Unfortunate love update Tuesday 26 September 2023

Unfortunate love 26 September 2023: The Episode starts with Rishi saying I love you to Lakshmi and gets teary eyes. Malishka thinks where she shall check Rishi and Lakshmi, thinks to check them in other ICU. She thinks Receptionist told about this floor. Lakshmi tries to say. Rishi says let me say, I understood my love with much difficulty, and says I don’t know when I will get a chance to say this again, you might not be believing me, even I didn’t believe, but trust me whatever I said is truth, I love you, I don’t love Malishka. He says I used to think that I love Malishka, but now I am clear that I just love you. He says I used to think that I used to do things for you for friendship, but it was love. He says it is the relation of pain, this is love, we can give our lives for each other. He asks if you want to slap me and asks her to slap him. He holds her hand and slaps on his face holding her hand. song plays….aap hamari jaan ban gaye plays…Nurse comes to give her injection. Lakshmi looks at Rishi cluelessly. She closes her eyes. Rishi tells Nurse that Lakshmi has fainted. Nurse tells him that she is fine, but her memory is weak. She says when she had gained consciousness, then Doctor talked to her.

A fb is shown, Doctor sends Rishi out and checks Lakshmi’s vitals. He says I hope she didn’t lose her memory. He asks how are you, if you have pain, we have given pain killers, but there will be some pain. He asks what is your name? Lakshmi says my name is Lakshmi. Doctor asks what is your husband’s name? Lakshmi says I don’t know. She says he said that I am Lakshmi. Doctor tells Nurse that she has lost her memory. He tells Lakshmi that this is happening due to medicine effect, and asks her to take care. He tells Nurse that he will consult the specialist. Fb ends. Nurse tells Rishi that Lakshmi has lost her consciousness, and tells that Doctor talked to the specialist, who asked to give this injection. She says lets hope that this is medicine effect and she recovers her memory. She says lets hope for the best. Rishi gets worried.

Malishka thinks where is Rishi, and gets worried. Rishi comes out of the ICU. Malishka sees him and hugs him and asks if he is fine. She says she is happy to see him fine and cries. He asks if you are fine. Malishka says yes, and says she was getting bad thoughts and asks why you didn’t call anyone. She asks where is Lakshmi, if she is fine? Rishi says she is in ICU. Malishka says I will call Neelam aunty. She calls Neelam. Rishi recalls Malishka telling that she can’t do (as she can’t hold the rod to save him and recalls how Lakshmi saved him. He asks her to stop and come out with him. She goes out. Balwinder thinks Malishka is clever and not calling. He thinks she got Rishi, but Lakshmi tied Kamli with me.

Rishi takes Malishka out of the hospital and asks if you love me? Malishka says I have proved my love many times for you, and says I love you repeatedly. Rishi asks why didn’t you save me? I asked you to save me, but…Malishka says I tried, but couldn’t, you saw everything. Rishi says I saw everything, how you tried to save myself and how you was saving yourself. He says after somepoint, your focus was on just to save yourself. Malishka says I did as per the situation and tells that nobody could have saved you in that situation. Rishi says but Lakshmi saved me.

He says what you should have done, Lakshmi has done. He says I asked help from you, but you didn’t save me. Malishka asks do you want to say that Lakshmi loves you. Rishi says I am not saying that and asks why you didn’t save me? Malishka says that incident was big and says even your Mom and dad was there, then also they couldn’t have saved you. She asks if you would have said this thing to them also, you are not seeing my efforts, but only saw that Lakshmi saved you. Rishi says I am seeing what is truth. Malishka says even I was about to die in the same fire, and asks why you didn’t save me, but Lakshmi saved me. She asks what you will answer, that you was stuck and that’s why couldn’t save me. He says exactly. Malishka says I should have tried more, but I didn’t, and asks why you can’t see my efforts. She asks if you are saying this, as Lakshmi is in this condition, if I had saved you then Lakshmi wouldn’t have been in this condition. She asks if he wanted her to be on that hospital bed instead of Lakshmi. Rishi asks her to stop it and says I can never think bad about you. Malishka says I tried, but I couldn’t save you. She says I love you, why I will not save you. She says if anything had happened to you, then I would have died in that same fire. She says I love you Rishi, and hugs him.

Lakshmi in unconscious state, recalls Rishi saying that he loves her, and don’t love Malishka. She recalls Rishi crying and tears roll down her eyes. Neelam and others reach there. Neelam asks Rishi, if he is fine. She says thank god, you are safe. She sees his injury and hugs him. Dadi also hugs Rishi. Virender hugs Rishi. Neelam asks Rishi why he was not picking her call. Karishma says we all were worried. Rishi says I was worried myself and says Lakshmi. Neelam says what Lakshmi. She says you are in this condition because of her, first you was caught in fire and then met with an accident, until that inauspicious Lakshmi is in your life, nothing can be fine. Rishi says it is not right, the fire in hotel was not caught because of Lakshmi. He says infact, Lakshmi had saved people from getting burnt, she saved Malishka and me, if she was not there, then Malishka and I would have burnt and become ashes. He says Lakshmi has risked her life and saved me again. Dadi asks where is she? Virender asks how is she? Rishi says she is fine, she has taken a big risk, she had touched death and came, she was very serious. He says doctor had said that she can slip into coma, I was worried. Dadi asks if she is fine. Rishi says better. Ayush hugs Rishi and says I knew it, until you both are together, you both will not let anything happen to each other. Virender says we shall go inside. Karishma asks them what they were doing here? Malishka says she brought him outside to give him strength. Karishma praises her.

