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Dua is pacing in the garden. Haider sadly looks at her from the window. He says I destroyed my house by trying to restore someone’s life. Dua sits down and cries recalling how she insulted Haider. She says I always wanted to keep Haider away from harm, I am so ashamed of hurting him but I can’t even apologize. Haider looks at her and says she is close but so far away from me. He calls her out and she turns to look at him. Dua says you have brought gap between us. Haider says I am ready to bear any punishment you give me.

Hafeez tells Kaynaat that Gazal has destroyed Haider and Dua’s lives. Kaynaat consoles him and says I can’t apologize to you enough, Gazal has destroyed everything here. Noor comes there and says come with me. They all come downstairs to find a police inspector. She asks where is Dua? She shouts for her. Dua comes there and says I am here. The inspector says you tried to kill Gazal Haider so we have to arrest you, someone filed a complaint. She tries to take her but Haider comes there and stands in front of Dua. He says you can’t arrest my wife. The inspector says she has attempted murder charges so we have to take her. Haider says who called you? Haider shouts for Gazal to come out. She comes there so he says why did you call the police? She says I had to call them for what Dua did but I didn’t complain to the police. Haider says then who would call the police? Hina comes there and says I called the police. Hina says she tried to kill my daughter in law so I had to call the police. Dadi says you are so blinded. Haider says you want to destroy Dua’s life? don’t do this. Hina says think about Gazal, she tried to kill her. Dadi says shut up, Gazal is not your daughter, she is an evil person. Hina asks her to stop cursing her, you all are blinded to not see how Dua was cruel with her.

She should be jailed. She deserves this. Dadi asks Hina to take the complaint back otherwise.. Hina says then what? you always insulted me and I remained silent. I never got respect from you or your son but you can’t rule me now. Dadi says you want to misbehave with me now? you are under Gazal’s trap but come to your senses. Dua says its useless to talk to her, she is blinded fully but soon she will realize her mistakes. Hina says for now, you should be punished by going to the jail. Haider asks Hina to take the complaint back, do you want people to gossip about me? The inspector says just decide fast. Haider pleads with Hina to take complaint back.

Hina says I am doing all this to save our honor, this Dua will destroy us so I can’t take the complaint back. Haider says what is wrong with you? I am begging you but you are not listening to me? Dua says I don’t need anyone’s pity. I don’t need Haider begging for me. She says I am ready to go to the jail but I want to talk to Gazal alone. Hina says she is dangerous, you will harm her so just arrest her. Haider says if anyone tries to arrest my Dua then I won’t spare them. The inspector says I will take Haider to jail also. He says I don’t care. Dua says don’t take a stand for me, I don’t need it. Dua says I want to talk to Gazal which will be beneficial for her otherwise she will be jailed soon. Gazal looks on.

Dua tells the inspector that she is ready to go with her but she has a condition, she wants to talk to Gazal. The inspector says if she doesn’t want to then you can’t. Dua tells Gazal that you should have heard as it would have been beneficial for you, I would leave but you will follow me to the jail. Gazal gets scared and thinks what is she talking about? The inspector says we don’t have time for this and starts taking Dua from there but Gazal stops them and says she is ready to talk to Dua alone. Hina says no, don’t be a fool as she can be dangerous to you, if she wants then she can talk to you in front of everyone. Gazal tells her that she wouldn’t harm her when everyone is aroungd. Dua and Gazal go from there.

Gazal tells Dua to stay away from her and she wouldn’t spare her if she tries to beat her again. Dua says I just want to hug you once. Gazal asks what is this new drama? Dua says you are expert when it comes to dramas, Dua says I know you filled Hina’s mind against me and convinced her to file a report. I know Hina is not smart enough to call the police on her own and she is scared of them. Gazal says yes, I provoked her against you. Dua says if you send me to jail then Haider will hate you from his core. He would be so worried about me, he would curse you for sending me there and will try anything to bring me out. Gazal laughs and says I didn’t think of that but as far as Haider knows, I didn’t file a complaint against you. Its Hina who did it and she had no part in it. And if Haider miss you then I will be there to console him and bring him closer to me. He will fall in love with me soon.

We will live happily together and you will rot in the jail. Dua says I am not scared of the jail, Haider would do anything to bring me out of the jail. Gazal says you can’t escape this arrest. Dua says I am not trying to escape because I know you will follow me to the jail. Everyone thinks that Ruhaan left the house on his own but no one knows that you kidnapped him. Gazal is surprised to hear that but says no one is going to believe you, Haider wouldn’t trust your words anymore. Dua says I know that but Gulnaz can tell the truth to the family and they will have to believe her. Gazal says then why didn’t you both reveal this truth till now? You know Ruhaan’s life is in danger but you still didn’t try to save him. Dua says I don’t care about Ruhaan, you can kill and throw him in the jungle for all I care. She says I am not a fool for others now, I used to care for all of them but they didn’t even stand with her in return.

They were okay with Haider bringing a new wife over me. She says I won’t bring this truth out to save Ruhaan but to bring out your real face. She says if you send me to jail then Dadi won’t be able to see that and will probably reveal that you tried to kill her. Then we will both go to the jail together. Haider will bring me out but he will cut his ties with you. He might be angry at Ruhaan but he can’t see him danger. Gazal looks on.

All family members are waiting. Hina is worried for Gazal but Dua opens the room door and comes out. Gazal is scared and drinks the water. Dua asks the inspector to take her but Gazal says no, you can’t arrest her. Gazal tells the inspector that Dua didn’t beat her, she slipped from the stairs and got these wounds. The inspector is angry for filing a fake FIR, Gazal says it was Hina who filed an FIR, Hina had an issue with Dua that’s why she did it. The inspector warns Hina and leaves. Dua laughst at Hina and pats Gazal. She says this is jurt the start,

Dua tells Gulnaz, Dadi and Hafeez that they have to save Ruhaan, they can’t fool Gazal for long so they have to free Ruhaan first.

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