Lost in love starlife update Friday 14 June 2024

Reeva takes wedding card samples to Ishan’s room. Ishan gets out of shower and gets romantic seeing her. He asks if she got wedding cards, what is the theme. She says towel, he should go and get ready first and waits for him. He gets ready in a blazer and naughtily pulls her in. She feels shy and gets his kerchief and cuff buttons. Their romantic nok jhok continues. He notices his name tattooed on her neck and asks what if he had not agreed to marry her.

She says she would have waited for him whole life. He emotionally hugs and thanks her. He then walks towards his car for an intercity business trip and says he would have taken her along if she didn’t have lectures to attend. Surekha with Asmita and Shikha walks to him and sees him off. He drives his car away.

Surekha tells Reeva that she has called saree vendor home to select saris.

Savi searches for Ninad in the whole house to serve him modaks and doesn’t find him there. She informs family. They all search for him. Ninad reaches bus stand behind a man with gift box and alleges him of troubling his granddaughter Savi to marry him and send her bridal gifts. Man refuses his allegations. Ninad tears his gift wrap and finds a pressure cooker instead. People around laugh on him. Man says he had got a gift for his mother, but this old man spoilt it. He humiliates Ninad and leaves. Ninad bumps on a man who asks him to walk carefully and asks where he wants go. Ninad hears bus conductor shouting Ramtek to Nagpur and gets into Nagpur bus. His whole family searches for him all around the area and get tensed not finding him.

While checking saris, Shikha selects a sari for herself. Surekha yells at her for selecting a sari for herself first and not letting a would-be ride Reeva select saris. Shikha apologizes her. Reeva says this sari looks pretty on Shikha, so she can keep it. She asks Surekha to select her bridal saris. Surekha asks if she will give her respect similarly even after marriage. Reeva says Ishan respects her immensely and hence even she will respect her. Surekha says she shouldn’t work after marriage and concentrate on her family. Reeva says agrees and says nothing is important to her than Ishan. She gifts her a smart watch and says it will measure her health and alert her beforehand. Anvi says Reeva is following a DIL’s duty even before marriage. Surekha feels immensely happy.

Savi continues to search for Ninad and finds a man’s watch whom Ninad ran behind. She thinks Ninad is somewhere around.


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