Lost in love starlife update Saturday 25 May 2024

Doctor tells Savi that he values her efforts, but her efforts and his medicines failed on Ninad. Ashwini asks him to let it go. Savi says it’s a question of her azoba’s life and not her college drama, she will go on a fast until death if her azoba doesn’t have moong dal halwa. She reminds azoba that he once said that he always wanted a daughter and considers her as his daughter, so he should listen to his chakudi and have halwa.

Ninad sits silently without reacting. Savi’s friends bring harmonium. Savi asks Harini and people around to play harmonium for her azoba. Everyone say they don’t know to paly harmonium.

Ishan walks in and plays harmonium and sings Babul Aur Beti Ka Rishta Hai Jag Se Nirala…song. Savi gets emotional hearing

that. Azoba recalls singing it for Savi. Ishan stops midway and says he doesn’t remember lyrics further. Azoba continues song from there and smiles at Savi. Everyone get happy seeing that. Savi thanks him for remembering her. Azoba says if he forgets her, he will forget himself. Savi happily feeds him halwa. Everyone clap for him. Azoba asks why everyone is clapping when he had halwa. Harini asks if he doesn’t remember anything. Azoba says he has dementia and can’t remember anything.

Bhavani says it’s good he doesn’t remember anything or else he would have been disturbed seeing them trying to revive his memory, especially Savi. Ashwini says he should know that they wanted to sell their house for his brain surgery, but they can go ahead only if he eats; he was behaving as if he doesn’t want to leave. Ninad recalls Bhavani’s decision to sell the house and Vinu apposing it. He says why should he desire to live when she wants to sell their house. Savi asks if he doesn’t trust his granddaughter. Azoba says he trusts only her, she is his Virat and Sai’s blood and would do anything to stop all this.

Ashwini says she already did it to reunite whole family and had taken an oath that she will also die if something happens to him. Azoba says he will not let anything happen to her and promises to live for 100 years, watch Savi become IAS officer, and will roam in her car red light car with her badi aaji and aaji. Savi says now government doesn’t allow red light on IAS officer’s car. Azoba says they will fix their own light and say she will not die until he fulfills Savis dream. Doctor tells Savi that her azoba’s recovery is a miracle, they should let him rest now and hopes they get a surgery slot soon.

Reeva visits a tattoo parlor and gets tensed seeing people feeling pain while getting tattoo on their body. Artist greets her and asks what kind of tattoo she wants to get. Reeva says she wants her boyfriend Ishan’s name on her neck. Artist says getting tattoo is very painful, if she is sure to get one. Reeva says yes, she feels pain first, but then sits silently recalling her good times with Ishan. Doctor meets Ishan and asks why is he here. Ishan says Savi is his student. Doctor goes on rounds and asks him to meet him before going. Savi thanks Ishan for his help and asks how did he come here.

Ishan says he saw Navya and Priya carrying harmonium and their scooty broke, so he dropped them here. Savi says god sent him here. Ishan asks her what happened to her azoba. Savi explains whole story. Ishan says that means her azoba needs immediate surgery. Savi says there are no surgery slots for 6 months, but her Azoba doesn’t have time left. Vinayak informs her that azoba is calling her and she leaves.

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