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Jodha Akbar 3 August 2021: Jodha comes to jalal. She looks so happy. She says Shahenshah, he says what happened Jodha begum ? She hugs him and says the decision you made, made me so happy. From where do you bring all these things ? Such beautiful thoughts ?

I considered you my husband and Shaheneshah till now but now I wanna greet such a good man. Truly, the ones who could never be together, you made them one. You united Hindus and Muslims. After this Muslims will celebrate Diwwali with Hindus and Hindus will celebrate Eid with Muslims. There will be peace and live everywhere. It would have been so good if every ruler starts thinking about you. He says how is that possible. None of them has a wife like I have. She says no, You have done such a good thing.

He says then I deserve a gift. I am your husband and your Shahenshah I will feel good if you call me by my name. Jodha says we Ranjiwanshi ladies does not call their husbands with names. he says what do they call them ? When their husband is not Shahenshah. She says you are teasing me. He says no I am saying truth. He says I would love it if you call me by my name. She hugs him and says I can never do that. Jalal smiles.

Scene 2
Jodha is in her room. A servant comes and asks you look worried ? She says no its not like that. She says can I help it ? Jodha says I am looking for some words int his book. she says its in Urdu should I read it for you ? Jodha says no need to read it. Just want some words. I learned it but forgot because I didn’t revise. She says okay then let me tell you. She asks what were you looking for ? Jodha says letter ‘a’. Servant says you mean ‘alif’ let me tell you. She writes it for her.

Jodha says now the second letter is ‘k’, the servant writes ‘k’ in Urdu. Jodha says now ‘B’ she writes it in Urdu and smiles. She completes Akbar and says this is all you wanted ? Jodha says what have you written ? she says Akbar. This is what you wanted to write ? The name that people have given to Shahenshah. Now you should revise it. Jodha says thanks, no what is in Urdu, ‘shukriya’. Servant says that’s your generosity. She leaves. Jodha looks at Akbar written in Urdu. She smiles and hugs it. She starts practicing it.

Scene 3
Jalal is done with the prayer. Hamida is in his room. He says adab to her. Hamida kisses his forehead and says may God give you long life, Shahenshah Jalal Uddin Muhammad Akbar. He smiles and says I will be just jalal for you. People have given me the name of Akbar. Hamida says I am proud of you and all you ancestors must be too. I wish your dad was alive to see this day. He would have bee so proud to see people loving you so much. Jalal says this is all because of you. Hamida says when I held you first I prayed that you should be the greatest shahenshah ever. I wished that you could rule hearts instead of just land. Allah accepted my prayers. Jalal swipes her tears. He says you are happy there should be no tears in your eyes.

Jodha comes in the room. she says parnap to hamida. She says I didn’t know you were here ammi jaan. I will come later. Hamida says no I was about to go. She leaves. Jalal says this morning is so blessed indeed. Why you came ? Jodha says actually.. Jalal looks at the paper in her hand. He says whats in it. She says don’t see it right now. He opens it. Its Akbar written on it. She says I have practiced your name writing your name.

Jalal says this is so good. Jodha says I just tried. He says you tried best. He says you rajwanshi’s are not allowed to says the name of your husband are you allowed to write it ? Jodha says yes we are. He says just wanna hear it once from you. Ruks also call me jalal. She says shsheneshah I told you we are not allowed to say our husband’s name. He says this is amazing when you hated me you used to call me jalal and when you love me you stopped saying my name. You know I can’t read. Can you read it out whats written on this paper ? Is it jalal ? She says no your other name. he says what shahenshah ?

Jodha says not its Akbar the name the people gave you. Suddenly she realizes that she has said his name. Jalal is smiling. She says what have I said. he says thank God I heard it. She says you teased me again. he says what else could I do you never agree when I ask. they both smile.

Jodha says you know Akbar means, big, highest and I am proud that public gave this name to you. She asks what happened ? You look serious. He says I have to be. People have given me such a big responsibility. I have to be like the name they gave me. Jodha says you don’t have to prove anything.

You are doing everything perfectly. He says not really, I can’t even be good at being a son. My dad’s wife my ammi jaan, I can’t help her. Jodha is there something ? You at least realize and you can do it. I know you will be successful. Jalal says I will find her but who know how will she be till then ? In what condition she would be in.

