It’s not easy to love Update Tuesday 17 January 2023

It’s not easy to love 17 January 2023: Girish tells Dadu that you are giving away business to some other people because of Aarti’s promise who was forced on me? Pramod comes there and asks him to sign some papers. Girish asks him to focus on his work, if he works at this pace then we will have to lock up our business soon. Pramod feels insulted and leaves from there.Pramod comes to Gitika and says Girish can’t misbehave with me like this, I am not just his assistant but also his brother-in-law, he should show some respect to me. Gitika says he doesn’t have anything bad in his heart.

Dadi tells Girish that he should be more careful when talking to Pramod, he is our son-in-law. She asks Chachi to go and give tea to him. Chachi says I came to talk about Karishma’s wedding here but no one cares.Mithai, Kirti and Karishma are eating gol gappas in the market while Shubham is on the business call. She asks him to eat with them. He says I don’t like that. Mithai brings gol gappa for him and asks him to try. He tries it and says it’s very delicious. She gives more gol gappas to him.

Dadi tells Dadu that Chachi is right, we should get Karishma and Rohan engaged as he will go back to his country.A man bumps into Mithai, she asks him to see where he is going. He says I didn’t see you. Mithai says just say sorry. The man says sorry and leaves from there. Karishma says Mithai is daring. Shubham is impressed. Agarwal’s son arrives there, he says hi to them. Karishma is impressed seeing his car and thinks to drive in that car.

Sid and Indu come back home. Shubham arrives there with the girls. Mithai asks Indu where did she go with Sid? Sid says we went to the market. Indu says we went to mandir. Mithai says what’s the truth? Sid says we went to mandir and then went to the market. He leaves from there.Bhura tells his men that he will marry Mithai at any cost. I won’t kidnap her, I will do something which will make her come to me herself.

Scene 2
Sid brings coffee for Shubham. He asks Sid if he wants to say something? Sid recalls promising Dadu to help him bring Shubham and Mithai close. Sid says Dadu wants you to marry Mithai. Shubham says if Dadu has chosen her for me then it must be right. Sid says that girl can’t see where she is going but she has many qualities, she is not that bad. Shubham says you are praising her today? Mithai comes there and gets scared. She mistakenly drops a pot. Sid says see this is what I was talking about. He scolds her to see where she is going. Shubham asks Mithai if she is alright? It’s okay to slip sometimes. Kirti comes there and smiles seeing them helping each other. Shubham goes with Mithai to discuss about business. Kirti gives a thumbs up to Sid. Sid thinks I hope this plan works and I am out of it soon.

Rajeev and Kavita come to Dadu’s house. Rajeev says we are coming in the evening for the engagement. Dadu talked to Gunjan so they decided for today. Chachi says that’s great. Dadu and Dadi come there. Dadi says we worry about all our children. Chachi says sorry for that day. All family members get excited about Karishma’s engagement.Everyone teases Karishma for her engagement. Mithai brings juice for everyone and says Karishma will be getting engaged today. Karishma says we will post everything on social media. She says we will all wear red color. Kirti says I don’t think Sid will wear it. Mithai says I will find a way to make him wear it.

Kirti says how will you do it? Mithai says don’t worry, he is your brother so he has to agree. Rajeev says we will come in the evening now, he leaves.Girish comes to Apeksha’s mother’s house. He invites her and Apeksha for Karishma’s engagement. She says that’s a good moment for your family. Girish says I hope you get to feel that moment with Apeksha and Sid’s engagement. She asks if it will happen? Girish says they can call themselves friends but I think they are perfect for each other. Her mother smiles hearing that.

Dadu and Dadi pray for family’s happiness. Indu comes there and says congrats on this function, I have made clothes with my hands for Gopal ji, I couldn’t get anything expensive. Dadi says this is most precious gift. Indu says I just pray that Mithai will get married soon. Dadu says my spy Kirti has told me that Mithai and Shubham will get married soon. Dadi looks on.Apeksha’s mother tells Girish that she will come to Karishma’s engagement. Girish says I just hope Sid and Apeksha make their relationship official too. Her mother says my daughter proposed to him but he said he doesn’t believe in love and marriage.

Girish says he doesn’t realize the value of having a partner that you have a bond with but he will soon realize that.A man tells bhura that Dadu’s family will have an engagement function tonight. Bhura says I have a plan tonight and I will fool that hero Sid.Apeksha comes to Sid and says tonight is Karishma’s engagement, the theme is to wear red color. Sid says I can’t wear that, I will wear white only. Apeksha thinks I will wear white also then.Karishma tells everyone that how can Sid say no to wearing a red color one day only? He will look weird in my photos.

Mithai says I will find a way to make him wear red color. She thinks of an idea and gets one. She says only one person can help me in this matter.Mithai, Kirti and Shaurya come to Sid’s room with Dadu. Mithai says I won’t enter his room, she asks Kirti to keep an eye on Sid. Dadu brings all Sid’s clothes from his cupboard. Mithai packs them. Shaurya hints that Sid has entered the house. He tries to distract him and doesn’t let him go to his room. Sid asks him to move away. Shubham starts helping Mithai in packing his clothes. Kirti stops Sid and says you could have worn a red shirt for Karishma’s happiness. Sid says I don’t wear that color. Dadu and Mithai run away with Sid’s clothes.

Mithai asks Shubham to hide his clothes. Sid goes to his room as they all hide. Shubham goes with Mithai. Dadu tells Kirti that Shubham has started enjoying life with Mithai, I am sure she will fill his life with happiness. It’s time to talk to Mithai.Mithai gets ready in a red dress. Dadu talks to her and asks how is her business deal going with Shubham? Is he helping her? Mithai says your grandsons are totally different. One side is Sid who is a bitter person but Shubham is soft and always respectful, I am comfortable with him. Dadu says then why don’t you think about marrying him? Just say yes. Mithai is stunned. Karishma comes there and takes Mithai from there.

Scene 2
The engagement function starts, Rohan’s family enters the house. They all sit together. Gunjan says we will pray to Lord first, do groom’s tilak and then do engagement. Dadi says I have prepared for everything. They all do the pooja together.Kirti and Mithai are checking on Sid to see if he has worn the red shirt. Kirti knocks on his door and says everyone is waiting for you. Sid comes out of his room and Mithai deliberately throws juice on his shirt. Mithai says sorry, you came outside suddenly, just change and come, she runs from there. Sid gets angry and says now I have to change. He opens his cupboard to find only one red shirt there. He fumes in anger seeing that.

All family members are waiting for Sid. Mithai says what’s taking him so long? Sid arrives there wearing the red shirt, all are surprised to see him in the red shirt. Dady gives a thumbs up to Mithai. He says Sid wore it for his sister. Karishma takes Sid for wearing it and takes a selfie with him. Karishma hugs Mithai and thanks her. Gunjan praises Sid for doing this for his sister. Sid glares at Mithai.

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