Lost in love starlife update Friday 19 April 2024

Ishan writes a message for Savi on his birthday gift for her and writes his name as professor chidkiya. Surekha walks in and asks if he was smiling on a joke. She tries to check what he is hiding. He snatches it back saying it’s nothing and asks if she needs something. She asks him to return home tomorrow soon as she has invited girl’s family home.

Ishan says he has student council meeting tomorrow. She says he can come after the meeting. Ishan thinks he can’t tell her about Savi’s surprise birthday party and says he has some other work and can’t. She says she will fix the meeting next week then.

Ashwini tells Bhavani that she wants to meet Harini and Vinu as it has been long since she met them. Bhavani says she can go and meet them if she wants to. Ashwini gets happy seeing Bhavani’s changed tone and thinks Bhavani doesn’t remember Savi’s birthday and hence permitted her to visit Pune. Bhavani looking at Virat’s photo says Ashwini thinks she is forgetting things and doesn’t remember Savi’s birthday, she can never forget Savi’s birthday and recalls how Savi used to prepare for her birthday a week earlier.

Next morning, Savi visits hostel’s garden. Gardener says he has kept her ordered plants. Savi like every year shows plants praying for her family’s good health. She sows brahmi plant praying god to cure Ninad’s memory issue, tulsi plant for Ashwini’s good health, cactus for Bhavani, flower plant for her parents recalling them celebrating her brithday, nothing for Vinu, and 2 more plants for Isha praying god to runite her with her son and give some peace in Ishan’s life. Ishan gets out of his car. A cotton seed flower falls on him and Savi. Savi recalls auto driver’s words that when this flower falls on anyone, they will be married soon. Ishan recalls Shukla’s words. Savi thinks she can’t think about marriage at all.

Surekha hears Yashwant planning to go out and asks him where is he going. Yashwant says he is going to meet lawyer and check his father’s property will as his father wanted him to check it after 25 years of his death. She asks if he will take Nishi and Shantanu along. He says as they have equal right on the property. Surekha says he shouldn’t take them along as they are irresponsible towards family citing the recent incidents and manipulates him to himself check the will first and then inform his brothers what is better for them.

Savi visits college, touches Shukla’s feet, and asks him to bless her. Shukla asks if it’s her birthday. Ishan hears them and thinks Shukla will spoil his surprise plan. Savi asks how does he know. Shukla says she looks happy and is wearing a new dress. Savi asks him not to inform anyone about her birthday. Ashwini feels restless while traveling to Pune with Ashwini and repeatedly asks cab driver when will they reach Pune. Driver says she asked him 10 minutes in 5 minutes. Ashwini says she is eager to meet her granddaughter. Savi misses Ashwini and calls her. Ashwini disconnects call. Savi fumes thinking everyone are ignoring her on her birthday. Ashwini calls back. Savi asks her to switch on video call. Ashwini says she has network issue and hence using voice call. She blesses Savi on her birthday. Their discussion continues..

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