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Dimpy tells Pakhi that Barkha aunty told her that you couldn’t become a mother and asks her not to lose hope and there are many options. Pakhi asks her not to worry for her and be happy that she is becoming mother. Dimpy says I was worried for you.

Pakhi says you are that bahu who draws the line in the house, and says you have snatched my brother from me. Dimpy says even if I have snatched him, then also couldn’t keep him. She cries. Pakhi gets sad and asks her to drink water. Dimpy thanks her and says my life is so messed up, I don’t know how I will manage Samar’s dreams, baby and has to stand on my feet. She says family members will help, but I have to take care of baby. Pakhi says Mummy is always busy and asks her to plan what to do? Dimpy says yes.

Anupama and Devika are leaving and call Anuj. Malti Devi says he has already left. They leave. Anuj comes there calling Anupama. Malti Devi says she is in the room. Romil says Anupama and Devika left 30 mins before. Malti Devi says she thought that they are in room. Anuj leaves. Devika waits for Anuj to come fast.

Anupama comes to Sonu’s party in the same club, and hits on the table to make music. Sonu and his friend are shocked. Sonu asks what you are doing here. Anupama says she picks the glass bottle and says she has come to play the game truth and dare. She rolls the bottle and gives him dare to say the truth. She says one needs tiger’s courage to say the truth.

Anupama provokes Sonu and asks if his father snatched gun from him. Anuj hopes Inspector reaches there with his team. Sonu asks her to stop. Anupama says I will not stop and calls them coward for hiding the truth. She says big coward is Suresh Rathore, your father, who plans attacks on people, got Pregnant lady thrown out of rickshaw etc, threatens people, but gets it done by someone else, as he has no courage to hold the gun himself.

She says you had courage, but now even you don’t have, as Papa snatched gun from you. Sonu is about to take gun out. Anupama says you are getting angry, if you had gun then would have shoot me, and says you might throw bomb on my house. She says you have so much fear on your face, and says you can’t kill anyone. She says it seems you had asked your bodyguard or driver to shoot my Samar. She says you and your father are both rats. Sonu gets angry and takes out gun from this pocket. Devika thinks what to do? Sonu says he has tiger courage.

Anupama provokes him asking if this is the toy gun, and asks if your father gave the gun to you. Sonu confesses that it is the same gun with which he has killed Samar, and tells that he will send her to Samar. Anupama asks why did you shoot my son? Did he provoke your anger, did he fight with you or argued. She asks why did you kill my son? Anuj comes there and calls Anupama. Sonu aims gun at Anuj and asks if this is your ancestral disease, that someone comes infront of the other. He says Samar saved you that day, and today you came to save her. Anuj asks him to keep the gun down. Sonu threatens to shoot both of them. He shoots at Anuj. Anupama pushes Anuj and they fall down. Inspector comes there and says you are under arrest.

Sonu keeps the gun and says he didn’t do anything. Inspector takes the gun and says they have kept hidden camera in the club and they have recorded everything. He says nobody can stop him from getting jailed now. He arrests him and takes him from there. Anupama sees Samar and Ravan burning and says you will get justice. Devika says thank god Anuj and Police came at right time. Anuj says now this case will be fought in high court. Devika says Sonu’s confession, murder weapon and witnesses are also here. Anupama says the evil dies on Dussehra.

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