7 things we don’t like about ZeeWorld Series

The name ZeeWorld does not need any more introductions to the Nigerian audience, ever since 2015 it made its debut on GOTV and DSTV, the channel has been enjoying a lot of attention and reception by Nigerians, females especially. This is quite understandable because they have not fallen short of airing different Bollywood series with themes centered on love, family and romance.

Also, since their inception, they have shown not less than 38 drama series to their audience, some of which were very popular while they aired. Be that as it may, if you have been an adept fan of ZeeWorld and constantly follow most of their series, then they are pitfalls which you may have noticed as this article dissects below:

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1. The series seem to have similar theme

Regardless of the fact that we understand that romance is their predominant theme, one would expect a variation or plot development that don’t seem similar to almost all of the airing series. The series seem to be more concerned with marriages, arranged marriages, daughter-in-law and mother-in-law relationship, family conflict, family gang-up against a wife, mistreatment of daughter in-law, Family class and strata, to state a few. These unfortunately seem to be the preoccupation of most ZeeWorld series, and with time may become monotonous for their target audience.

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2. They have a tendency to extend their series into numerous episodes (as long as 200 – 1000  episodes!)

Talk about watching a series that seem to run forever! You may even end up following a series for two years and not having the desired climatic ending. And in a bid to combat this trend, ZeeWorld recently increased the run days for their series to 7 days a week (Mon – Sun) as against five days. The cause of this unnecessary length in episodes could not be unconnected to prolonged twists of events and actions, overly extended scenes and unnecessary sub-plots cropping out one after the other in the story.

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3. They can easily switch to a new plot while a major story is still running.

This is true especially for series with over 500 episodes, once the story of the main characters seem to have come near a resolution, another crop of character take over, often involving their children or close relative. One would normally expect that the story would soon end, only for another major twist to occur and a new plot surface. Sometimes, it may even be difficult to trace the preceding characters to antecedents. And it may sometimes see like the viewers are being taken for a ride.

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4. The resolutions to their story are hardly climatic.

Same as above, once you’ve concluded that the story is finally unraveling and everyone is getting what they deserve, an unexpected twist knocks you off sail and you leave wondering what just happened?! The problem however, is that this new twist are hardly done expertly with dramatic expertise, it would appear rushed and not thought over with a sole aim of elongating the series! And some times, most times causing viewers to loose interest.

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5. They seem to be no continuity with scenes, actions and sub-plots raised in a story.

Most of the times as the action unfolds, hints, dialogues and actions suggest that they would yield positive result in future plots or at least lead to the understanding and final resolution of the main story. But sadly, these slip-ups or events are soon forgotten as new action and counteractions take over. It would seem like the continuity director or script writers forget that they had shot a particular scene, (e.g. installed a camera around the house, paid someone to follow a person or eavesdrop on a discussion.)

These inputs are simply shoved away leaving the viewers wondering if they had actually heard or watched right some scenes ago.

6. There is a recurring lack of creativity in location and setting.

Most times, these series are shot majorly inside a big family house with all the extended family predominantly indoors while outdoor scenes are relatively few and poorly shot. It makes it seem like the family members are always around without a life of their own. what this does is to make the whole set up quite unnatural and practical. How would the whole member of an extended family always be around at the same time?

7. Last but not the least is the camera techniques. Why the expressions of the characters are always important before their dialogue is quite befuddling. And the camera rotating around characters is also a problem to the eye pf the viewers. They are better ways of emphasizing an important scene without coming out as repetitious.

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These criticisms may seem as not a big deal to some fans, but it may matter to other fans. While we do not expect the producers of these series to break bank while trying to create one, but they should consider upping their game and insist on choosing quality over quantity. Bollywood is one of the greatest movie industries globally and poor quality  series such as this would only serve a negative reputation before its global audience.

PS: views expressed on this article are totally that of the writer and no particular series was picked for this analysis.


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