Ayush and others come to the ward. Nurse says this is ICU. They tell that they will see her and will leave. Dadi kisses Lakshmi’s hand. Lakshmi is unconscious. Ayush asks Malishka what you used to tell her, clever, conspirator, cunning, and says what was that word inauspicious and badluck, and says you are standing here due to her, and asks her to thank bhabhi whenever she meets her. Malishka says if I was on her place then would have saved her too. Nurse asks them to go from there. Virender asks when Lakshmi will gain consciousness. Nurse says Doctor will say after check up. Shalu and Bani come there. Nurse asks them to go. Ayush says they are sisters. Shalu asks if di is fine, if there is anything to worry about. Nurse says no. Shalu hugs Lakshmi.

Nurse asking everyone to go out else doctor will get angry. Ayush asks Shalu and Bani to come out. Nurse asks Rishi to go. Rishi insists to stay with her. Nurse says only family members are allowed and you had said that you are not her husband. Rishi says I am her friend, let me stay here. Nurse says sorry. Rishi insists and says I will go in sometime. He says you will go to your cabin and then Lakshmi will be alone. He says her sisters are young, so I shall be here and says I will talk to doctor. Shalu asks Bani to go home and says she will stay with Di. Bani says she will also stay. Rishi asks everyone to go home and says he will stay here. Karishma says her sisters will stay here. Rishi says I have talked to Nurse already. Malishka says I am not well, and you are also hurt and

needs rest. He says I will not go and will stay with Lakshmi, as she needs me. Virender asks Ayush to drop Shalu and Bani, and tells Malishka that they will go in her car. He asks Rishi not to take tension. Dadi says our blessings are with her. Rishi says I will take care of her. Dadi asks him to take care of himself. Shalu asks him to take care and goes with Bani. Neelam comes to Rishi, hugs him and goes.
Rishi comes to the ICU. Nurse says she is going to her cabin and asks him to ring the bell if he needs anything. She says I don’t give permission to anyone to stay, but seeing him caring for her, and seeing him fighting with Minister’s wife for her, I am permitting you. Rishi thanks her. Nurse says its ok and goes. Neelam says we didn’t ask her if he had food. Malishka says she will bring food after dropping you all. Dadi says you are also tired. Neelam says she will send food from home. Karishma says it will take much time. Virender says I will ask Rishi to order food. Malishka says she thought to bring food and feed him, as she knows that he will not have food. Rishi calls Karishma and says don’t take tension of my food. He says Mom didn’t say here, so she will be worried for me. He says I will have food in canteen. Neelam says how you will be hungry. Rishi says I will not be hungry, if I get hungry then will get unwell and I can’t afford it, as if I get unwell then who will take care of Lakshmi. Dadi asks him to be fine for Lakshmi. Rishi says yes and asks them not to send food. Dadi says this is our Rishi, he will do anything for Lakshmi. He will be worried, but will not let us get worried. She says we all saw what Lakshmi has done. Virender says Lakshmi and Rishi are each other’s shield. Karishma says Rishi is of Malishka now, and Lakshmi will also marry someone else. Malishka gets upset and sits in the car. Neelam and others go to sit in the car.

Ayush tells Shalu that Lakshmi had saved Rishi like always and he is with her and will take care of her. Shalu says di is fine now, but the same thing will happen. Bani says he will again start searching alliance for her. Shalu says until they are together in real means, until they get remarried, nothing will be fine. Ayush says everything will be fine. He asks shall I come inside to drop you both. Shalu says no and asks him to drive safely and call after reaching.

Rishi is sitting holding Lakshmi’s hand and says whatever I feel for her, I have confessed all. He recalls confessing his love for her, and thinks if she heard it, then why she didn’t answer, may be she didn’t get time to answer and thinks he will wait, and says tell me in the morning about your feelings. He says tomorrow it will be new morning for me, and for you also. Song plays…

(Dream sequence) In the morning, Lakshmi wakes up and sees Rishi sleeping holding her hand. She recalls his words and gets up. Rishi gets up too and asks Lakshmi, you got up, how you are feeling, if you are fine. She asks what happened yesterday. Rishi says yesterday the fire was caught in hotel. Lakshmi says what you had said yesterday. Rishi says I can’t say it again. Lakshmi asks if it was feeling for that moment, did you flow in emotions. Rishi says whatever I said was truth, I love you so much, I didn’t realize before. He says I love you very much, and says I love you forever. He asks her to reply to him. He says it is his feelings and is not forcing her that she shall have the same feelings. He says sorry. Lakshmi keeps hand on his mouth. Song plays….Lakshmi says my life is because of you, my existence is because of you. She says my heart just loves you and thinks about you. She says you are my Saathi and also Saarthi, I am very lucky that you also love me. Rishi asks what do you mean? He asks if you love me? Lakshmi says I love you, may be since I saw you, or may be since I got you married, or may be since you turned my tears in happiness, when you held my hand and fought with the world. She says I don’t know since when, but I just love you. Rishi gets happy and says yes…He asks if you are happy. Lakshmi says I am very happy and if I was fine, then would have shouted more loudly than you. Rishi says I will shout on your behalf and says I want to tell all in the hospital that I love you. Lakshmi says I love you and cries happily. Rishi says I love you now and forever, thanks her for being in his life. They have a hug.

Rishi’s dream breaks when he gets up and sees Lakshmi sleeping. He thinks Lakshmi is sleeping, that means I was seeing the dream, it was so real. He thinks Lakshmi shall wake up and accept my love, hopes she also loves him. He keeps his head on her hand and rest.

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