Lies of the heart update Sunday 12 April 2020

Lies of the heart 12 April 2020: Samrat says that he knows what amrit is capable of, amrit is confused on whats going on in samrat’s mind. At home, aditi sits sadly while kanchan advises her to move on, and get ahead with her life,and that she should distract her mind.

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Aditi is tensed that where would she go if she isnt allowed to stay here. kanchan asks her not to think like that. shashi comes and asks her not to be sad as god would do everything right and they all would support her, and then wanting urmi to hear, she says that she would teach trisha a lesszon, who caused all this, and that samrat wont let her be like this. aditi says that whats done is done. shashi again diverts the topic to taking revenge on trisha for doing this. aditi says that trisha isnt to be blamed, but amrit is the person who did the mistake. but shashi again fills up aditi’s mind with venomous thoughts about trisha, saying that she trapped amrit.

Urmi vehemently denies and places trisha innocent, and that she also has been betrayed. shashi again reprimands urmi for siding with trisha and hiding her mistakes. She says that she agrees with samrat’s opinion about her. urmi is hut with this, while kanchan and aditi are tense.d Shashi says that she has decided that she would get rid of trisha completely. urmi argues that she wouldnt have sided with trisha, had she been right. kanchan too agrees. while urmi asks her not to punish trisha, and not do this kind of injustice to her, by depriving her of her career.

Urmi tries to argue, but shashi shuts her up, saying that trisha wont stay in this city now, as she has decided, and samrat also has told this to her parents. urmi tries to speak, but shashi silences her, and leaves in a rage.

later, shashi talks to the priest and asks him to prepare another kundali for aditi. Shashi asks if urmi had a talk with samrat. urmi denies. As aditi and others find amrit at their doorstep, she asks how dare he step his foot here, while others stand shocked. She starts reprimanding him asking him to get lost, as he doesnt deserve to step inside the house. Samrat comes in boldly saying that he got him here, shocking the family and aditi and urmi all the more. aditi surprisingly asks why, after the way he betrayed her and ruined her life. All watch tensedly. samrat asks her to talk with respect as he is her husband. He asks amrit to come inside, while all are con fused. Aditi says that he has lost all rights to be a husband. samrat says that she has acted foolishly, and that she should have atleast heard amrit’s version, and blindfoldedly believed trisha’s talks.

Aditi says that trisha clarified everything. samrat asks how could she trust a stranger over her own husband. urmi is shocked at his stance. samrat says that she is a lowlife who trapped amrit and aditi in her trap. He asks amrit to say the truth. Amrit makes up fake stories about trisha falling after him, saying that she emotionally blackmailed him to commit suicide, while he told her that he is married, but she never listened.

Aditi asks why didnt he tell her this before. He says that she always threatened to kill her or commit suicide herself and was scared that she would take the wrong step, and hence himself got victimised. urmi is shocked at his pretense. He says that he was about to tell her about her trap, of getting him distanced from her. samrat’s parents are shocked. urmi asks amrit if so was the case, then how did trisha get aditi’s mangalsutra. samrat watches tensedly while amrit is at a loss for an answer. They all wait.

Amrit says that even he doesnt know, as when she came home one day, she would have gotten it. they are all confused and ask when she came. Amrit says that when she was bathing, trisha had come and must have stolen it then.

urmi says that she doesnt believe it, as he is saying a white lie. samrat reprimands her to talk nicely, respecting his relation with the family. urmi is shocked. she tries to protest for trisha, saying that she knows trisha very well, and that she isnt like what amrit is portraying her. Samrat says that she is like that, and she may not have understood it, but he has and asks her to shut up, as if she says anything for trisha, he would be very fierce for her. amrit smiels evilly. Shashi is super pleased. urmi eyes amrit with hate.

