Lost in love starlife update Sunday 4 January 2024

Savi’s friend tells her that she already warned her that enmity with rich people would put her into trouble. Savi says she didn’t, they know that Ayush was troubling her. Friend says they know, but she should be careful from hereon; she should trust Ishan and do whatever he says.

Shukla informs them that Ishan is calling them in board of director’s cabin and apologizes her for letting a goon to meet her thinking he is her relative. Savi says it’s not his mistake. They reach director’s cabin. Ishan says Savi had filed a complaint against a few students for misbehaving with her, he wants those students to confess their mistake in front of everyone.

Ayush says when he didn’t do anything, why shall she apologize. Ishan asks Makrand if he is sure that his son is innocent. Makrand says his son can’t do anything like that. Ishan asks then why did he send his goon to frighten Savi. Bharve denies allegation and looks at Yashwant who lowers his gaze anxiously.

Ishan calls Anvi in and asks Makrand if he is sure that he didn’t send that goon. Makrand says he didn’t and Bhosale family is conspiring against him and his family. Savi says it’s enough now and accuses Ishan of sending the goon and blaming someone else. Ishan asks if he heard it right.

Savi says how does the goon know that she eloped from her marriage, didn’t have a place to stay and spent night in Ishan’s cabin, and tried to sell her sister’s bangle to pay fees. Yashwant thinks he had informed Bharve all this, Bharve is scapegoating Ishan. Bharve says Ishan is trying to put a blame on him. Ishan says Shukla has seen goon’s face and police will expose the truth now. Makrand says does he know who he is. Ishan says he is talking to a boy’s father who assaulted a girl.

Ayush warns Ishan to dare not insult his father for a cheap girl. Savi asks if she is cheap, then why did he kiss her and threatened that his demands will increase if she doesn’t oblige. Ayush says he just tried to kiss her but didn’t. Savi gives him a tight slap. Ayush angrily tries to slap her back. Ishan holds his hand and pushes him away.

Makrand shouts how dare Savi is to slap his son. Ishan says she slapped a monster who tried to abuse her. He calls journalist Sheela in and on a camera announces that he rusticates Ishan from Bhosale institute with immediate effect and other students to bring their parents and submit a written apology and they will be suspended for a week. He says he wants to tell all the female student’s parents that their daughters are safe at Bhosale Institute and all the factor make Bhosale Institute as Bhosale institute of excellence. He then thanks Sheela reporter for telecasting Savi’s news and helping her get justice and says it’s her duty now to remove a stain on Bhosale institute’s reputation. He then tongue lashes Ayush for making his father feel ashamed of him.

Savi thanks Ishan for getting justice to her. Ishan says she changes her opinion like a climate. Savi says she misunderstood him. Savi then walks to Sheela reporter and thanks her for her help. Sheela says she can call her whenever she needs her help. Ayush then kneels down and apologizes Savi for his mistake and pleads her to convince Ishan to cancel his rustication. Durva asks why is he apologize a cheap girl. Ayush warns her not to stop him as she provoked him to harm Savi. Savi agrees to speak to Ishan with one condition.

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