King of hearts update Friday 20 December 2019


King of hearts 20 December 2019 update: Payal is at the spa. A worker tells her she will have to leave.Payal asks why. Sid walks in and says he booked the entire place so everyone has to leave. He says he’s a rich and powerful man and wants to get his facial done alone.He sees Payal with a face mask on and tells her to get out. She is stunned.

He asks who she is and says she sounds like a dog.She wipes off the mask and he tells her she looked better with it on.
The Spa worker tells her to leave.
When she leaves, Sid tells the workers to enjoy themselves as he doesn’t really need any service.Roshni takes Neil’s temperature and it’s quite high.
She leaves the room and Ria sneaks in.
She cries when she sees the state he’s in.
She covers him with a blanket as he’s shivering then she sneaks out.Roshni sees her leaving.Payal returns from the spa, furious.

Mittul asks her for payment for her services.Payal pushes her out of the way and she falls down.Roshni helps to lift her up.Mittul feels sorry for all she has done.
Payal is at Mauve Magazine.She looks at the financial records and asks why they are not making money.Her assistant tells her they are also being sued by Sid.She tells him to arrange a meeting with Sid.
Sid calls Roshni to tell her that Payal has asked for a meeting.Payal arrives for the meeting but a secretary tells her that Sid can’t see her as he’s in a meeting.
She peeps into the office and sees Sid dancing with some women.She barges in.

Sid tells her he’s busy and can’t see her.
She refuses to go.
He calls security.
She storms out.
Roshni is on a video call with Sid.
She tells him to send the women out.
The women leave and Sid asks Roshni if she doesn’t trust her husband.
She tells him they were having too much fun.
He tells her that he has done his part so it’s her turn.
She says she’s nervous.
He tells her to just go for it.
Ranjeet and Mittul come to the office.
Mittul begs Ranjeet not to say anything to Payal.
Ranjeet says they did so much for Payal and she can’t refuse to give them the money they earned.
He walks into her office and asks her how she dares to hit his mum.
He also asks for their money.
She calls security and they take him away.
She tells Mitali that if she’s not careful, she would be joining her son in jail.
Roshni serves Neil a meal.
Ria is spying on them.
Neil complains that the food is salty.
Roshni rudely tells him to eat it or stay hungry.
She storms out of the room.
She feels bad about it but tells herself that it’s the only way to get Ria to express her love for him.
Ria makes another dish and gives to the servants to take to Neil.
Neil eats and asks Roshni if she made it.
She says someone else must have made it.
He says it’s super tasty.
Ria beams as she watches from outside the door.

Payal returns home and asks her why she is happy.
Ria says it’s nothing.
The servant brings Ria’s phone and tells her that she forgot it in the kitchen.
Payal realises Ria must have been cooking in the kitchen for Neil which is why she was so happy.
She tells the servant not to do any work but to let Neil do the cleaning.
Naina says she will do it.
Payal tells her to massage her head instead.
Neil comes out and the servant informs him that he will have to do the dusting.
He refuses but Roshni asks if he wants to be thrown out.
She hands him the duster.
Ria is almost in tears.
Payal tells Ria not to mingle with the servants.
Ria moves away.
Roshni feels sorry for Neil and Naina and decides she will have to tell Sid that the plan is not working.
Payal’s assistant tells her that they need to see Siddharth.
She tells him to find a way.
She gets a call from a man who says he’s a representative of an American magazine company and they are interested in buying her company.
She requests for a meeting.
The man who called Payal was Raj.
After the call, Sid shakes Raj’s hand and commends him on acting.
Roshni is in Sid’s office.
She complains to Sid about the plan.
Sid tells her that she will just have to pull it off.

Payal and her assistant come to Sid’s office.
As she’s about to open the door, Mittul falls on her knees and begs Payal to forgive her.
Sid tells Raj to take Roshni away so Payal doesn’t see her.
Roshni leaves with Raj.
Payal and her assistant walk in to see Sid.
Sid says he still doesn’t want to see her as she is too old for his taste.
Her secretary tells him that Payal has an offer he can’t refuse.
He makes fun of them then says he will give them a chance as he’s tired of insulting her.
Payal tells him about the deal she was offered and suggests they join hands.
Sid and Raj laugh.
Sid says he’s laughing because she thought the offer would be too tempting for him to refuse.
He shakes his head.
Payal is shocked.
Raj says it’s from an American company.
Sid says Mauve is covered in debt and he wants the money he lost.
Raj says the company is going to cover the debt.

Sid acts like he’s considering it then he says he still can’t accept.
Payal asks why.
He says his ex-wife is still a part of Mauve as she has 15 percent of the company but if Payal can own all the shares then he will be able to agree.
She tells him to consider it done.
Roshni meets Mittul outside and thanks her for distracting Payal.
Mittul says she is so ashamed of herself as she betrayed her family for nothing and now her son is in jail.
Sid appears and tells her that her son has been bailed out.
She thanks him.
He says he now needs her help and would want her to go and try to get back into Payal’s good books.
Mittul says Payal won’t even let her enter the house.
Sid tells her to leave it to him.
Payal is at home thinking of how to get Roshni to sign her shares over.
Roshni walks in and Payal asks where she has been.
Roshni tells her she’s not her mother.
Payal calls her nicely and tells her that if she wants her freedom to be able to go and live elsewhere with her in-laws then she wants Roshni’s 15 percent of the shares.
Roshni says that’s all she has left.
Payal throws the document in Roshni’s face.
Payal threatens to make her leave the house.
Roshni says she knows Payal won’t be able to send her out as she needs the shares.
She walks away and Mittul runs into the house.
She begs Payal on her knees to please forgive her and she would do anything she wants.
Payal gives her the documents and says she needs Roshni’s signature.
Mittul asks how she would do it.
Payal gives her a drug.
Mittul goes to Roshni and shows her the bottle.
She says she will add the powder to one of the puddings but Roshni has to only take the pudding closest to her.
Sid is giving orders for an office to be designed to look like an American company.
Bunty comes to inform him that everything is set.
Payal watches as Mittul adds the powder to the pudding.
As she picks the tray to take to the room, a cockroach falls onto the tray.
They both scream till it flies off.
Mittul takes the pudding to Roshni.
Roshni takes the one without the powder.
She eats a little then she starts acting like she’s under the influence of the powder.
Neil comes out of his room and he’s disappointed as he watches her.
Roshni makes fun of Payal and says she’s very evil. Payal looks like she could kill her.

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