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Wednesday update on kindred hearts 19th June 

Nisha says why would want to get hatred of your family? let our image of perfect couple remain that, it will make your family too, power money and freedom are important but my name in society is important to me too, i dont want people to say that i cant control my husband so forget about separation, nobody can separate you from me, Adi says you should be ashamed of yourself, he leaves.

Jhanvi writes diary that God take care of Adi. She puts letter in mandir. She prays for Adi. Jhanvi is calling Adi but he is not picking, she says i feel something is wrong, Adi goes to office when he is tensed, i should go to office too, she goes.

Nisha brings her luggage and is leaving house. Kaka says what is all this? all family members come there. Nisha says i am going away, i dont want to bother anyone specially not Adi, i am leaving because daughters are sleeping, take care of them, tell them i went for work and had accident. kaki says no, Nisha says its my fate, Adi is my love and he doesnt want me here then i am leaving. kaka says i am your father, you are not going anywhere, Nisha says i cant stay here, i have to leave, she cries and says sorry to Kaki. Kaki folds her hand and says please stop. Kaki says i am promising you that we all are with you, we wont let injustice happen with you, lets go to your room, you are not going anywhere, she takes Nisha to her room, Nisha wipes her fake tears and smirk.

Kaka says to family that cancel holi party, Raj says how to cancel it at end time? kaka says if anything wrong happens in function? Kaki says holi is about hope, we should celebrate it.

Maa says to Jhanvi why you are going to office on holi? Jhanvi says i am listening to my intuition, dont ask me anything, Maa sys take care, Jhanvi leaves. Maa says is there something between Adi and Jhanvi?

Adi comes to his office and recalls how kaki slapped him and blamed him for everything, how Nisha challenged him. Adi throws everything in his office in anger, he cries and sits in corner.

Jhanvi comes to office and says i hope Adi is fine. Peon says to Jhanvi that Adi is office. Jhanvi goes to Adi. Adi sees her there, he closes his cabin’s door before she can see mess. Adi says to Jhanvi that why you are here at this time? Jhanvi says i thought you were not fine. Adi says stop it, what are you doing here? cant you leave me alone? you have no limit? enough now, from today you cant be seen here after office hours, now leave, Jhanvi looks at him tensed, Adi asks if he said anything wrong? whats the need to come here? you dont care of anyone’s mental state, if they want to talk or not, you just keep talking, leave just leave, he shouts at her to leave. Jhanvi turns to leave and thinks why Adi is so tensed? whats the reason behind it? Adi goes to his cabin. Jhanvi sadly looks at him. Adi breaks pencil in his hand. Jhanvi prays that tomorrow’s holi brings him out of his misery, she leaves.

Kaka says to kaki that today is holi but there are no colors in our house. Neha comes there and says today is our first holi so bless us. Kaka bless them. Nisha comes there and wishes them holi, Nisha says to kaki that you do aarti every year, why not this year? i prepared everything. Kaki says even after all this, you didnt forget your duty, Kaka asks where are kids? Nisha says i sent them to my mother’s house, kaki asks where is Adi? Nisha says he didnt come home since yesterday, kaki gets worried for him. He asks to call him, Raj says he is not taking call, Nisha gets scared for him too, Raj calls client and asks if Adi is with him? Raj says Adi is not with him too. baba comes there and says lets celebrate holi, Nisha touches his feet and smirks at him, she says happy holi, he nods, Nisha says to kaki that lets do aarti. Kaki and Neha prays to God that dont punish our kids, keep peace in their lives. All family members come in garden to celebrate holi. Guest asks where is Adi? Nisha thinks i dont know where is Adi, whats in his mind.

Jhanvi comes to Adi’s holi party, she asks peon where is Adi? he says Adi comes first everytime, dont know where he is now. Jhanvi thinks where is Adi? Adi enters party with determined face. Nisha and Jhanvi both are searching for him. Kaka looks at Adi miffed. Nisha spots Adi and smiles. Jhanvi is searching for him and spots him too. They both start approaching him but baba pulls Jhanvi away. Nisha comes to Adi and says you know what kaka and kaki said? they promised to be on my side with this divorce thing, you know how they fulfill promise, they are too soft from heart and they will follow me, now enjoy holi,happy holi.

Jhanvi meets baba, baba says i am fine but Adi is very tensed, she did it, Jhanvi asks who? baba forgets everything and coughs. Jhanvi says i will bring water for you. Survi says to Jhanvi that he wont let you meet Adi, Jhanvi goes to bring water.

Adi greets his family, kaki asks where were you whole night? you were not even taking call, we were worried for you, Kaka says this is not right time infront of guests, once this holi function is done then we will talk. Adi glares at Nisha. Nisha says wont you fill my forehead with sindoor? this is our ritual, dont do this on holi day, we have guests and i have been handling myself with guts, if you dont fill my forehead then i wont play holi, Adi says then dont play, i am tired of playing faking it and showing off but i wont now. Kaka says dont make issue infront of guests, Adi says i am not making issue,i wish you had trust on your son. Adi throws sindoor plate from Nisha’s hand and says i am tired of fake life but i cant fake anymore, he leaves. Nisha looks on confused and tensed.