Scene 3
Maham comes to chand begum and asks do you recognize me ? She says no. Maham grunts tell me you did. She laughs and says my daughter how can I forget you. Maham says I am not your daughter. Chand begum says go away from here. I won’t give you my daughter, you are here to take her. Maham says you have to recognize everyone, me and yourself. You will remember everything. She goes out. Maham is covering her face with a shawl when she comes out. She sees a mark on the wall. she says it looks like some one marked to remember it. Has someone figured about this place.

Scene 4
Shreef says I don’t know what to do. The way jalal. is winning hearts of people is killing me. You want me you be patient. abul mali says yes be patient. He says I have been patient till now. I can’t do it anymore. I have to get whats mine. He says don’t worry you will get all that you want soon. sharif says till jalal is alive its not easy. The other one says you have beat a shahenshah not killing is only option. He laughs and abul mali I think the bruise has effected your brain. Jalal will lose. He says yes he will. This war will take everything from him. He says not me. Someone else whose army has spread all around. They will beat him. He says jalal is like a lion he can’t be defeated that easily.

Abul mali says he has mind of the fox and speed of a leopard. Killing is his habit. There are nothing like mercy and peace in that heard. The one who can bring down jalal on knees. She is the step mother of jalal. Machuchak.

Some people are shown in icy area and a lady comes on a horse there with her face covered. A man is handing from legs. She comes down from her horse and move towards that man. She steps up. The hanging man says please forgive me. someone save me please. The lady says last wish of the dying person should be granting but you are asking for something that I don’t have. No forgiveness, no mercy.

She takes out her sword. She says you ahev to leave the world without your wish being granted. She cuts his chest. he is screaming. He says please forgive me. She cuts his rope and says his death should be good so I can be happy. A man comes and cuts his neck. She takes off her cloth and laughs. She says Jalal will remember my name till the day of judgment.

mahachuchak comes to her court of kabut, she ask whether all betrayers are in our hands, her minister informs that some are not caught, we have to works for it, mahachuchak says I want results, if you cant give me their heads then give your head, I have one rule to save time and place the heads of my betrayers in market so everybody can see the result of betraying me, she says tajir beg(her right hand) I want to talk to you alone, beg ask order me, mahchuchak says nobody can say that you don’t have eyes, beg says it is said that after losing eyes you get other strong senses, this palace is my house and I know eac and everything, she says you wanted to tell me something about agra,

he says yes, our informer has sent letter that its time for war, she says very well, I was waiting for this, he did her work, now its my time. flashback shows thst shehnaz was in mahachuchak palace, she says I am sure my mom is in jalal’s prison, I will find her then I need your help, mahachuchak says you are daughter of chand and she was close to me, I will do whatever I can do for you, shehnaz says can you go against jala as Kabul is also state of jalal, machuchak shouts nigar and says remember one thing that in Kabul there is only my orders that are followed and you have doubt about it? shehnaz says If I had doubt then I wouldn’t have come here, mahachuchak says good, you go and find your mother, on right time I will help you, fb ends. mahachuchak says I am helping her to get what I want, shoulder will be hers but I wil hunt, she think true that jalal doesn’t deserve throne but queen will not be her but me.

Scene 2
atgah tells jalal that maan singh has full control in state where he was sent, mirza sees jodha and Rahim gossiping in garden and jalal just looking there not listening to atgah, he says jalal can I talk to you alone, mirza says should I call jodha here, jalal ask why, jalal ask why you sent all out, mirza says as you were just looking at her, jalal says nothing like that, mirza says I can see in your eyes that you love jodha a lot, jalal says true, there was a time when I had no heart but suddenly I realized I have a heart and it loves jodha, my heart and love is debted to jodha, mirza says you became peot, I should tell this to jodha, he goes, jalal runs behind him. mirza comes to jodha and greets her, jodha says you came to meet me after long time, mirza says you can moan to jalal about it, jalal comes there and thinks that mirza told her everything, he says it was not my fault jodha, jodha says it was your fault, jalal says I just said him that I love you a lot, jodha blushes, mirza says I should leave now, jalal says you should have left long ago, mirza leaves smiling, jalal says to jodha I am sorry on mirza’s behalf, he was just joking, jodha says no need, I didnt felt bad about it, jalal says mirza is not my real brother but he loves me more than real brother would have, jodha ask what you mean, jalal tells her that mirza is son of mahachuchak who is in Kabul.

