How to download, Watch Zee World series online

Heads up people, this post is for those who can’t stand the suspense of waiting daily for their favourite zee world series to air and wondering where they can binge watch them online. Well, you are in luck because we have some tips for you.

How and where to watch Zee world series online:

1. Watch on the Zee TV channel on YouTube:  To do this, you simply have to search for the channel on YouTube by typing ‘Zee TV’ or better still type in the Indian title of the Zee world series you are interested in on YouTube, search results will come up. Make sure to look out for search results from the Zee TV channel as those are the originals.

To make it easier, you can click the link below to get you straight to their own channel.

Examples of Indian titles of Zee world series:
Deception Indian title is Piya abela
Ring of fire is Agniphera
Mehek is Zindagi ki Mehek
Lies of the heart is Doli Armaanon
Snatched is Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi
This is fate is Kundali Bhagya
Twist of fate is kumkum Bhagya… Etc etc

Note: the language is not in English neither does it have an English subtitle…. A suggestion is for you to watch the series after or while reading the written update. Not to worry as we have daily updates available on our site via the homepage:

2. Get the Zee5 app. The Zee5 app gives you access to movies, series and more, even those that have not yet aired on Zee world. And those that aired some time ago. The good thing is that the series and movie also come with English subtitles. That eliminates the problem on YouTube. Get to the link through:

However the Zee5 app is subscription based and you have to register and pay a fee for premium contents. The last time I checked, the subscription fee is around N5,500 approximately per year (Rs 999) – (For those in Nigeria) – prizes will differ from country to country if the app is available for viewing in your country. Notwithstanding, they are some free contents to also enjoy.

3. Stream online via the DSTV now app.
This app enables you stream zee world channel on your phone and watch all the programs being telivised minute by minute. So if you are stuck in traffic, at the office or held up by other engagements, you can simply catch up on the daily episode via your phone without waiting to catch the repeat broadcast. This service is not available to Gotv subscribers.

You can download the DSTV Now app on Google play store and follow the instructions to connect it with your DSTV decoder. Thank you for reading.

Updated 1st June 2022


  1. The zee5 app is useless if one can’t subscribe. I’ve been trying to subscribe to premium content since two days now,but not successful.
    Pls any solution

  2. can we download the zee world app or its only zee 5 app
    and can u download a serie its self like for example THIS IS FATE APP

  3. Will Zeeworld please rebroadcast the Jodha and Akbar series again in English. Missed the earlier episodes that were broadcast. Please!!!🙏😭

  4. Thank you for sharing this detailed guide on how to download and watch Zee World series online! I’ve been struggling to find a reliable source to watch Zee World for a while now, and your post has made it so much easier for me. I can’t wait to try it out and enjoy my favorite shows on Zee World. Great job! 👍


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