King of hearts update Thursday 19 December 2019


King of hearts 19 December 2019 update: Raj comes to meet Sid at Payal’s office.
He tells him to be calm and size her up first.Members of the press are waiting for Payal to give a press conference.She gets on the podium and says her company is taking over Mauve Magazine and she will become the new CEO and her company will also take over the Sengupta companies.
A reporter asks what happens to Neil.
Payal says he’s sick and will be put in a hospital.

Another reporter asks why she put Roshni in prison.Payal introduces Ria as her sister and says Roshni attempted to kill her.
Ria has a plaster on her forehead and her arm is in a sling.A reporter mentions that.Payal was also involved with Neil.

Payal says it was a mistake.
Sid vows to deal with Payal.
Roshni is released from jail.
She asks for Sid but the lawyer tells her it was Neil who got her released.
Roshni gets home and Ria teases her about getting Neil who is sick to get her released.Naina raises her hand to hit Ria but Payal grabs the hand.

Roshni pulls Payal to a corner and tells her she hasn’t given up.Payal scoffs and tells her the matter has already been dealt with.
Payal orders Ranjeet to get her a glass of water,He doesn’t want to go but Mittul urges him to.Roshni goes to Payal and drags her up from her seat towards the door.

As they get to the door, the police arrive.
Payal tells them that Roshni is trying to attack her like she did Ria.The police say they’ve come to arrest Roshni.Roshni says she’s been released.They say it’s a fresh allegation of cheating.
Roshni asks who made the allegations.
Sid appears and says he did.
Roshni is shocked to see Sid.
He tells her that he made the claim.
Neil asks what’s going on and where they are taking his wife to.
He holds Roshni and Ria has tears in her eyes.
Sid watches her closely.
Payal asks what’s going on.
Sid goes to Roshni and asks if she thinks he would overlook her mistakes just because he was once married to her.
He says he has suffered a loss in his business and she needs to compensate for that.
Roshni and everyone else is confused.
Sid tells Neil that he has to get rid of his anger to be able to run a business and he also going to make him compensate for the loss.
He tells the police to take Roshni away.
Ria and Payal look disturbed.
The police take Roshni to a strange place and leave her there.
She begs them to wait.
Sid appears all dressed in a suit and smiling.
She asks what he’s up to.

He covers her eyes with his hands and tells her to come with him.
He takes her to a beautiful garden fully decorated with balloons and ribbons with their photos hanging from trees.
He tells her that the trees show different parts of their lives.
Roshni looks around, speechless.
He shows her cotton candy and photos from when they first met and he tells her it’s the tree of courtship.
He takes her to another tree and tells her it’s the tree of marriage.
It has photos from their wedding.
He says he can never forget that day.
Roshni gets very emotional.
He tells her there is a lot more.
He takes her to another tree and says it’s the tree of relationships.
It has the relationships they shared after marriage, all that happened during their middle-class days, their first baby and Ayesha.
He tells her that the tree would never fall.
Roshni sees a bare tree and asks him why it’s that way.
He says it’s the tree of darkness that epitomises every bad memory like when DD passed, when Roshni left him and the 2 years afterwards, also when he saw her get married to someone else.
He says he wants to get rid of the memories.
She asks why he has done everything.
He says it’s one reason.
He takes her hand and leads her to a table.
He picks up the letter and shows it to her.
Roshni is shocked to learn they are still married.
She cried tears of joy.

Sid gets on his knee and offers her a ring.
He calls her Mrs Roshni Siddharth Khurana and says he has two questions.
First question is if she still has love for him and second is if she will spend the rest of her life with him.
She hugs him crying and apologising for all she put them through.
Sid says he’s also sorry for making her cry.
Payal goes to the police station to ask the inspector who came to arrest Roshni for where she is.
Bunty calls Sid to tell him that Payal is at the station looking for Roshni.
Payal asks the inspector again and he says he doesn’t know.
She gets outside and sees Sid and Roshni arriving.
Roshni gets out of the car and asks her if she thinks she would rot in jail.
Her lawyer shows Payal the bail forms and tells her that Roshni mad bail.
Roshni returns to Naina’s house and Neil gives her a hug.
Ria is upset to see them together.
Some men bring boxes inside the house.
Payal tells Ria that they are the people bringing their luggage.
She tells Roshni Naina and Neil to leave.
Roshni tells her that she and Ria would be the ones to leave.
Payal taunts her about once being a CEO but now jobless.
She tells Ria that she would let Roshni, Naina and Neil stay for Rita’s sake but they will become servants.
Ria says it’s a good idea.
Roshni tells Naina to pack her bags as they are leaving the house in the morning m
Ria is not too happy.
Sid is waiting for Roshni in the garden at night.

Roshni tells him that she is leaving the house in the morning because Payal wants them to become servants.
Sid says if she leaves, their plan would fail so she needs to stay for a few days.
Ria enters the garden.
Roshni sees her and covers Sid’s mouth so Ria doesn’t hear him.
In the morning, Payal tells Roshni that she’s glad that she has come to her senses.
She gives her a rag to start cleaning the house.
Roshni says the house is already clean.
Payal spills coffee on the glass table.
Roshni calls Sid to complain that Payal has been making them work and he needs to hurry up with his plan.
Payal tells the cook to leave as Naina will start preparing the meals.
Roshni is livid as she watches them from the balcony.
Payal tells Naina to keep her a glass of fresh carrot juice for her to drink when she gets back from the spa.
She leaves the house.Roshni tells Sid that Payal has left the house.Sid says it’s time for him to execute his plans.

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