Scene 3
mahachuchak says to beg that what I want will happen now, I will pull throne from jalal that he will not get what has done to him, beg drags someone listening to their conversion and says he is sent my enemies to listen our conversions, mahachuchak puts sword on her neck and says you got her so decide her fate, she leaves, beg kills listener by strangler her.
maham is going through jungle, she sees dupatta tied to tree and says some lady was following and made some marks for way to my secret place, do she know about chand begum. shehnaz thinks that I am sorry mom I couldn’t meet you but I have made marks in jungle to your way and I will soon get you.

Scene 4
ruks comes to jalal and congrats him for getting name of Akbar, she says what should I call you from now on, jalal recalls how jodha wrote Akbar on paper an how he made her say ut, jalal says I think I should get used to this name, ruks says I will feel proud calling this name, she sees paper on which jodha wrote Akbar, she says its beautiful, must be some common man gifted you, jalal says no jodha wrote it for me, ruks oh, jalal says its not about writing only but about feelings because of which she wrote so coated this paper with gold so it will be preserved, ruks says good, I have some work I will leave, she looks at jalal keep looking at paper and says jodha wrote 2 words for you and it became so important for you.

Scene 5
shehnaz is going somewhere, maham sees her and says what this mad girl doing here, what she is upto, she follows shehnaz, shehnaz comes in jungle and tries to trace the marks which she placed on trees, she sees them missing, maham is seeing her hiding behind tree, shehenaz says where my dupatta mark went from here.
jalal calls family and says I thought its been a while since last meena bazar, hamida says what have you thought about this meena bazar, jalal says I have thought something different, this time only my special wives salim,ruks and jodha will put stalls and will gift me something that is related to my new name Akbar, ruks says good idea but this time we should be given time unlike ,,, new things maza.

shehnaz thinks who have removed marks, did he came to know that I know about that place, maham thinks that I was right, she is not mad, she is just pretending, why she wants to go there. shehnaz thinks that who have removed marks must came to know that I am not mad, I am in danger. maham thinks why shehnaz wants to go to my secret place, she came with jodha, so this means that jodha know about my secret place and sent shehnaz to there, do she know about chand begum or she knows that there is some secret there.


I have to find whether shenaz is with jodha or not. some bandhi comes to shehnaz and says maham has called her, shehnaz is confused and goes to her. she comes to maham and pretends like mad, she says are we going somewhere, maham says you do good drama, shehnaz says yes, I am good at doing drama acting, maham looks at her and says I use to think that when you have good face then why the need to do the acting of mad girl, shehnaz says I am not liking here, I am going to jodha, maham holds her and says shut up, enough of your drama, now bring your real face to me, I want to know why are you doing this drama of mad, I know you will not open your mouth easily but when jalal will ask this question from you then what will you say, shehnaz says why will I say to him anything, what I did, maham says lets go to jalal now, shehnaz is sane tone says I know you will not take me to jalal, maham smirks and looks at her.

maham says to shehnaz that wow, you accepted that you are not mad, now tell me for what you came here, shehnaz says why are you behind me? she says you go out of palace in night so I have to find where you go being chief minister so tell me, shenaz says I came to find my mother,

Jodha Akbar 3 August 2021

jalal has put her in prison and I know where, maham thinks that this means she is chand’s daughter niggar, her relatives are alive and they think jalal culprit, wow, maham ays why jalal will kidnap your mother, shehnaz says its truth, maham makes her sit and ask who is your mother, shenaz says I am daughter of chand and I am not lying, jalal has put her in prison, she is in very bad state, maham thinks that this means she has met her, she ask where is chand?

