Lost in love starlife update Sunday 26 May 2024

Reeva looks at Ishan’s named tattoo on her neck and smiles. She hugs Ishan’s jacket and dances imagining dancing with him. Hai Tujhe Bhi Ijazat Karle Tu Bhi Mohabbat.. song plays in the background. She notes down her job probation period on a calendar and thinks she will get engaged to Ishan after that.

She picks a ring and thinks she bought it for Ishan to gift it on their sakharpuda day, but couldn’t; she recalls Ishan calling her Mrs Reeva Ishan Bhosle and says she will become one for sure. She shows her tattoo and says his name was on her soul and now it’s on her body permanently; once probation period ends, she will be his forever.

Doctor informs Chavan family that they need to shift Ninad to another hospital for his surgery. Ashwini asks which

hospital. Doctor says Care Plus Hospital. Vinayak says that’s a private hospital. Ashwini says they don’t have money even for medicines, which doctor will operate Ninad for free. Doctor says he will do Ninad’s surgery and even hospital expenses will be taken care of. Ashwini thanks him and says he is like god to them. Doctor says they should thank Savi instead and Ishan who promised to bear Ninad’s medical expenses. They all are surprised to hear that, thank doctor again, and leave.

Senior professor walks into Ishan’s cabin with Reeva and praises Reeva’s counseling center proposal. Reeva asks if she can explain the presentation to him on her tab. Ishan agrees. She stands close to him and explain. He gets lost in her beauty and recalls their happier days together. He then gets conscious and shouts enough. Senior professor asks if he is fine. Ishan says he is not and asks if they can conduct this meeting later. Reeva asks if she can help him. He says he will be fine in some time and asks them all to excuse him.

They all walk away. Ishan thinks what happened to him, why he is losing his control seeing her. Reeva returns and says she forgot her thing. He asks her to take it and go. She says she lost a lot and will get it back. He says she threw things and will not get them back. She says she realized his value after going away from him. He tongue lashes her for ruining his life. She expresses how much she loves him and can’t live without him, she will die for sure if he continues to ignore her, etc. She leaves. Prateek walks in. Ishan describes how much Reeva irritates him and informs about Savi’s problem. Prateek asks what happened to her. He says he will explain him on the way.

Chavans wait outside OT while doctor performs Ninad’s operation. Ishan with Prateek walks in and offers sweets to Savi. Savi says she is fasting. OT ends. Savi walks towards OT. Prateek tells Ishan that he spoils his mood 40 times a day, but never offered him sweets. Doctor walks out of OT and says surgery was complicated and took time, Ninad’s condition is stable, but his dementia issue hasn’t resolved yet. Chavans thank him. Savi says she will thank a person who helped them. She walks to Ishan and hugs him emotionally. Prateek’s phone’s ringtone Lagjaa Gale Se Phir Ye Mulaqat Ho Na Ho.. Ishan says Savi she doesn’t have to thank him. Savi says he paid for the surgery. Ishan says he didn’t and just used a right contact in this charitable hospital. Savi says even then he saved her azoba’s life. Ishan says doctors saved her azoba’s life, he should be thankful to her instead for saving his sister’s life from monster Samrudh, Savi should forget everything and concentrate on her studies and her goal to become an IAS officer.

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