In their room, amrit continues with his sob story, while aditi sits stunned on the bed. he asks her if their relation is this weak, that it can be broken off so easily. He is happy when he finds her getting convinced, and promises her to be with him, and have faith on him. shashi comes in and is happy to see that the misundertsandings created due to others should be clarified, and asks him to stay back tonight, as its too late. Amrit eyes evilly but then pretends to be sad and says that he cant stay. shashi requests and insists, and he says that without her forgiving him, he cant stay here. shashi asks her to forgive him, and move ahead with their life. But aditi doesnt respond. Amrit offers to go, thinking that one day she would forgive him, as he cant even imagine life without her. shashi is tensed. Amrit takes shashi’s blessings and asking aditi to take care, he turns around to leave, but finally amrit smiles evilly as aditi finally gives in and asks him to stop. he turns around pretending to be concerned.

Scene 2:
Location: Annu’s residence
saroj finds devi talking to trisha’s father asking him to let trisha leave the job and this city too, and reprimands him for trisha’s behaviour. Devi is defiant, while saroj tries to prove that trisha is innocent, and that they cant ruin trisha’s career. They enter into a verbal arguement, wherein saroj sides with urmi and trisha, and devi says that he would do that only which is right for urmi, and that trisha is equally to be blamed. Saroj is tensed for trisha.

Scene 3:
location: Samrat’s residence
In their room, while samrat comes to relax, urmi comes to him in a rage. Samrat is shocked to find urmi, distraught and highly agitated saying that what happened wasnt right and that she knows trishs very well, and she isnt capable of doing what amrit is aaying that she did. But he composes himself, and assk urmi to forget this, as he cups her face, asking her not to bother about this. urmi asks how can she not be bothered. She tries to argue, but samrat shushes her and says that life moves on, and that she should focus on her health. urmi is shocked at his stance, reminding her that this is her sister they are talking about, and asks him to reconsider his descision. but samrat says that if she stays here, she would create a problem for him and him family. urmi tries to argue, but he forcefully puts her to sleep, asking her to just focus on her health. urmi thinks that she would never let this kind of injustice be meted out to trisha, as it isnt about her acreer anymore, but her character.

urmi searches for Trisha everywhere but doesnt find her she calls her but gets nothing in return as Trisha isn’t picking  she gets disturbed.

Devi tells trisha that he is very disappointed in her, and urmi too, as she always creates a problem with urmi and her family, by distrupting her sister in law’s marriage. trisha tries to prove her innocence and amrit’s bad character. Granny asks how come she got trapped in all this. trisha accepts this as her mistake, and says that she too got trapped by amrit. Devi asks trisha to apologise to samrat’s family and leave jhansi forever. saroj and others are tensed, while trisha is distraught. She asks how can she even think of giving up her traning and her career.

Granny says that they dont want to do this, but they would have to do this to save urmi. saroj is lamenting at this dilemma, wheer one daughter’s life is happy at the cost of ruining the other. devi asks for a favour from trisha for urmi and her family, as she is pregnant, and do this for urmi. devi says that if anything happnes, all would be ruined. trisha asks him not to do this. devi says that they cant fight samrat’s family. finally trisha says that she would do this, if they want this, and would leave everything. saroj is shocked. trisha leaves. saroj tries to talk to devi to talk to samrat, but he asks her to get ready as they have to go to samrat’s place. They leave, while saroj continues to cry. trisha sits outside, remembering.

Finally she picks up urmi’s call, who is very tensed for her. urmi asks her not to come in anyone’s opinion and wont apologise at all, as she isnt to be blamed. urmi says that she wont accept that she would leave, and she wont bear this punishment for no reason. trisha asks her to let be, as somewhere she also is to be blamed, and hence she deserves punishment. urmi asks her not to talk like this and lose hope. trisha says that she is tired and asks her to let the matter be, and asks her to go home. urmi says that the trisha she knows, never accepts wrong, or fight it. Trisha says that when dear ones are concerned everything changes and cancels the phone. urmi is tensed, while trisha breaks down into tears. urmi is determined that she wont let her lose like this, at no cost.