shehnaz tells her that there is secret place in jungle, I went there and marked the way but it was removed, maham says why jalal will kidnap her, whats his enmity with her, shehnaz says that chand begum is humuyun’s wife and I am her daughter nigaar, humuyun gave a letter to chand citing that I am owner of throne, and also my mother knows the way to treasure, maham starts acting and says I am just a bandhi, please forgive me, shehnaz says you will not help me as you are half mother to jalal, maham says jalal has forget everything, and if humuyun wanted you to be queen of throne then I will help you in achieving it, shehnaz gets happy and thanks her, she thinks in mind that my fate is good, now I will get the treasure.

all wives are sad that they will not participate in meena bazar, ruks comes there and ask them what happened, they say that this is their only chance to converse with jalal and now it is also snatched from them, ruks says don’t be sad, I promise that I will take all your help in choosing gift for jalal, you all will come to bazar, one wife says that ruks will win only, other says jodha is no less she always come with new ideas. ruks says if you want to talk about jodha then go to her, she fumes out of room.

Scene 2
jodha is not so happy, she says to moti that jalal has said there will meena bazar now, shehnaz comes and says wow we are go to bazar(market), moti says no every year meena bazar is set in palace only, shehnaz wow this means all wives will put stalls, we will enjoy, jodha says no this time jalal wants that only his 3 special wives to put stall, I am thinking that all wives must be feeling bad as they wait for meena bazar every year, moti agrees, jodha says I should talk to jalal regarding this, shenaz says why didn’t you talked tp him when he told about meena bazar, jodha says ther were salima, ruks and hamida there, they would have felt but now I will talk to him alone.

Scene 3
jalal is lying on bed, soldier comes and tells him that jodha has come, jalal says send her in, jodha comes and greets him, she justs look at him, jalal says you came at this time just to greet me, I was sleeping, jodha says I came after asking soldier only, jalal says soldier told me that you have some important work, jodha says nothing much important, jalal says so you were finding a reason to come to me, jodha says nothing like that you are my husband, I don’t reason to come to you, jalal says then why don’t you spend time with me these days, you don’t like me? jodha says I really like to be with you but you are a king I cqant disturb you all the time, you have to take time out for politics, management, people, family and harem.. jalal says in all these I don’t find to spend with the one with whom I can spend my whole life, you know I have announced this meena bazar only to spend time with my wife, jodha says I know,

jodha says its not good with other wives as they wait whole year just to give you gifts, just to talk to you, jalal says yes and that’s why I have announced meena bazar so they don’t think that I ignore them. jalal says as you said that I have to fulfill my all duties but I don’t have right to fulfill my wishes, jodha says you have, jalal says then stay with me tonight, jodha says no I have to prepare for meena bazar, jalal stops her, jodha says you are stubborn and clever, jalal says thanks but when wife is like this then husband have to be clever, jodha says I have to go, she leaves, jalal smiles.

Scene 4
beg says to mahachuchak that you seem worried, she says you cant see but feel everything, mahachuchak says I am tired rulling Kabul only, I want to rule hiduistan, I want to ruin jalal now, beg says who stopped you, she says ghani khan, your nephew and munim khan’s son, he is representative of jalal here, he is loyal to jalal, beg says leave ghani on me and think about the force against jalal, she says from where will I arrange force against jalal,

beg smiles, she says so you have found the way, tell me, he says haider qasim, he has force, she says why he will fight against jalal? he says because you will be with him, you will be his support and he will yours, she says what about his loyalty to us, he says relations gives loyalty, nikaah, one marriage will write his loyalty to you, history witnessed that relations are made for politics, mahachuchak’s daughter comes calling her ammi, mahachuchak says give one relation and get throne, not a bad idea, she scolds her daughter that she came late, she says use your beuty and win one king, her daughter says no I cant, mahchuchak throws her daughter on floor, beg says let her go, we have some other work, I have to send letter about relation too, mahchuchak smirks.

