babu shona and propose her. Reeva feels shy.

Yashwant asks Swanand if he brought baraat or only pandit. Swanand laughs. Ishan gets angry seeing Savi’s call and ignores it. Reeva says they shall take a family selfie on this auspicious moment and asks Durva to join them. Durva hesitates. Reeva says Anvi will join her bachelorette party, will Reeva join her or not. Reeva excitedly says she will. Reeva says she will be part of the family after today, so Durva should forget all their differences and join them. Reeva agrees. Surekha tells Yashwant that Reeva knows to keep the family united.

Bhavani asks Savi to visit a parlor and get her makeup for tonight’s satkar ceremony. Savi reminds that last time parlor lady made her look like a monkey. Bhavani jokes that she looks like a monkey and asks Ashwini to prepare fried modaks for 150 guests. She shows her excitement for the ceremony. Vinayak says still a question is left who sent gifts to Savi. Yashwant asks Pandit to find a best muhurath for Ishan and Reeva’s wedding. Pandit checks and says next Tuesday is the best muhurat and after that there would be problem in their wedding. Surekha agrees. Yashwant says he will make all the arrangements. Ishan says it’s too early. Surekha says it’s decided and shuts his mouth. Ishan and Reeva feel happy.

Samrudh forcefully makes pandit fix her and Savi’s wedding muhurath for today. Savi gets ready for the function. Sindhoor falls on her forehaead. Ashwini notices that and says she shouldn’t apply sindhoor before wedding and should be careful. Ninad stand at the door to find a person who is sending gifts to Savi. A hooded jacket wearing man walks towards the door with gift and runs away seeing Ninad. Ninad runs behind him. Yashwant and Sawanand congratulate each other after fixing wedding muhurath. Surekha says she will take care of arrangements. Yashwant asks her to rest and not stress herself. Reeva also tells same to her. Surekha says it’s her son’s wedding and she wants to fulfill all her dreams. She hugs both Ishan and Reeva. Family feels happy seeing that.

Ninad continues to follow hooded jacket man. Man gets into an auto and escapes. Ninad also boards an auto and follows it. Ashwini helps Savi get ready. Savi bumps on Bhavani. Bhavani yells that she is behaving as jungli mulgi like her mother and asks her to go and give prasad to Ninad. Reeva enters Ishan’s room to show him wedding card designs and feels shy seeing Ishan coming out of bathroom. Ishan holds her and gets romantic saying they are getting married.

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