Jodha Akbar update Monday 2 August 2021

Jodha Akbar 2 August 2021: jalal and jodha are walking, jalal says i can see you want to say something, jodha says i liked your idea, jalal says i know, jodha says all were happy on this idea of coins, jalal says some people didnt like it and it really doesnt matter, jodha says wish ruks was there too,

jalal says she must be embarrass thats why didnt come, jodha says let bygone be bygone, jalal says she betrayed me still i forgave her because of you and i want to thank you that you stooped me from doing anything in anger, jodha says we cant to bad in return of bad and i am happy you didnt punish her and understood her why she did that, jalal says leave it come with me.

maham says to resham what, resham says i listened to joda and jalal and they both know this fake pregnancy thing and jodha asked jalal to forgive ruks,i am feeling bad, maham says i am feeling bad that ruks didnt got punished even after doing that, that to on jodha’s insistances, resham says you were punished but he forgave ruks, maham says no its better to get punished then taking jodha’s sympathy, jodha played well, she asked jalal to forgave ruks and ruks tried to bring jodha down but instead made her more big.

Scene 5
maham comes to ruks, maham says i felt bad that you got miscarriage, i mean your plan was short termed, the child which was never ther how he can die, ruks says jalal got to know the truth and he forgave me too that proves that i am his special wife, maham says it was your luck, ruks says not my luck but my relation with him, maham says you dont know the truth,

his new special wife jodha asked him to forgive you so he forgave you, ruks says she doesn’t know about it what are you saying, maham says it maybe that jodha knew about before jalal, think when jalal get to know about bakshi’s cheating he gave her punishment, he used to call me bari ammi but gave me punishment then why he forgave you, because jodha asked to that not because she cares about to you but she maintained her position in jalal’s eyes, still jalal is with you,he didnt break relation with you like me and i promise again that your secret will be secret with me, she leaves, ruks recalls how after miscarriage news, jalal asked dasi to take cot to jodha’s room again.

Scene 6
ruks comes to jodha’s room, jodha is making garland, ruks puts foot on it, jodha says no worry i will an other for krishna, ruks says one side you are acting innocent and otherside putting me down, jodha ask what are you saying, ruks says why you bring that cot, you were making fun of me as you knew that i am not pregnant, jodha says you made fun of things, you played with our emotions, ruks says what you did, you knew about and were doing sympathy, i am not ashamed of my act, i am helpless that you asked jalal to forgive me, jodha says what i did was not to put to you down, i could understand why you did that and i made jalal understand it, i asked jalal to think about his relation with you and i am happy that he still think you as his best friend, ruks says i dont take anyone’s
sympathy, when time will come i will give back your sympathy woth interest, she leaves, jodha says your arrogance make me sad but i am happy that you that you will help me sometime.

Scene 7
in night, someone comes in court, it is shehnaz, shehnaz looks at throne in court and says this is my right to sit on it but jalal is sitting on it forcefully, she sits on it and says i am queen, for reason i was hiding is finished now, now i will come in open.
jodha is telling about yashoda and krishna to rahim, rahim ask about yashoda’s husband, jodha says nand baba was her husband, rahim says like here is your husband, she looks up and jalal is standing there, all smiling,

jalal comes there, rahim says like yashoda’s husband, jalal says is your same like him and your husband, jodha is shy and ask rahim to say parnaam to jalal, he does, jalal says to rahim that jodha didnt answer your query, rahim ask her to answer, jodha says yes he is my husband, rahim says then when you will have child like yashoda had kanhiyya, jodha blushes and ask rahim to go, jalal smiles broadly.

jodha says jalal don’t talk like this infront of kids, she ask moti zakira to take Rahim to salima, they goes, jalal says now answer me, jodha says do anybody ask like this, jalal says I didn’t say, Rahim said it and also I saw a dream so tell me when this dream will become true, jodha blushes and is about to leave, jalal holds her hand and stops her, they hug each other.
voiceover says that shehnaz used to think that jalal is responsible for her mother’s condition and she wanted to take throne from him and somebody was ready to help, the one who was waiting fro opportunity against jalal, shehnaz is seen to be writing letter and says soon I will get help and then I will see you jalal.

