King of hearts update Thursday 20th June 2019

Thursday update on King of hearts 20th June 2019

Sid tells Rajveer to get out of his way because his family needs him! Rajveer laughs and says he couldn’t have a chat with him earlier on, so he can do that now! He hits Sid with the stick on his leg and Sid falls down in pain.

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Simran tells DD and her family to think about how Krutika and Rajveer would have felt when they heard they’ve lost their Child? Mona asks which Rajveer is that? Simran says the one that divorced Samaira!
Samaira almost passes out.

Sid sees a bicycle and takes off the chain, then he dares Rajveer to come closer!
Mona says she knows Rajveer will never hurt Samaira! Samaira asks what nonsense is going on!

Simran shows her the divorce papers, and Samaira remembers the day Rajveer deceived her to sign some documents.
Sid beats Rajveer to a pulp, then runs off. Rajveer lays flat on his back.
Mona asks Simran why she hates them! Simran says it’s DD who has been hurting her!
DD says she has done nothing she is being accused of! Simran tells DD that she has 5 minutes to move out!
DD says she was right about her, all this while, and can now see her true character! She asks if she made the Khurana money by sending Sid to con people?
Simran raises her hand to slap DD.
DD holds her hand and says if she curses her, she won’t be able to survive it; she was poor and had to work hard to make her money, and she can do it again! Simran asks them all to leave and only her daughter-in-law can stay! Roshni says the girl Krutika tried to kill was her daughter-in-law, but this person is DD’s daughter, and she will go with her Mother!
Simran says she considered Roshni her daughter, and was there for her when DD wasn’t! Roshni says she has now realised the sort of person she is, she and her family are liars, and she even went as far as getting her daughter to marry a married Man (Rajveer)! Roshni asks her where Sid is, and if he doesn’t have the courage to face her?
Rajveer knocks Sid down with his bike.

Roshni says Sid lied to her the most; She loved him and chose him over her Mother, but he kept lying to her, so they don’t want to live in the house anyways! Simran says Roshni used to be her daughter, but she’s now DD’s, so she can leave!
DD tells Roshni that they are together, and they will fight to get their house back. Simran warns Roshni that if she steps out of the house, she will ensure she is never able to come back, and she should also know that her marriage to Sid too will be over!
Roshni tells her that threats like that don’t scare her, and she can keep her rich Son to herself, “Mrs Khurana!”
They all walk out, leaving a sad Simran behind.
At the Car park, DD calls the driver and he informs them that they can’t use the Cars because someone bought them all. DD assures her family that she will get it all back.
Roshni says they don’t want it, they just want her. Grandmother says she can’t believe Sid would do such, so Roshni should try and call him.
Roshni refuses.

DD says they will all stay in a hotel tonight. Pratima suggests they stay at her place.
DD tells Bablu to get them Cabs.
As soon as the taxis comes to take them out of the compound, Sid arrives.
Sid enters the house calling for DD and Roshni! A large photograph of DD that hangs in the living room, crashes to the ground and shatters.
Simran tells him that today, they got DD back for all she has done to them.
Sid asks what happened and where is everyone?
Simran tells him that she did what she had to, for her family, and maybe, she should have done it a long time ago!
Sid says he doesn’t understand what’s she is saying.
Simran says she made a decision, she bought everything that belongs to DD, her business, house, Cars and she had her thrown out!
Sid is in a state of disbelief. He asks why she would do that, she just threw all of his family out of their only home.
Simran says they are not his family!
Sid asks her what has happened to her because he doesn’t know her anymore?
Simran says she did it for him!
Raj arrives and tells Simran that what she did was very wrong; DD gave those papers to Sid because she trusts only him and now, she has bought everything and made it seem like Sid betrayed DD’s trust!

Sid is in tears, as he keeps asking his Mother what she has done? He asks if she didn’t even consider Roshni, her daughter? Simran holds Sid and says Roshni is not her daughter anymore because she betrayed her and left with DD!
Sid tells her not to touch him! He says if she thinks for one second that he will leave Roshni because of all this, she is mistaken; Roshni is his life and he will bring her back! He runs off followed by Raj leaving Simran irked.
DD and Roshni are with their Lawyer.
He tells them that looking at the documents, he can’t do anything about it; they’ve used the documents to take everything from her, and he will not be able to challenge it because they will lose, all she has now is her bank balance. Roshni tells DD not to give up. DD says Sid used the papers she gave him out of trust against them, that’s why she usually doesn’t trust anyone. Roshni says Sid broke everyone’s trust and DD tried to warn her, but she didn’t listen, so she’s now responsible for everything that has happened to the family!
DD consoles her.

Sid walks dejectedly on the road and thinks of Roshni. He tears up as he walks, then starts to run asking people for directions. He keeps trying to call Roshni on the phone, but he’s unable to get through. He tells himself he can’t live without Roshni. They had so many dreams and he won’t let them lose those dreams! He wonders where she is?
Simran and Rajveer are with Krutika when she wakes up. Rajveer pretends to cry. Krutika asks Rajveer if he is fine? He says he’s fine, but he starts crying. He says he couldn’t save their Child. Krutika says it can’t be possible.
Simran begs her not to cry.
All 3 of them are crying.
Rajveer tells Krutika that he will be there to help her no matter how big the problem will ever be. He begs her to lie down. Simran says she can’t thank him enough, and if anything had happened to him today, her life would have been ruined. She tells Krutika that she will not allow anyone come between her and Rajveer, be it Roshni, DD or even Sid! She says Sid is upset, but she will talk to him, and he will understand.
Rajveer says they will all convince Sid, and he will bring the family together and they will keep Roshni away from Sid. Rajveer silently vows to deal with Sid, as only then, will he become the new owner of the Khurana Empire, and he will also ensure Sid never gets back with Roshni!

Grandmother, Mona and Samaira are in Pratima and Bablu’s house.
Grandmother says she doesn’t believe what is happening, as Sid will never do that to them.
DD and Roshni arrive .
Roshni says no one should say Sid’s name from now on!
Pratima tells Roshni not to make any decisions till she talks to Sid. Roshni says she doesn’t want to hear it! She tells DD that she was right all along; Sid is from a poor family, and such a Man who can tells such lies will always lie, and she doesn’t want to hear about him anymore!
Sid arrives and asks her if it’s her heart saying it or her mind? They are all shocked to see him.
DD tells him to come in, and asks if there is anything they can do for him!She says this house is for Pratima and so he can’t take it! Sid says he came to see them. DD says he made a mistake because none of them wants to see him!

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