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Friday update on King of hearts 21st june

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DD tells Sid that her daughter decided to get married to a Middle class man and not a rich man like him, so it would be better if he doesn’t call her ‘Mum!’ Sid says he doesn’t want anything else, but a chance to tell them the truth.

DD says they are not interested! Sid begs for just one chance. Roshni says everyone deserves a second chance which is what Mr Khurana (referring to Sid) said when he brought his Sister to their house to apologise.

She faces Sid and says “Mr. Khurana, do explain everything that has happened, and all the lies you told.”
She says Siddharth Khurana wanted to destroy her NGO and it was he, so he should explain how he made her fall for him even when he knew he was lying; all she asked for was a simple Middle class life, and she left her Mother for him! Sid is unable to speak. Roshni grabs him by the collar and accuses him of having planned everything! Sid shakes his head.

She reminds him he told her that no matter what, they would be together and his family will be her family, now the same family has sent her to the streets! She tells him to look at everyone around because they are the ones he betrayed! Sid is in tears as he begs her for just one chance.
Roshni slaps him. Everyone is shocked.
Roshni asks him how many more lies he would tell her! She asks where he was when his Mum threw them out of the house! She says her Mum gave him the property papers didn’t she?
He says yes. Roshni says he and his Mother took all their property and he lied to them, that’s the reason why she hates rich people because everything was a lie, their wedding, love, vows and all meant nothing and she wants him to leave!!
Sid starts crying and asking if he really means nothing to her? He reminds her that he’s her husband and relationships don’t break up so easily. He begs her to forgive him for lying to her for so long. He falls at her feet and begs, but she ignores him. He says he’s not Siddharth Kukreja, he’s Siddharth Khurana,but he is still the same person who loves her. Roshni says she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him, but he ruined it all, so he should leave!
Sid says he can’t live without her. Roshni pulls him towards the door and DD locks it.
Sid is outside, banging on the door and crying. Roshni falls down on her knees crying. DD holds her.
Sid asks what his Mum has done to him?
Raj is with his Lawyer, asking if there is a way they can give the property back to DD? The Lawyer says the only way is if Simran signs the papers.

Raj asks if he can give her the monetary value of her business? The Lawyer says he will incur a huge loss.
Raj tells him to draw up the papers.
The Lawyer leaves and Sid returns home, a broken Man. Raj asks what happened? Sid is quiet. Ray begs him to please talk! Sid starts crying all over again and his father holds him. Sid falls to his knees and cries.
Sid is in his room, looking at photos of Roshni and remembering when they met for the first time, and the beginning of their relationship, their wedding up until the incident that happened earlier in the evening. He cries harder when he remembers how she threw him out.
In the morning, DD and Pratima console Grandmother. Roshni asks why she is so worried? Grandmother says she forgot to take her idol from the house, and it has a lot of sentimental value attached to it.
Bablu asks what they would do?
Roshni says she will go and get it from the house and she will go alone.
DD begs her not to go there again.
Roshni says she has to to and get it.
Grandmother tells her not to go. Roshni insists on going.
DD says she will go with her in that case. Roshni says she’s going alone. DD insists.
As they get outside, they meet some reporters asking Roshni if her marriage had issues? A Man who lives in the neighbourhood is asked if he is happy a famous person now lives in his neighbourhood? He says he saw DD only once on TV and she was rude, so it’s good she now lives amongst the poor! DD tells the reporters that she has no comments! The reporters say she is as rude as she used to be! Roshni tells her not to answer them any longer, and asks her to get back into the house instead. DD runs into the house and locks door, leaving Roshni outside.

Rajveer and Krutika get married in the Courthouse. Simran is with them. She gets a call from the security at DD’s former house, informing her that Roshni has come to the house.
DD complains about the reporters.
Grandmother asks what’s happening to their family? DD asks if she doesn’t know what’s still going on? DD tells her that her her Grand Son-in-law has destroyed them! Door bell rings. DD says the Journalists must have come here, and angrily opens the door to scold them, but Raj comes instead.
Everyone is a shocked to see him.
Raj and DD go outside to talk. She asks if there is anything left for them to talk about? Raj says Sid is miserable without Roshni. DD says first, his wife came to take everything, now, he’s trying to make amends? She asks how they can do this to them; they have taken everything she has worked for, and she’s not interested in anything he and his family has to say!
Raj says as Parents, they need to make things right. He apologises to her on Simran’s behalf saying he will do everything in his power to make it right. He gives her papers for the assets she has lost and says he will do all in his power to get the rest.
The Guard tells Roshni that she can’t go in! Roshni asks who he is to stop her from entering her own house!
She enters and remembers when everyone lived in the house. She is in tears. She sees the wall where DD’s large framed picture used to be and starts to cry harder when she finds it isn’t there any longer. She goes to her bedroom and remembers how she cooked for Sid. She sees a photo of her and Sid and begins to remember Sid. She remembers when he told her there will come a day when she will want to leave him, but he wants her to promise not to leave. She leaves the room and remembers Simran giving them just 5 minutes to leave the house!
DD tears up the documents and flings the pieces at Raj. He is shocked.

Simran enters the house and Roshni remembers how nice she was to her in the past, calling her, her daughter.
Simran looks like she is about to cry as she also remembers.
Rajveer and Krutika appear beside Simran. Rajveer asks Roshni why she has come back here?
Roshni congratulates them on getting married and says she was like a Sister to Rajveer and now, Simran is his Mother-in-law.
Krutika tells her she doesn’t have to be a daughter-in-law anymore! She asks what Roshni is holding? Roshni has wrapped the idol in a piece of cloth and she refuses to show it.
Simran tells Roshni that she decided to leave the house and she thought she understood that she will never come back again, so what is she doing and what is she trying to steal?
Roshni asks if she really thinks she came to steal? Simran asks why she is hiding it? Roshni opens the cloth to reveal the idol, but Simran says Roshni is trying to blame them. Roshni says she made a mistake by trying to understand Sid’s family. Simran asks if she honestly believes all the times they shared with her was a lie?
Roshni ignores the question and says she is taking the item with her.
Simran says it’s her house and Roshni has proved to her that a daughter-in-law can never take the place of a daughter, and she chose her Mother over her, so she should leave!
Roshni calls her ‘Mum’ but Krutika tells Roshni that Simran is not her Mother! Roshni says she only came to take the idol. Krutika tells Simran not to allow her take it!
Simran says she will give Roshni one more chance to leave DD and come back to the house. Roshni asks if she will give everything back to DD and give her back her business?
She says she will come back only when that happens!
Raj sees Sid trying to go out. He asks Sid where he is going? Sid says he’s going to see Roshni, to apologise for what his Mum has done. Raj tells him not to go today as everyone is still angry. He should wait a while.

Sid cries and his father consoles him.
Simran says there is no way she will apologise to DD, DD should be the one to apologise! She tells Roshni to take the idol and leave.
Krutika tells Roshni to get out!
As Roshni is leaving, Rajveer stops her and says he doesn’t think Simran knows how to deal with people like her! He says she can’t take anything!
Roshni stares at him. He says he thought she would have learnt her lesson now; Sid doesn’t love her, and just didn’t like to be rejected, but now, she must know he’s been using her!
He tells her to tell Samaira not to cry over him! He takes the idol and tells her to leave! Roshni cries.

King of hearts update Saturday 22nd June 2019

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