Scene 5
all wives are with ruks, ruks says that don’t worry, you all will be given something along with the gift for jalal, one wife suggests that we should give him a throne which has gold and diamonds on it, ruks says good idea but I have thought something else this time, they ask what we will get in it? ruks says don’t talk much, she says I need your help, she shows them swords and says I will give one sword to him, they say why, ruks says whats better then sword for warrior, other wife says what kind of gift is like this, ruks ssays have patience, its has something special.

jodha is tensed, moti ask her to calm down and thinks what you will give to jalal, jodha says I don’t know what to give, zakira says it is difficult but you have to decide as one day is left, jodha thinks.
salima is with hamida and jiji, jiji ask have you decide what you will give to jalal? salima says not yet, its not difficult to decide about gift but its about most special gift and I have to think what to say while giving gift, hamida says we cant doubt your intelligence, I know you will best gift, salima says its not about best gift, I just want to give which jalal like and I want jodha to win, I will gift jalal as a friend not because he is a king.

moti says why are you worried, you always gave him best gift and this time you win too, moti says give something which shows love and jalal gets drown in love, jodha says not tease me at this time, zakira says whatever you give he will like, jodha says no jalal is not lenient while deciding winner and also not gift but feeling behind gift matter to him most, moti says wow you also what he thinks, jodha says yes I have spend one year with him so I know. jodha says I want something which is related to the title given by people, moti says good idea, you give him dress with gold, jodha says no, zakira says give him golden shoes, jodha says no, shehnaz says what better then shahi turban for a king, moti says no, jodha thinks and says I should make some crown which gives the message that 2 relgions are united, this is good idea, thanks shehnaz, she says to zakira lets start the work. shehnaz smirks and says this crown will destroy you .

jodha is making turban with help of zakira, jodha says yo know a lot zakira, zakira says i spent my life in many palaces, jodha ask so tell which stone is most praised in Mughal saltanat, zakira says maanak stone, this stone is good for turban, shehnaz comes running and ask them to hide everything, she hides everything under turban, jalal comes there,

jodha and all behave weirdly, jalal ask what is happening here, jodha says nothing, jalal ask moti, she stays silent, he then ask shehnaz, she says jodha is angry with you, jalal ask why, jalal says have to say one thing that you servants are loyal to you jodha, they are not telling anything even to king, he ask zakira whats happening, she says you should ask jodha, how can we answer you, jalal says so you all will not tell me, jodha says you are wasting time here, nobody will tell you what i giving you in gift so you have to see it in bazar only, he says all go out, jodha says nobody will go, i know ht is sending you all out so he can find his gift, jalal says if its my order then..

all servants leave. jalal says to jodha that where is you hiding my gift, jodha says there is nothing here, jalal says what, you haven’t made anything for meena bazar, jodha says there is nothing to be given, why should work for gifting you, jalal is miffed and says okay meet you in bazar, jodha says don’t be angry, wait till bazar, jalal says i just wanted to tell you that your one mannak stone is lying on floor, jodha says its cheating, you shouldn’t have seen it, jalal says hiding it was your work, well meet you there, i want to see what you give me, he leaves. jodha angrily looks at stone.

Scene 2
some people are going to mahachuchak(mahaC) palace, they ask beg why there is darkness here, he says because mahaC like palce this way and i like it too, darkness can protect you from enemy and you can do anything in darkness, one boy says why am here, his minister says that we have to talk to mahaC, they come mahaC, boy is introduced as haider qasim, mahaC says that good all are here, she says to haider that know one thing about me that i believe in winning, i got to know you are in problem,

haider’s minister says yes there is problem, our state is being attacked by many forces, they don’t give us time to prepare, our many soldiers are died, mahaC says when enemy is stron then friends should join hands to fight with them, i will help you but why would i, i can help you when i have some reason, she says do one deal of peace, love, loyalty and says for this there should be marriage between your family and us, this will give me reason to attack on your enemies, so relation accepted,

haider nods, minister says we accept it, mahaC smirks, mahaC says to her daughters that come forward and welcome your would be father, all are stunned. she says to her children why are you standing, they greets him.

Maham recalls beg’s words that for keep power intact you should marry haider qasim, when you will marry him, his force will be in your hands, you can then hunt for throne and jalal had not given you anything. fb ends, haider says relation was for someone else, mahaC says remember one thing, do you want your force to extend or not and if you say no to me then it will be bad for you, she says i should not talk to you like this as we are going to be relatives, she ask beg to take them to room, beg congratulate everyone.

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