Lost in love starlife update Saturday 20 April 2024

Savi thinks why Ashwini disconnected call on her birthday, may be Bhavani is around, but it’s her day today and she will see how Ashwini will not pick her call. Ashwini calls her back. Savi asks how can she disconnect her video call and now voice calling her.

Ashwini asks her to calm down and says there is network issue here, so she made a voice call to her. She wishes her happy birthday and asks how is she. Savi says she is not fine as they are not with her this birthday t bless her. Ashwini asks her to imagine her presence around her and take her blessing. Savi takes her blessings and asks her to give phone to Ninad. Ashwini says he has gone out with Bhavani and will be back home by evening. She disconnects call and thinks she is coming there to celebrate Savi’s birthday.

Savi then video calls Isha who also disconnects it first and then voicer calls her. She also gives same excuse of network issue and wishes her happy birthday. Savi thinks what is happening today.

Savi returns to her friends and checks her presentation. Her friends wish her happy birthday. Savi asks her not to inform anyone about her birthday. She sees Durva passing by and instructs her what to do during the annual festival. Durva tries to humiliate her. Preeti confronts Durva and asks why she always has a problem with Savi. Durva humiliates even her.

Savi asks her friends to ignore Durva and concentrate on their task. Ishan walks in there with Shukla and asks Savi if she is ready for the presentation. Savi says yes. Ishan asks Shukla to call everyone.

Shantanu calls Isha and asks where has she reached. Isha says she needs another 1.5 hours. Shantanu says presentation will end in 1.5 hours, she needs to reach before that. Isha asks him not to vent out his anger on her, she will reach her as per traffic congestion. Shantanu asks her to calm down and disconnects call. Isha tells Ashwini that everyone are in a hurry. Shukla informs Shantanu that Ishan is calling him to the auditorium. Ishan calls Shantanu and asks where is he. Shantanu informs him that Isha and Ashwini are 1.5 hours late. Ishan says it would be too late and gets angry on Shantanu.

Shantanu asks him not to get angry on him for his mother’s mistake. Shukla says they are getting late. Shantanu asks him also to frown on him and says both mother and son are using him as a punching bag.

Ishan starts a student council meeting. Shantanu says let’s wait for Yashwant. Nishi informs him that Yashwant has gone out after informing him. Ishan asks Savi to start her presentation. Savi starts presentation followed by Durva. Ishan says let’s conclude the meeting with Bappa’s prayers and asks Shukla to bring Bappa’s idol.

Shukla says he forgot to bring Bappa’s idol. Sathe sir says they can use photo on his mobile. Ishan nervously says they need a metal idol. Navya says there is an idol at Savi’s hostel room. Ishan asks Savi to bring idol. Savi with her friends reaches her hostel room and finds idol missing. She finds a chit with puzzle to reach a place where she had lost her idol when she reached college for the first time. Navya says they should got her fast and silently video calls Ishan and shows him Savi’s treasure hunt.

Ishan watches it with Shantanu. Shantanu asks why is he making Savi run around. Ishan says this surprise will make Savi forget all the struggles. Shantanu asks what will he tell family when they find out that he organized birthday party for Savi. Ishan says he will tell them that he did it out of guilt for always misunderstanding Savi. Savi rushes towards Shantanu’s office and finds Harini on the way. She gets happy seeing Harini, hugs her, and asks how did she come in without permission. Harini asks her to forget it and gives her a chit. Savi reads chit to reach another destination and thinks Durva and her gang is troubling her. She reaches destination and is surprised to see Ish there. She thinks it’s her imagination. Isha says it’s her. Savi runs and hugs her excitedly and asks if she didn’t pick her video call as she was traveling to Pune. Isha says she had some work in Pune and thought to even meet her and wish her happy birthday. She gives a chit next to reach Saraswati pandal location. Savi reaches there and is surprised to see Ashwini there. Ashwini asks how could she miss her birthday and gives her lots of blessings.

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