Anupama starlife update Saturday 16 December 2023

Anupama 16 December 2023: Anupama feels upset recalling being selected as Gurumaa’s successor and Maaya’s drama today. She further recalls gurumaa’s warning to fulfill her oath and not back off at any cost. Anuj drives Maaya away from gurukul. Maaya asks where is he taking her and tries to forcefully get out of car and sits frustrated when she fails. Pakhi apologizes Samar for not attending his wedding. Winter says she is out of a family list and is a stranger now. Pakhi apologizes him. He asks who leaves brother’s wedding and attends a friends wedding.

Anupama 15 December 2023

Pakhi continues to apologize. Their sibling nok jhok starts and they fight with a family. Family smiles and asks them to stop. Samar asks her not to go again as he needs her well wishes. Pakhi looking at Dimpy says he would need that after marriage. Dimpy asks her to speak to her directly instead of taunting indirectly.

Pakhi says she is talking to her brother. Vanraj asks Pakhi to behave with her new SIL. Pakhi asks Dimpy not to exaggerate the issue. Dimpy says others may tolerate her nonsense, but she will not.Maaya shouts that its Anuj’s mistake that he returns to Anupama repeatedly, why don’t he let Anupama go to America, what is in Anupama that is not in her, etc. Anuj angrily warns her to shut up. Anupama recalls Gurumaa’s warning that she has only 6 days left to shift to America and shouldn’t back off as gurumaa has invested heavily both financially and emotionally on her.

Dimpy and Pakhi’s argument continues. Dimpy yells at Pakhi and Pakhi gives her a calm befitting reply irking Dimpy more. Dimpy asks Samar to take her side. Samar asks them both to take hammer and hit each other. Pakhi taunts that Samar is also tired of Dimpy just after a day. Vanraj and Leela ask Pakhi to apologize her DIL. Pakhi says even Leela argues with Dimpy. Leela says she can as a MIL, but Pakhi can’t.

Dimpy asks Pakhi to vacate her room as she and Samar need it and to shift her baggage to her in-laws’ house as this house belongs to her and Samar now. Everyone stand speechless.Anuj returns home with Maaya. Maaya collapses. Anuj lies her on sofa. Barkha asks what happened to Maaya, if she did something at Anupama’s event.

Ankush asks what happened to Maaya. Anuj angrily asks why does he bother. Barkha thinks Anuj was never angry on Maaya so much before and fears he may stay back at Kapadia house. Anuj asks Adhik to bring Maaya’s injection and injects her. Adhik tells Barkha that they thought Maaya is acting, but she is really mentally ill. Barkha says they should trigger her more so that Anuj takes her back to Mumbai. Adhik asks if she change Maaya’s medicines like a TV serial vamp.

Bakc to Shah house, Dimpy says Pakhi should leave her maika/parental house completely like she left Kapadia house. Pakhi says Dimpy is not Kapadia daughter and was a guest there, but she is a Shah daughter and nobody can stop her from visiting her parental house. Dimpy gets adamant that she needs Pakhi’s room for her and Samar. Samar thinks now he realized how a man becomes helpless between family and wife after marriage.

Kinjal asks Pakhi and Dimpy to stop their argument and says Pakhi is right that a daughter is always a daughter and has a right to have a room in her parental house. She says if Dimpy is having problem, she and Toshu will give their room. Dimpy feels happy. Toshu refuses to give up his room. Pakhi says Toshu is right. Dimpy comments people of this house are so selfish and hence their marriages break.

Vanraj warns her to mind her tongue before speaking. Leela says Dimpy is a brakeless mouthpiece who doesn’t have any manners. Toshu refuses to give up his room again and asks Kinjal if she took his permission before doing so. Kinjal says he did a lot many times without informing he. Dimpy taunts Toshu that Kinjal didn’t cheat on him like he did on her. Everyone stand shocked. Anupama walks on street murmuring she shouldn’t stop at any cost.

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