King of hearts update Wednesday 19th June 2019

Wednesday update on King of hearts 19th June 2019

Grandmother and Roshni return home.
Roshni complains that Sid hasn’t arrived yet. Grandmother says maybe he’s planning something. They enter the house and it’s all decorated.

Roshni asks what’s going on?
DD enters and explains to Roshni that because she couldn’t be a part of her wedding, she wants them to have another ceremony so everyone can see her daughter dressed as a bride.

Roshni hugs her Mother.
Pratima brings a wedding dress.
DD says it’s her own wedding dress, her marriage wasn’t successful, but she got an amazing family because of that marriage, a family she knows will stand by her side no matter what!

Roshni thanks and begs DD to help her get dressed. Grandmother says all of this is happening because of Sid.

At the hospital, Simran asks the Doctor how Krutika is doing? He says she’s better, but still in a critical condition and there is bad news; he couldn’t save the Child. Simran gets hysterical. The Doctor asks who Rajveer is, because Krutika kept on calling for him and if he’s around, he may help her heal faster. Simran says she will bring Rajveer!

Sid asks when she will believe all he’s saying about Rajveer? Simran says she doesn’t want to hear it! Sid says he has evidence to put Rajveer in jail, and that’s obviously why he (Rajveer) ran away like a coward. Someone calls ‘Mum’ and they turn to see Rajveer, bruised and beaten.

DD helps Roshni dress up and tells her that if she wants, after the wedding, she can go and live with Sid, since Sid has already paid his debts to her, and saved her business.
Bablu says Sid still hasn’t returned home. DD tells him the guests have already arrived, so he should look for him! Bablu promises to bring Sid.

DD continues to help Roshni dress up. She tells her that she’s the most beautiful bride! Roshni says She loves her.
Simran rushes to hold Rajveer, asking what happened to him? He says he had to come; DD threatened to kill him if he marries Krutika, and he’s afraid for his life! He starts to shed fake tears and Simran vows to make DD pay! Rajveer looks at Sid and sneers.
Sid is livid. He picks up Rajveer and beats him. Simran is crying helplessly.
Rajveer holds Simran and tells her that DD will never let her see Krutika; She wants to ruin the Khurana family.
Sid holds Rajveer and tells him to tell the truth, otherwise he will kill him!
He is about to punch him again when the Police arrive.
The Inspector orders the arrest of Sid and Rajveer. Raj tries to plead, but the Police insists they have to be at the Station! Rajveer teases Sid as they drag them to the Station, laughing and saying it’s not over!
DD brings Roshni downstairs and tells the Guests that her daughter is getting married and she wants to apologise for how she treated them in the past. Roshni tells her not to. DD says its important, since she humiliated them in Public. She tells Roshni to forgive her for everyday, she couldn’t be with her, and for all the nights she couldn’t sing her a lullaby.

Roshni says DD has done a lot and should look around and see where she is, she has done so much for all of them. She confesses that the day DD organised her birthday, she wasn’t drunk, she only wanted her attention, and today she wants to return a gift.
She asks DD to bless her and also forgive her for every time she hurt her.
Roshni says she loves her! DD says she loves her too!
DD announces that her Son-in-law made her realise all these things, he stood by her even when she was unfair to him and made her know that a Person isn’t who they are because of Class, but by their upbringing and Character, and she wants to apologise to him for everything!
Sid and Rajveer are put in two separate adjoining cells.
The Inspector tells Raj that they can’t release Sid. Raj says Sid is educated and schooled in London, he knows not to break the law; what happened was Rajveer committed fraud, and Sid called him out on it, that’s why he’s creating all this. He tells the inspector to check the records, and he won’t find Sid’s name, but will see Rajveer was in a rehabilitation centre.