Scene 3:
location: Samrat’s residence
While all are sitting together, kanchan asks amrit about his work, and he and aditi are speechless. shashi asks kanchan to put a rest while she starts attending to amrit. He takes the halwa and begins to eat. samrat comes and eyes amrit sternly. He asks about urmi. Kanchan says that she has gone to the temple, for the baby’s good health. samrat is happy and sits down for halwa. He is happy victoriously while amrit is shocked to find trisha coming in with urmi’s parents. He smiles evilly. Devi comes in with saroj and trisha. samrat goes to greet them with excitement. there is visible tension, while amrit is flabbergasted. Aditi is tensed too. Samrat takes them inside. samrat introduces amrit and aditi to urmi’s father. Devi apologises to aditi for trisha’s sake. but samrat cuts him short, sayingt hat he shouldnt apologise and shouldnt feel guilty, as trisha has to apologise and feel guilty and that too by touching aditi’s feet.

Aditi stands defiant, influenced by shashi’s instigations. All are shocked at samrat’s demand, while trisha and saroj are distraught. samrat’s father tries to speak but samrat shust them saying that noone shall speak, and the person who has come to speak shall speak, indicating Trisha. kanchan anxiously eyes the door, awaiting urmi’s return. He gives an order to trisha to start, while aditi comes in front of her, waiting for her apology. Samrat cites his busy schedule, and asks her to hasten up, so that he can cater to his work. D

Devi coaxes trisha to do so, while she looks around uncomfortably. saroj gets up in shock, as trisha begins to move forward, to apologise to aditi. kanchan is tensed too. shashi, amrit and samrat eye her smilingly. Finally, Trisha bends down to touch aditi’s feet, when urmi comes in asking her to stop right there, shocking samrat and amrit who were enjoying it with their vicious intentions. All are shocked to find her in the doorway, while saroj and kanchan are relieved.

urmi rushes upto trisha and steers her away, asking her that she wont apologise without having done anything wrong. All are tensed. samrat hollers at urmi, asking her whats going on, and why wont trisha apologise. Urmi says that she is innocent and hasnt done any mistake, hence wont apologise too. amrit and shashi are tensed. amrit is scared too that the cat maybe out of the bag. trisha asks her to let be. urmi tells determinedly that she is innocent, and asks amrit that he knows it better than that. devi tries to speak, while urmi shuts him saying that he doesnt know what happened. She asks amrit if he would speak for his true self himself or not.

Amrit is at a loss of words. samrat tells her that amrit has already told and trisha would have to apologise. Urmi tells him that it was all a lie, and the truth is that amrit has betrayed both, Aditi and trisha, and has played with everyone’s emotions and would speak himself. He says that trisha wont but he would apologise to trisha and asks him if he would. amrit asks why would he and what would he tell, thats left to do.

Samrat asks her to stay in her limits. urmi ignores him and asks amrit to tell them. Urmi asks him one last time, if he would speak for himself, or she expose him. they are all tensed, while samrat stands fuming, and amrit is speechless. urmi asks Mukti, the servant saying that some people are standing outside, and asks them to come in. All are conufused while they ask urmi whats the drama that she is creating. urmi asks them to give one minute.

Just then, the police comes in with 2, 3 girls, seeing whom all are tensed and conufsed too, while amrit is scared and shocked. Samrat asks them who are these people. Urmi asks the inspector if he knows amrit. He complies, and tells about how he had been after trisha, in his Police Hostel, how he had gone ahead despite trisha’s reprimanding.

The other trainee girls vouch for trisha and tell the police how amrit had been after her. Aditi breaks into tears, while urmi is satisfied. amrit is reprimanded by diwaker too. Urmi says to amrit that he was about to ruin trisha’s life, by letting her leave her job and this city, and hence she had to go to this length to expose her. samrat faces urmi asking her in how much has she bought these witnessses in. urmi is shocked at samrat’s stance.

He defiantly asks who are these people. urmi stands upto him, saying that the lie can be sold, but the truth cant be, and if he still doubts her, then she can expose amrit more layer by layer. samrat is stunned at urmi’s defiance and anger, as she contineus sayingt aht lie would always leave a mark behind, as it moves ahead. She asks for trisha’s phone. when she gives it, urmi searches through it, and says that she wasnt but he was after her.

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