Jhanvi hears people saying that this time holi is not fun, Raj and Kaka used to play holi so nicely but their family looks sad and worried today. Jhanvi hears it and gets worried. She sees Adi talking to some guest and smiles. She thinks that you look cruel but when your life becomes fine then you will be nice person. Jhanvi starts leaving but Adi somes infront of her, Jhanvi says i was coming to you only, she applies tikka on his forehead and says happy holi, Adi smiles sweetly at her, jeena song plays, Adi applies red color on Jhanvi’s check and says happy holi, Jhanvi blushes and gets lost in his eyes.. this all turns out to be Jhanvi’s dream, Adi asks what happened?Jhanvi tries to apply color on him but he stops her and says i dont play holi, she gets sad.

Adi says i shouldnt have talked to you like that yesterday,i am sorry, enjoy yourself and leave after eating lunch, he leaves. Survi comes and says you came to play holi with him and he left you? how sad, Jhanvi says shut up. Jhanvi putsher red color plate on table and leaves. Nisha comes there and picks same red color plate. She looks at Adi and thinks what is Adi thinking? he never treated me like that infront of everyone before, how he got so much guts? how?

Jhanvi is telling stories about holi to kids and baba. One kid asks where is Chinni and Binni. Jhanvi asks who is Chinni? one girl says she is my friend, she looks at Adi and says he is her father, Jhanvi tries to see but unable to see Adi. Jhanvi gets up but strikes with Nisha, Jhanvi says happy holi,Nisha says you too and leaves in haste.

Nisha stops Adi and says happy holi. Nisha says to Adi that i understand you cant apply sindoor in my forehead but you can apply color on me as its holi after all, Adi grabs her hand and drags her. He brings Nisha to corner and throws her towards wall, Nisha strikes with wall and smirks at Adi. Nisha says so romantic, you will apply color in private? Adi says what you think that you can clear mess you created in our lives,i will do what i have thought to do, i will throw you away from my family, this divorce is going to happen.

Nisha says dont be negative on this day, i love you, you have given me cute kids,i feel proud and happy. Adi says this marriage was my biggest punishment whose time to end has come. He glares at her and leaves, Survi has heard everything, she recalls how Nisha said that Adi has given her cute daughters and happy life.

Jhanvi sings bhajan in holi ceremony, Adi is mesmerized and smiles. Jhanvi setups pooja table and brings Kaka and Kaki there, she sings and calls Raj and Neha there too. Jhanvi does kathak and otherside Nisha goes in corner and drinks wine. Jhanvi brings Adi to family and makes him hold kaka and kaki’s hand, she makes family do pooja. Adi thinks that Jhanvi has given happiness to my family when they were all sad, thanks Jhanvi. Adi comes to Jhanvi, Jhanvi’s dupatta blows and falls on Adi’s face, Jhanvi looks at Adi and takes off her dupatta from his face, Adi smiles at her. Survi is tensed seeing all that. Adi holds color in his hand and applies red color on Jhanvi’s cheeks, Jhanvi blushes, Adi says happy holi Miss. Agarwal and thank you.

Jhanvi smiles at him, Adi goes. Adi comes to his family and touches kaka and kaki’s feet, they all hug him. Jhanvi sees Adi meeting his family and says I love you Adi sir, i love you. She finds roses and smiles. Jhanvi takes one rose and looks at Adi. Jhanvi approaches Adi and says i wanted to talk something. Adi nods, Jhanvi says actually.. i wanted to say.. Adi says you dont need to say, your eyes said everything, Adi holds rose from her hand, Jhanvi blushes, naina di katha hai plays, they both share eyelock, Jhanvi smiles at Adi, Adi holds Jhanvi’s hand and squeezes it, Jhanvi shyly looks away and closes her eyes.. it all turns out to be Jhanvi’s dream.

Survi jerks her and says i want to talk you, where are you lost? Jhanvi hugs her and says oh God, i am so happy, you were right but i was not listening, you know i love.. Adi, i just love him, i just love him so much, i am so happy, Survi says i want to say something, Jhanvi says no i cant wait, i will tell everything to Adi, i will tell what i feel, i was fool to not know my feelings, finally i love someone and it is such nice emotion, i need pretty rose, she leaves from there. Survi says dont do this Jhanvi.

Survi sees Nisha coming there, Nisha comes to Adi and says see your warning has scared me, i am shivering, do you like giving me pain? i am trying to tell you politely that today is holi so you can talk to me nicely, fine i will be straight, you will not this divorce, you will not get your happiness, your family or anything so stop this rubbish divorce, Adi says i will do what i have thought so you stop your rubbish, he leaves. Nisha glares at him and calls someone to make some plan.

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