King of Hearts Season 3 returns to Zee World: Cast, synopsis and teasers


Siddarth and Mahi in king of hearts

If you’re a die hard fan of the Roshni and Siddarth quaint but beautiful love story, then you can confidently look forward to the concluding part of the 701-episode Bollywood series.  Not to seem confusing, season 3 also doubles as season 2, it all depends on how you apportion  the Roshni and siddarth story.  Click here to read more (opens in new tab)

Ravi Dubey returns as Karanvir Khurana, the son of Roshni and Siddarth. The season two had ended with the tragic death of his parents and with him being passed off as Satya, the son of Gangu Tai, (she is the maid/nanny whose real son also died in the tragic accident).

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Shiny Doshi stars as Mahi Sengupta, the love interest of Ravi. She is the daughter of Neil and Ria. Remember Neil? He is the man who had wanted to marry Roshni in season two, but through the intervention of Siddarth, marries instead his estranged true love Ria.

In this season, Kharanvi and Mahi would meet each other 20 years later, fall in love and fight to be together.  They would face oppositions to their love story, especially in the persons of Payal (Rai’s elder sister who raised Mahi after her parents death), Koyal

Walia (Payal’s real daughter) and Dhawal (the groom chosen for Mahi by Payal for her own selfish reasons).

Payal’s hatred and greed still continues in this season. Remember that towards the end of season two, she had fooled everyone into believing she had turned a new leaf, instead she had caused the ultimate death of Roshni and Siddarth.

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Well this time around, she wants to fully take over the properties Mahi’s deceased parent left her and would employ different antics to accomplish her aim. The new King of Hearts, Kharanvi, would be up to his trademark antics just like his ‘father’ Siddarth.  He would learn of his true parentage along the line.

Ultimately, Mahi and Khanranvi would become a couple with Mahi giving birth to twins. We hope then that the ‘happily ever after’ endings we didn’t get in the previous seasons will finally be actualized.

Nevertheless, fans of the series would surely miss Roshni and Siddarth as a couple.

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