Every Girl’s dream update Friday 13 January 2023

Every Girl’s dream 13 January 2023: Krisha welcomes the guests to her restaurant. She gives rose to a couple. Her friend says Rahul, everything is going fine. Hope it remains that way. Krisha says I know you are saying how I haven’t broken anything or made a mess yet I won’t. I told Singh uncle I will handle this catering. see how happy everyone is. She turns back and the dish falls on a guy. Singh comes in. Krisha says it didn’t break. He says you always create troubles. I sent you here to handle the cafe because you could ruin the dinner at the restaurant. You should go home, we will handle everything.

Scene 2
Krisha tries to help her friend. Krisha looks at the couple and dayd they look so good together. The guy will propose her soon. And they will have cute kids. Rani says you keep dreaming all the time. This is real world not a fairytale. Kisha says but we can see dreams. They fulfill when you see them. I want a price charming on a white horse.The guy (Devraj) is on cruise. Krisha says my prince charming will have a different style. He will come all the way to me. Devraj says if I want anything, I don’t think about the price. I want this hotel. Rani says you keep dreaming. I am going to the hotel to welcome the guest. Rani forgets the flowers. Krisha is worried. She goes it to give it to her.Devraj comes as the guest. Everyone is ready to welcome him. Krisha falls. The garlands and flowers fall on him. He looks at her in anger. Singh says move aside Krisha.

Scene 3
Krisha’s mom says why do you always make a mess? She says but.. Her mom says I know you said you wanted to help. See what you did. You got Singh in trouble. He did so much for you after your dad’s accident. Krisha says it was a mistake. Shiv (her dad) says it’s okay. It’s a mistake. Shukla says she did it in front of the guy who’s there to buy the hotel. Her brother says she wanted a price. SHe might have done this to get his attention. Krisha runs after Yash. Krisha says God, did you make me for your entertainment? I keep making mistakes. And then I keep dreaming as well. I want my life to be like a fairytale. Is it wrong to dream of a price who loves me a lot? THe one who thins about me before himself. I don’t know if he would ever come.

Scene 4
Devraj looks at the garland and recalls Krisha. He smiles.Krisha comes to the hotel. Singh says Krisha be careful please. They are very rich. Don’t make any mistake. Krisha looks at a guy in the restaurant. She recalls he misbehaved with his wife. She says something is wrong. Singh says Krisha, there should be no mistake. I gave you this job because of your dad. He says today Mr. Devraj will decide if he will buy the hotel or not. Krisha looks at Devraj. He comes out and meets all the waiters. Singh says stay away from him. Krisha says he’s there.

Rahul serves him. Devraj meets the kids. He goes around to see the hotel. Krisha sees him and gets nervous. Rahul says to Krish please hold these flowers. I have to go. She asks Rahul do you know about Mr. Dewan? He says I am getting late.Krisha comes upstairs with the flowers. She keeps the flowers there. She thinks about Devraj. Krisha keeps the champagne there. She says I should open it. Devraj comes out of shower. Krisha opens it. The champagne falls on him. Krisha says what are you doing here? I came here to keep this bottle. You are our guest. She collides with him. He holds her. He says this is my room. Krisha says yes. Krisha runs out.

Krisha sees a girl leaving in a black hat. She collides with her. A gun falls from her purse. The girl asks about a suite? Krisha tells her the direction. She goes towards Devraj’s room. She rings the bell. Krisha says why am I such a mess. She waits for the elevator. The girl points gun towards Devraj’s room. He comes to open the door.The girl points gun towards Devraj’s room. She rings the bell. He’s about to open the door. Krisha realizes she forgot her phone. She goes back. The girl sees her coming. Devraj opens the door.

The girl leaves. Krisha says I forgot my phone. Devraj says what now? She says nothing. He says why are you here? She says I don’t know. Devraj says move. He leaves. Krisha says how will I get my phone now?Krisha asks Rani where is Singh sir? She says downstairs with that prince. Krisha sees them talking. Krisha says I spilled some champagne and this price is complaining about me now? Is he gonna tell him? I shouldn’t have gone to his room. Krisha sees room. no 303. Mr and Mrs Dewan. Krisha recalls how he dragged her. She sees blood. She recalls Rahul said Mrs. dewan didn’t come out of the room since morning. She says has he murdered her?

Scene 2
Rahul comes to Singh and tells him something. They all go upstairs. Krisha says let me open if you all are scared. Singh says open it. They go inside. Dewan says what is happening? Krisha says let me tell you. She looks around for his wife. His wife asks what happened? Krisha says he has murdered his wife. She’s shocked to see her. Dewan says so you saw this blood and thought I murdered my wife? This is red pain. I am a painter. What is this Mr. Singh? Devraj comes there as well. Singh says say sorry Krisha. He’s the owner of this hotel from now. Prince Devraj Singh Rathore. Krisha says sorry sir. I had no such intention. He says you are fired. He leaves.

