Force of Attraction update Wednesday 12 June 2024

Force of attraction 12 June 2024: Mandira calls the minister that his real enemy is Shiv so he should do what he wants with him, she ends the call. Padma says aren’t we crossing the limits? Shiv is a family member. Mandira says now an outsider will tell me who is my family or not?

when a daughter gets married and comes back to live at her parents’ house then she is a guest and shouldn’t interfere in family matters otherwise she can be thrown out of the house. Padma looks on. Mandira says Keertan did a mistake but it will help me teach a lesson to Shiv.

Shiv is beating up the goons in the market. Shakti says today I believe that nobody can stop him from doing good or bad. Manorama is going to the market. A goon comes behind Shiv and is about to attack him but Shakti comes there and holds his

stick before he can hit Shiv. Shiv stares at her. Shakti says when Shiv is with Shakti then nobody can stop them. She grabs the stick and beats him up. The goon cries and says please forgive us, Shiv will kill my people. Shiv keeps beating people up.

Shakti shouts at him to stop but he doesn’t listen. Shakti says I don’t have a choice. Shiv is about to beat up a guy but Shakti rushes to him and hugs him.. She asks Shiv to calm down. Manorama comes there and is shocked to see her hugging him. Keertan is angry seeing all that. Manorama thinks he is the guy from the newspaper. The people start taunting that they do have an affair and are so shameless, they are showing romance openly. Shakti moves away from Shiv, he shouts at people to stop it.

The family is worried about Shakti, Chacha says I am worried that Shakti might be in trouble. Rimjhim thinks she needs to go and help Shakti, she silently leaves from there.

Shiv shouts at the people in market to stop taunting Shakti, it could have been their daughter or mother. Aren’t they ashamed to be so coward? you could have stopped the goons but you all are shameless. He tells the women that you all should stand up for women, you can become a power against these cheap men, learn to stand up for women otherwise there will be many girls like Shakti who would be helpless. He says these goons are filthy but your thinking is way more filthy.. When you clean up this filth when it comes to your own family? The society is filled with filth because good people remain silent and don’t stop evil from happening, we should tell evil people that we won’t let them insult women. Our society turns blind eye when it comes to girls’ honor, we are all dead from inside to not speak up against women molestation. Our religion shames people who don’t take a stand for women. Shakti and Manorama look on. Shiv tells people that our Lord fought for women safety. You should take a stand for innocent girls and then see how Lord will give you strength. Shakti hears him taking a stand for her and can’t stop staring at him. Keertan thinks he needs to do something as Shakti is getting impressed with him. Rimjhim comes there and makes Shiv’s video, she says Shakti’s doctor is a real hero. Manorama is shocked to hear that and says lets go back home with Shakti. They see police arriving there. Shakti asys please arrest the goons. The inspector arrests Shiv and says he needs to come with them. Shakti says he saved me, you should arrest the goons. The inspector says Shiv needs to come with us. The people stop him and say this is wrong, Shiv didn’t do anything wrong. The inspector asks them to stop it but people are angry and say you can’t take him. The inspector says we are taking him to take statement for the goons. Shakti says I will go with him. He says let us do our work. Manorama pulls Shakti aside and says I am not impressed with his speech, he wouldn’t care about going to jail as he is from a rich family but who will save you? she drags her from there, Shakti screams for Shiv. He stares at her as she leaves. Keertan thinks to not forgive Shakti. The inspector takes Shiv from there.

Manorama tells Shakti that you should think about yourself, he is Shiv kashyp so police won’t do anything with him but think about who will save you. Everyone is shaming you and you were with him.

The inspector takes Shiv aside and arrests him. He puts him the police car and drives away. Shakti stares at him while Manorama is dragging her away.

Manorama drags Shakti away from Shiv while he is taken to the police station. Keertan calls Mandira and says you are great, he is sent to the station. Mandira says he has to pay for going against me. Keertan says what are you upto? Mandira says I am not a fool like you, come back home and I need to ask since when did you start taking interest in cheap things. Keertan says Shakti.. Mandira says don’t take her name.

Manorama comes back home with Shakti. She shouts you are going crazy, who is this Shiv that you are worrying for? she turns around to see the groom’s family sitting there. Manorama says we will bring some refreshments. The groom’s brother says we saw the news. The groom says we have to talk. His brother says we can’t do this marriage now.

Manorama asks why?The inspector locks up Shiv. He says you are mistaken, I was just trying to save Shakti. The inspector says you were beating up innocent people. Shiv says you are wrong, you are making people not trust police. The inspector gets a call and says don’t worry, nobody can bring him out of the jail. Shiv thinks who would do this with me?

Ragunath gets a call and is shocked. All family members are worried about Shiv. Koyal plays the news in which they show Shiv getting arrested. The reporter says he got arrested because of the same girl which he is having affair with. Ragunath says Shiv is in the lock up. mandira says this must be a misunderstanding. All family members are getting calls. Nandu tells Ragunath says they should go to Shiv. He slaps him hard and says I told you to stay with Shiv like a shadow but you are useless. I am telling you to be his tail from now on. Nandu cries, Ragunath says if you want to stay in this house then do as I say, don’t try to be a freeloader here. Padma cries and tells Gayatri that I have to be silent as I am a guest here. Dadi asks Ragunath to stop it. He says Shiv is making me crazy, he went to that girl and didn’t even think of our honor, what does that girl have that Shiv is going crazy for?

Manorama tries to convince the groom that Rimjhim is a good girl. She has good character. The groom looks at Shakti and recalls how she asked him to say no to the marriage. Manorama keeps begging the groom to not say no to the marriage but he says I am sorry but we have already taken a decision because of the news.

His brother says no guy would marry their daughters. The groom leaves with his family. He stops and asks if he can talk to Rimjhim? She says sure. He says I meant can I talk to Shakti? all are shocked.

Dadi asks Ragunath to go and bring Shiv out of the jail, he goes with his brother. Mandira says I will go and check too. Gayatri pleads with her to save Shiv. Mandira says he is my son too, don’t worry, nothing will happen to him. I will bring him out. she starts leaving and thinks I will teach him a lesson for saying he has more power than me. Gayatri consoles Nandu, he goes to check on Shiv. Dadi says I don’t know what is happening with the family. I don’t want the history to repeat, who is this girl?

Shiv is telling the inspector that he is a public servant and shouldn’t do all this. The inspector says then let me serve you. Shiv glares at him, the inspector says I will teach you a lesson. He is about to hit him but Ragunath comes there and says how dare you to talk to my son like this? the inspector gets scared seeing him. Ragunath shouts do you even know who he is? he is my son. Nandu asks Shiv if he is okay? he says yes but this inspector is corrupt. Nandu sees his hands bruised. Ragunath asks the inspector to bring him out. He says there is a big charge on him, there is a news about him so we can’t leave him. Ragunath says he is a doctor, not a criminal. Shiv says he is lying, he was talking to someone on the call and said he wouldn’t let me get out of here. The lawyer comes there, Mandira asks him if he brought the bail papers? The lawyer says we didn’t get the bail. He has to stay here for sometime. All are shocked.

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