Scene 2
in court, atgah informs that this day, jalal won the war against hemu in guidance of bairam khan and won this throne, I congrats him, today salima will place crown on head again, salima recalls bairam khan’s poetry for her, salima comes and takes the crown but is sad, hamida comes and ask her to go ahead, salima places crown on his head, jalal looks at her,

salima leaves, jalal says today is pure and beautiful day but I am missing khan baba, if he wouldn’t be there I wouldn’t be a king, he made me learn politics, today I have this throne because of his sincerity, if he would have been here, I would have given him respect and would have thanked him, today is special day so I want to meet the nation, be there all.

Scene 3
jodha is getting ready, jalal comes there, jodha says you are ready already? jalal says seeing you I get to know ready means, yis it that when you love someone person looks more beautiful to you, jodha says why this false praises, jalal says I didn’t lie, I came to tell you that come with me when I will distribute coins in nation, jodha says I will come but I have some demand, jalal says here demand also, tell, jodha says you have 3 special wives, I want you to not say them special, jalal says you want that I snatch special title from them, jodha says yes take the title or else take them with you to nation as they are special too, jalal says I understood and sorry for trying to argue with when I know I cant win with you.

Scene 4
ruks is getting ready, hoshiyar ask to make her ready well, salima comes there and ask is special wife for event, ruks says I am always ready when I have to go to nation with jalal, salima says jalal called his special wives, ruks says yes me, you and jodha, lets go, they goes.

shehnaz says that today is celebration of throne but I will get my throne back, I will not let jalal take it, jodha comes and ask what you will not let take it? shehnaz pretends and says Rahim always win against when we play, I will not let him win this time, jodha laughs and says he is just a kid, don’t do like this, now come for throne celebration. she leaves, shehnaz says I will get my throne I am just waiting for my informer, someone is shown riding the horse through jungle.

shivani is with jodha, shivani says it will be nice to see you with jalal, tej comes there and calls jodha as queen, jodha says you are husband of my sister, you are like my brother in law then why calling me queen jodha, shivani says yes she is your sister in law, he says okay I will call you bhabhi sa (sister in law). they smile.

Scene 5
all family members are waiting for jalal, jalal comes to the gate of palace, he greets jodha but not ruks, jalal sees one big thing and ask what is this, atgah says jodha has asked tej to made for this day, it is a big coin which has bismillah written on one side and bhagwan on other side. jalal says to jodha that i dont know how you think of beutiful ideas like this but i want to say that i like it alot., jodha says when you fulfill your duty as king the best so how can I forget my duty to make you happy, jalal smiles and says how can I forget that nobody can win against you in argument, they leave to meet the nation.

jalala comes in common people, they chant for his name, jalal addresses that this day is very big for me, I got the throne from hemu singh today and I promise I will serve my nation with my heart, he ask atgah to distribute the coins, people sees the coin and says it have bhagwan, using them is a sin, atgah says how dare you to say anything against king’s decision, jalal says let him explain himself. he ask man what you were saying, man says these coins have notation of hindu religion, by rejecting it we are respecting our religion, you proved that you made both religion one,

jalal says exactly bhagwan and god are one, they say we cant accept this coin, jalal says see the other side of coin, they say 777 is written on other side which means bismallah, jalal says so how can you reject this coin, if sun lights your house, it lights house of hindu too, water removes thirst of hindu and muslim both, when god didn’t divide us then who are we to do this,

I am a true muslim but I respect all religion, I was born in hindu house, if they wouldn’t help me then I wouldn’t be standing hee, a king is for all religions.all chant for jalal’s name now, family is happy at how jalal handled the situation, some people with a letter is coming to jalal, atgah stops them to go to jalal, one man says see jalal these hindus are coming to you, they want to kill you, jalal ask atgah to let them come, they comes to jalal and gives him paper, AKBAR is written on it, they say we are giving you title of Akbar, you are like a god to us, you are the only king who thought that we are human, you removed tax and now this, you are great king so we are giving you this title which means one and only one, they chant for jalaluddin Muhammad Akbar, jalal says by giving this title you have given me more responsibilities, now I have to work more harder.

Soul talk- jalal says to jodha says I lost to your stubbornness, I wanted to listen my name from your mouth marium zamani but you never called. jodha soul says I never called but that day I couldn’t stop myself after listening that title.
back to throne celebrations, jalal looks at jodha, she says I love you a lot my shehenshah, my AKBAR. jalal smiles.

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  1. Jodha and Akbar tops other series. We learn a great deal of lessons from it – not just History but intrigues of human beings. Thanks to the Producers, Directors, Actors and all those who contributed to the making of the film.🙏❤️❤️❤️


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