Scene 3
Mrs. Dewan comes to Krisha and says thank you for taking a stand for me. Because of you I had courage to take a stand for myself. Mr. Dewan hits me every day. I have decided to leave him now. Thank you for risking everything for me. I can’t help you right now but I will pray for you. I hope all your dreams come true. She leaves. Krisha leaves as well. Devraj sees her.

Scene 4
The spy sees Devraj from her boat. She sees him through binoculars. She points her snipper towards him but he goes inside. The butler says sir your order. He comes towards the window again. She shoots.Yash shows Krisha’s video to his dad and says see she’s gone viral. She fell on the price with flowers and the garland fell on him. Her mom sees is and gets mad. She reads the comments and says what a target. Her dad says enough Sudha. It’s done. The more you read it the more it’s gonna hurt you. She says everyone knows she’s a mess. Who will marry her? Krisha comes in and cries. Sudha says Krisha.. They try to console her. Krisha says another mess happened. Her mom says tell me did you apologize? Krisha says no. I didn’t get the chance. Before I apologized, that price fired me. He insulted me in front of everyone. Krisha says I am sorry mummy, sorry papa. She cries.

Scene 5
The butler dropped the garland. Devraj sat down to pick and the bullet missed him. He looked outside the window. Singh comes. The guards says we checked everywhere but couldn’t find anyone. He says let me call the police. Devraj says no don’t call the police. I don’t wanna involve them. I don’t want hotel’s reputation to go down. Singh says but you were shot in broad day light. It can be risky for other guests too. He says no the danger is for me only. Just keep it away from the police. Singh says who would want to kill you and why? Devraj says don’t worry. I will handle it.

Singh says housekeeping guy told me when you picked the garland, you were saved from the bullet. It’s the same garland Krisha threw in your neck yesterday. She’s very different. She looks like a mess, but she’s blessed. She has a pure heart. She is always upto good. Her garland saved your life today. Singh says she really needs this job.

Scene 6
Sudha says how will this house run? Her dad says it’s not Krisha’s responsibility to run this house. It was my job. If I didn’t meet this accident, my daughter would have been studying like other girls. Not doing this job. She says but the reality is that you are not well and to run this house Krisha has to do a job. yash says it’s okay. She will find another job. Soon I will clear my exams. We will both fix things. Sudha says she’s not a kid. She can’t dream all the time. Reality isn’t like her dreams. I am always worried about her. I don’t know what will happen to her.

Krisha recalls Devraj firing her. She said to Singh I didn’t want to do this. He said I told you to be careful. I told you it will create problems. Krisha said please don’t fire me. This job is very important for me. He said Devraj is the new owner. I can’t do anything. Krisha said please save my job. He said I can’t promise right now. I will try. Krisha says to the idol why didn’t you stop me? Mummy papa are so worried. What will I do now? I made a mistake. It wasn’t my mistake entirely. Mrs. Dewan agreed. But that price fired me. Please get my job back.

Scene 7
Krisha comes home. Devraj is there. She’s shocked. She recalls him firing her. Her dad says Price Devraj.. Kunwar sa is here to meet you. Devraj says you can just call me Devraj. Krisha says I can see him. She says oh, you came to return my phone. You could send someone else. He returns her phone. She says thank you. Devraj says I want to talk as well. she says what now? Her dad says is that how you talk? He says please come in. Sudha says please sit. Krisha says he fired me. What is he here for? Sudha says calm down. He’s such a big man. Let him speak first. Say sorry before he speaks. Make tea first.

Krisha serves tea in anger. Devraj says thank you. Krisha looks away. Krisha says sir.. what happened today I want to say. He says I came here to say something. In fact to all of you. There’s only one reason to fire you and me coming here. SUdha says we know our Krisha made a mistake. She is embarrassed. Right Krisha? Krisha says yes I am. Krisha pours the tea. Krisha says I make small mistakes. Please don’t fire me. I don’t have any intention. He says I have another thing to talk about. She says you want to give me another post? He says I am not here to offer you a job. The reason why I fired you from the job. She says because I don’t have a college degree? H says no. Krisha says I also wanted to study but my circumstances weren’t good.

I got admission too but had personal reasons. If you want degree I can do it. He says you don’t have to do that. I didn’t come here to talk about your job. She says then what? He says I want to marry you. Everyone is shocked. Krisha says I heard something wrong. He says you heard right. I wanna marry you. Krisha drops the kettle. He says I want to marry your daughter. I came here for her proposal.

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