Curse of the sands August 2021 teasers


Curse of the sands August teasers 2021: A woman comes bearing a son who she claims belongs to Ram, how will Siya save Ram now and is Mohini gone for good?

Zee world curse of the sands August teasers 2021.

Sunday 1 August 2021

Siya tries all she could to get Mohini to reveal where she kept Ram but Mohini boasts that Siya will never get Ram back.Siya holding trishul on Mohini, she falls down afraid. Mohini tells Siya where Rana is, she checks Rana and finds him pulseless without heart beat.

Monday 2 August 2021

Siya makes her move by tricking Mohini and rescued Ran before attacking her with trishul. Mohini escape, then lifts her by neck and throws her on earth. Dayimaa and others attack Mohini, but Mohini overpowers them.Rana kept his promise and protected Mohini, Mohini kept her promise and left.

Wednesday 3 August 2021

A boy is heard shouting for help stuck inside a burning house.Ram jumps into the house and finds a boy and his mother caged in a net, the Lady identifies Ram as Ravan Rakhas who raped her and the boy is Rana’s son.Siya calls doctor to get Mann’s blood sample for DNA test.

Thursday 4 august 2021

Doctor takes Mann’s blood sample but blood drop falls from syringe and burns ground. The doctor sees the blood boiling in test tube and picks it in his hand, shouts in pain, then falls down and dies.Siya insists Ram to accept Mann as his son.

Friday 5 August 2021

Ram has agreed to accept Mann but is sending him to boarding school.Siya shouts how can he send a small kid away to stay alone and accepted Mann as her foster son and will bring him up.Dayimaa hires goons to kidnap Mann.

Saturday 6 August 2021

Dayima plan fails, she asks Ram and Siya to visit temple and even take Mann along as she thinks that evil cannot enter temple.
Shadow hears their conversation.Siya and Ram walk into temple, but Mann gets shock when he tries to step into temple.

Sunday 7 August 2021

Dolly pretends to become Mann’s caretaker. Mann is sound asleep when Dolly came in and strangle him to death but gets afraid seeing him alive as he wakes up with evil red eyes and calls her.Dayima decides to kill Mann herself but was caught by Siya.

Monday 8 August 2021

Siya says she has to take a tough decision and send her mother out to protect her family.Ram walks to Siya and says he had promised to take care of Mann, but not accept him as his heir.Siya warns him to get ready, if he does not accept him as heir on janmastami, she will leave his house forever.

More teasers to be added…



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