Married again January teasers 2020



Vikrant finds himself falling in love with Sarita after their marriage, meanwhile Raj is finding it hard to commit to Divya. Later Sarita find herself in Vandana’s trap.

Wednesday 1 January 2019
Episode 42

Now that Raj and Sarita have signed the divorce papers, Sarita is ready for her wedding ceremony. Sheela is kidnapped by Rohan.

Thursday 2 January 2019
Episode 43

Sarita and her husband Vikrant don’t get along, but they convince everyone around them that they are happy. Vandana has started her evil ways against Sarita.

Friday 3 January 2019
Episode 44

Raj decides to go back and marry Divya to replace Sarita:

Saturday 4 January 2019
Episode 45

Abi is on fire and Vikrant is blaming Sarita for this incident.

Sunday 5 January 2019
Episode 46

Vikrant is in love with Sarita but tries hard to hide it. The whole family goes to Mumbai for a business trip and Abi works hard to get his parents to realize they love each other.

Monday 6 January 2019
Episode 47

Vandana plays mind games and it works on Raj. He flies to Mumbai and distracts Abi’s work on getting his parents closer.

Tuesday 7 January 2019
Episode 48

Sheela is depressed after her experience and this has his father very worried about her future, while her mother wants to marry her off.

Wednesday 8 January 2019
Episode 49

Vikrant is worried about Sarita being trapped in the lift, only to find her in the lift with Raj.

Thursday 9 January 2019
Episode 50

The couples at the hotel are playing musical chairs, Sarita and Vikrant win and she has to kiss him to prove to Raj that she is over him.

Friday 10 January 2019
Episode 51

Sarita tells Divya the truth about Raj.

Saturday 11 January 2019
Episode 52

Raj and Sarita plan to elope.

Sunday 12 January 2019
Episode 53

Sohanlal is paralyzed and Divya and Sarita use Raj’s dad’s sickness to change his mind about running away with Sarita.

Monday 13 January 2019
Episode 54

Raj and Sarita have prepared everything for their escape.

Tuesday 14 January 2019
Episode 55

Sarita and Vikrant are getting closer and Abi is very excited about the connection between his mom and dad.


Wednesday 15 January 2019
Episode 56

Raj and Divya are no longer getting married and this makes Vikrant very suspicious.

Thursday 16 January 2019
Episode 57

Raj stole everything valuable from his parent’s house including the house papers. No one knows his plans.

Friday 17 January 2019
Episode 58

Kamla is emotional when she finds everything in the safe is gone. Raj knows the truth but deceives everyone by panicking and trying to help.

Saturday 18 January 2019
Episode 59

Vikrant and Abi take a trip to town to buy Sarita presents, but their excitement is ruined when Vikrant finds Visa applications in her wardrobe.

Sunday 19 January 2019
Episode 60

Raj must make his parents sign the papers to sell their home, but Sarita and Divya find a way to change his ways.

Monday 20 January 2019
Episode 61

After being apart for 10 years, Divya finally marries her first love Raj.

Tuesday 21 January 2019
Episode 62

Sarita expresses her love for Vikrant, but he is finding it hard to let his guard down.

Wednesday 22 January 2019
Episode 63

Another tragedy ruins an evening of celebration when someone in the family dies.

Thursday 23 January 2019
Episode 64

Investigations are underway and right now all the evidence points at Sarita.

Friday 24 January 2019
Episode 65

Vikrant shocks everyone in the witness box.

Saturday 25 January 2019
Episode 66

Vikrant and Sarita are runnning from the police since he helped Sarita escape.

Sunday 26 January 2019
Episode 67

Vikrant realises that his home is not safe as a hiding spot but Divya and Raj come to the rescue.

Monday 27 January 2019
Episode 68

Rohan and Sheela have planned a secret wedding.

Tuesday 28 January 2019
Episode 69

Rohan seems to have changed and told Vikrant and Raj he thinks his mother killed his wife. He helps to prove Sarita’s innocence.

Wednesday 29 January 2019
Episode 70

Abhi’s toy has all the evidence to see who added the diamond in Kajri’s dish.

Thursday 30 January 2019
Episode 71
Final Episode!

The real culprit comes forward and confesses just in time before Sarita’s final sentencing.



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