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Anupama tells the girl that nobody becomes small if respects elders, and says you shall respect the elderly man who is working and doing the hardwork rather than asking money from others. Anuj tells Manager that if he fires him, then search job for himself too. He then wipes the old man’s specs and gives it to him.

He gives his visiting card to him, and asks him to call him if he needs anything or if anyone troubles him, then he will handle everything. The old waiter tells that nobody spoke to me like this before and usually people make fun of me. Anupama says you shall feel proud of yourself for working in this age and asks him to keep his head high with pride. The old man/waiter blesses them and goes from there.

Anuj tells Anupama that it is sad that he has to go through all this. Anupama says we are opening the old age home, and tells that she hopes that the society shall change to such an extent that no elderly person needs to go to old age home. Anuj asks her to order food, else he will buy his 1290 love plate and will make her eat full. Anupama says sorry.

Tapish is in the dance academy. Dimpy comes there. Tapish asks what are you doing here and says I would have locked the door. Dimpy says sorry for whatever Papa told him. Tapish tells that her family is worried for you and it is difficult to trust a stranger for me, who comes to drop you. He says they don’t know me. He says today I talked to Anupama and understood that they are worried for you and even I am worried for you.

He says if there was someone else then would have taken Anupama or Anuj’s help, or would have hidden behind Shahs, but you didn’t do this and fought with life, you chose the option to fight, rather than crying. He says I really admire you for your courage and fighting spirit. He says you are inspiration for girls and says I care for you, and asks her not to think herself alone, if any problem comes in her life. He says good night and goes.

Anupama is sleeping, while Anuj is admiring her and thinking of poetry. Choti comes there and finds Anupama sleeping. She tells that the friends were talking about ghost in class and asks if the ghost comes to my room. Anupama wakes up and asks what happened? Anuj says she is scared. Anupama hugs her and tells that angel protects good children. She asks if anyone tries to scare you with ghost then tell that you are not scared. Anuj asks her to read hunuman chalisa. He says what to do. Anupama says we shall make her sleep with us. Choti gets on the bed.

Dimpy talks to Samar’s pic and recalls Tapish’s words. She tells that she wakes up every morning with courage, but till evening people breaks it all. She says she is scared of Titu’s words, and says I left to live and laugh, but he made me laugh and to live. She says I have nothing in my heart for him, and don’t want him to get any wrong signal for me. She says I regard him just as my friend and I want to work for our baby, but the way seems to be difficult and the fight too. She cries and hugs Samar’s photo frame.

Baa gets restless and tells Babu ji that she is making herself understand that Vanraj is back and nothing will happen now, but her heart is still scared. Next morning, Vanraj gives tea to Baa and Kesar milk to Kavya. He gives stress relieving ball to Babu ji. Kavya takes off bad sight from him. Vanraj tells that he needs their blessings to start the new work. Baa tells Kavya that his would be baby’s destiny is related to him now. Vanraj gets upset. Kavya looks at him and tells that she has to go to hospital and asks if he can come. He says he is busy. Dimpy comes there. Vanraj asks her to drink tea. Dimpy says no and tells that she has to go to academy as students are messaging. Baa says you will not go. Vanraj says its ok, I will drop her there.

Titu thinks of his words and thinks if Dimpy misunderstands his words. Anupama is leaving from the house and sees Adhik and Pakhi standing. She asks if everything is fine. Pakhi says we are going to doctor for second opinion and says you don’t care for me, so I have to care for myself. Anupama gives them best wishes. Adhik thanks her.

Anupama asks if I shall come? Pakhi says no need. Anuj comes there with Choti and asks Anupama to take Dimpy to clinic, and tells that he will take Choti to school. Pakhi tells that baby has become Mummy’s priority, and says Mummy couldn’t go to drop you to school because of baby, and says when it is born then what will happen. She says you are adopted, but baby will be of her own. Anuj says Pakhi…don’t.

Anupama asks Pakhi to leave Choti and says if you don’t mend your ways then I will leave you for forever. Pakhi says when she can leave her own daughter then what she will do with adopted daughter. She says after baby comes, they will send you back to the orphanage. Choti gets scared. Anuj hugs her. Anupama raises her hand to slap Pakhi. Pakhi asks Choti to see what she will do with her and says you have just 6-7 months to stay here. Anuj shouts asking Pakhi to shut up. Choti asks Anuj and Anupama if you people will leave me.

Anupama says no, never. Anuj says you are our life and we can’t live without you. Choti says everyone says like this. Anuj asks who told you this. Choti says Barkha kaki and Dadi say the same. Anupama says I will not leave Pakhi, and Anuj says I will not leave Malti Devi and bhabhi.

Anuj and Anupama explain to Choti that she is important for them. Anupama says you came in my life when my children was busy in their lives and had forgotten me. She tells that she has lived her childhood with her again, and her motherly love again. She says sometimes, I may not give time to you, but can’t forget you. She says I love you so so much. Choti says I love you too so much and I need you. Anuj tells Anupama that he will drop Choti to school, and then will talk about this. Anupama says ok. She thinks she can’t forgive Pakhi, Dadi and Barkha, it is enough of their respect.

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