Lost in love starlife update 17 December 2023

Lost in love 17 December 2023: Surekha asks Rao Saheb if they shouldn’t delete Shikha’s video and let the society humiliate them. Rao Saheb says he came into this city a name Yeshwant Rao Bhosale aka Rao Saheb; lets delete Shikha’s whole account instead of just deleting a video. Shikha deletes her account crying. Ishan returns home and asks Shikha what happened to her. Rao Saheb says she is missing Chinmay as he didn’t come home for this festival.

Lost in love 16 December 2023

Ishan comforts Shikha and says he will speak to Chinmay dada. Surekha says as if Ishan will call Chinmay home and he will come running. Rao Saheb says though they are cousins, they both love each other like real siblings. Aunt asks Ishan to forget about his cousin’s wife and tell when will introduce them to his would be wife. Ishan says the quality of girl he dreams of, he needs 3-4 girls, but he has asked bappa to send him a girl with all the qualities he dreams of.

Door bell rings. Durva says maybe Bappa send Ishan’s dream girl. Ishan opens the door and finds Riva there. Riva says jersey guy. Ishan says stalker girl, she is stalking him to his house. Rao Saheb asks who is it. Ishan says a student who is stalking him till his house. Riva walks in calling Yashwant uncle and introduces herself as Riva Marathe. Rao Saheb asks if she is Swanand’s daughter and asks Surekha if she identified this girl. Surekha says no. Rao Saheb says she is his Mumbai friend Swanand Marathe’s daughter Riva whom they used to call as Guddi in childhood. Surekha identifies her. Riva takes elders’ blessings. Rao Saheb says Swanand had called him and informed that she took admission in college on her own without any recommendation, he felt proud of her.

He asks Ishan if he identified Riva, they used to play in childhood, he used to call her Guddi and she used to call him Chintu. Ishan recalls childhood incidents and smiles at Riva. Rekha says Riva came on an auspicious day, today is ekadashi and she will not let her go without attend pooja. Durva also insists her to stay back as she will feel bored in hostel. Riva agrees.

Bhavani walks to Savi and confronts her for studying in lieu of listening to music. She asks her to have food early and sleep early as boy’s family is coming to see her and she doesn’t her to have any dark circles. Savi says she wants to study further. Bhavani warns her to marry and become a housewife or else she will stop her studies even before marriage. Savi thinks she should let it go and save energy for her test tomorrow. She asks her to go, she will come in some time.

Surekha serves dinner to family. Family insists Riva to stay with them. Riva says she will stay with them if managing director agrees to let his student stay here. Ishan says he has problem with his student’s stay, but not his childhood friend. Aunt says they have Ishan and Riva’s childhood pics. Ishan says he doesn’t want to see them. Aunt taunts him calling Chintu. Ishan asks her not to call him Chinu. Riva says even Ishan is a nice name which means son of sun. Shantanu says it means Lord Shiva. Aunt says Ishan’s parents had named him with their names’ initials. Ishan gets angry and says he hates this name as the ones who gave him birth disowned him. He says he is not hungry and walks away from there. After dinner, Durva and Avni show room to Riva.

Riva says its pretty and focuses on Ishan. Durva asks where does she stay in Mumbai. Riva says Bandra. Durva excited says its an area where Bollywood stars stay.Savi is busy over her phone acting as asleep. Bhavani walks to her and smiles at her. She thinks why Savi’s phone is on, asks Savi to wake up or else she will take her phone away. Savi continues to act as snoring. Bhavani walks away with Savi’s mobile. Ishan sits in garden on a swing. Riva joins him and shares a snack with him, reminding him of their childhod days. He enjoys snacks. She asks what shall he call him, Mr Bhosale, sir, or Chintu; even Ishan is good. Ishan says he needs to visit Nagpur tomorrow and walks away.

Shantanu walks to him, and he shuts a door on Shantanu’s face. Riva asks Shantanu if she asked a wrong question. Shantanu says sometimes situation makes the questions wrong. He returns to his room and cries looking his wife Ishani’s photo.Next morning, Bhavnai informs Ninad that a boy’s family is coming to see Savi. Savi is busy cooking when she gets a call and goes to pick it. Bhavani stops her and asks where is she going. Savi says to pick up dried clothes from terrace and walks away silently.

She calls back Isha mam who ask her to meet her in 1 hour to leave for Pune. Bhavani asks Harini to clean the house properly and make sure Savi doesn’t wear jeans today. She reminds Ninad that he should be ready when boy’s family comes to see Savi at 5 p.m. Ninad says his little kid grew up so soon. Savi seeks blessings from her parents as she is going to step into a new chapter of her life. Bhavani walks to her fuming.

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