Rajveer says Raj is lying and Sid too; they don’t want him to marry Krutika their Sister and daughter, that’s why they are doing all this!
Sid rushes towards Rajveer and tries to attack him through the cell bars.
The inspector orders for him to be taken to another cell! Sid begs the Inspector to let him make a Phone call as it’s a matter of life and death.
Simran is by Krutika’s bedside at the hospital. She holds her hand and Krutika stirs. Simran panics and calls for the Doctor!
Raj calls Simran and tells her that Sid hasn’t been granted bail. Simran assumes DD is responsible for everything and vows not to spare her!
Sid tries to call Roshni even as Roshni tries to call him, so they both can’t get through. Raj suggests he calls Bablu.
Same thing happens. Sid tries Bablu’s line, Bablu is trying his at same time, so the call doesn’t connect.
Simran is with her Lawyer. She instructs him to carry out her orders! He asks if she doesn’t want to consult Mr. Khurana? Simran says She’s part owner of the business and wants her orders carried out!
The Inspector releases Sid. Rajveer tells the Inspector that it’s not fair that they are letting Sid go when Sid is looking okay, whereas he has been badly beaten! Sid gets upset again and Raj tells him to go to Roshni.

Sid takes the Car and rushes off.
Simran arrives at the party in DD’s house with her Lawyer. She walks up to DD and says enough of this nonsense!
DD welcomes her as Mrs Kukreja.
Simran says she’s not Mrs Kukreja, She’s Mrs Khurana of the Khurana empire, and she now owns DD’s business and her house! Roshni goes to Simran and says everything is okay now, so why is she being like this?
Simran says DD thought she could get away with everything and they tolerated all her arrogance because they love their Son so much and because they kept quiet, she thought they were weak!
DD says it’s a happy occasion because they have a lot of guests. She tells her her to leave, calling her Mrs Kukreja again, not believing she is indeed Mrs Khurana.
Simran tells DD that it seems she doesn’t understand what she said and doesn’t know what she is capable of! She asks if she has heard about the Khurana builders who returned to India from London, the story was in the papers! Roshni is shocked.

Simran asks if DD is asking her to leave when she’s in fact the one allowing her stay! She says she can’t believe she kept Sid all this time as a Servant! She says the house and everything in it belongs to her now!
Grandmother asks what she is saying?
Simran says Grandmother should have said something when DD was torturing Sid! She tells the lawyer to show the documents to DD! She reminisces all that happened from Sid being thrown into jail, Sid and Roshni working as servants in DD’s house, Krutika arrested and fighting for her life at the hospital. She tells DD it’s her purnishment for making her Children suffer for so long! She tells her to read it the document!
DD reads and she’s shocked.
She gets dizzy and almost slumps, but Roshni holds her up.
Sid’s Car has broken down, so he’s is in a taxi going to the house. He begs the driver to move faster, but the driver stops, and Rajveer is standing there, holding a iron rod. He tells Sid that he’s finally here, and he took a long time to come, as he has waited for him, a long time!
Simran tells Roshni that she needed to teach her Mother a lesson, and Roshni can now come and live with their family!
DD tells Simran to leave Roshni alone; she can have anything, but she won’t let Roshni have anything to do with traitors like her! Simran tells her not to talk about betrayal! She reminds her about how she had Sid kidnapped, and beaten up on the wedding day, just because she wanted Krish to marry Roshni! Roshni is surprised.

Simran also talks about how DD tried to accuse them of wanting a dowry, and had Sid arrested just so he can stay in her house as a Servant!
Grandmother says all is well now, and no need repeating the past.
Simran asks her if she thinks it is fine for DD to treat people how she likes?
She says DD not only ruined her Son’s life, but her daughter’s too!
Roshni asks what daughter?
Simran tells Roshni that Krutika is her daughter.
Roshni remembers how she asked Sid about Krutika, but he didn’t say anything. She tells Simran that Kritika ran over Phatka and hurt her too.
Simran says DD sent thugs to beat up her daughter’s groom on her wedding day and now, Kritika is in the hospital because of DD, and close to dying!
Mona and Samaira are listening.

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