It’s not easy to love update Wednesday 18 January 2023

It’s not easy to love 18 January 2023: Sid joins the engagement function wearing the red dress. The engagement function is on the way. Karishma asks who will take her pictures with Rohit. Keerti volunteers for it. Deepti and Apeksha come to the function but Apeksha wears a white dress when she sees that Sid wears a red dress. She is shocked. Bhoora comes to the function wearing a red chunni. Paras compliments him. Bhoora asks Paras if he remembers everything that he has to do. Paras is in Harimohan sweets worker dress and says he remembers everything. He goes inside with the rest of Harimohan’s sweets workers. Harimohan and Chandrakantha give blessings to Rohit. Bhoora thinks he will teach a lesson to all the members of Sid’s family. Paras enters into the house by disguising himself as a Harimohan sweets worker.

Paras puts the Sweets down with the rest of the workers. Apeksha says she loves these kinds of functions. Sid says he hates these functions he is only doing it for his family. Mithai goes to Indu to ask her to join the function but Indu rejects her saying she is not feeling well. Paras calls says that they are about to come out in 2 min. Paras takes the Sweets to put them in the car and asks Keerti in which car they have to keep the car. Keerti comes out of the house to show the car. Keerti shows them the car. Bhoora kidnaps her. Mithai sees Paras’s face and she identifies him as Bhoora’s friend when he is talking to Keerti. Mithai goes outside following them.
Sid sees that Mithai is acting weird he follows her.

Bhoora threatens her to stop shouting. He says he has no interest in her and he is only interested in Mithai and kidnapped her to get Mithai. He warns her to stay calm if she wants to return safely to home. Mithai notices they are taking Keerti in the van. She runs behind the van. Sid stops Mithai and questions her what happened. She tells Bhoora kidnapped Keerti. Sid gets shocked. He brings his car and takes Mithai with him. Karishma worries about her selfies and waits for Keerti. She asks her Mom for Keerti to take her close ups. Abha scolds her for thinking about selfies. Gunjan and Kavita give gifts to everyone. On the Sid calls Police.

Sid stops his car infront of Bhoora’s van. Mithai tells Bhoora that he is crossing his limits. She warns him to leave Keerthi. Bhoora tells he won’t leave her until he marries her. Bhoora and his men surround Sid. Karishma asks where is Keerti? My photos got spoiled. Kavitha goes to the room to check her. Apeksha notices Sid didn’t return. She calls him but he doesn’t attend the call. Bhoora tells Sid that he will drop his sister off safely once he gets married to Mithai. Sid punches him. Goons surround him. Mithai goes to help but he denies it and fights with them. Bhoora takes the knife from his van and tries to stab Sid. Sid stops him on time. Police arrive there and arrest them. Bhoora leaves telling he won’t leave them.

Kavitha tells everyone that Keerti is not in her room. Shubham says Mithai is not at home. Apeksha says Sid is also not attending calls. Gireesh asks them to not take tension and he goes to call them. Sid scolds Mithai for running behind the van without informing anyone at home that Keerti is in danger. Keerti tells him that it’s not a mistake of Mithai. Sid says they kidnapped you because of her and Dadu wants her happiness but she is not listening. He tells her that Bhoora will end forever if she marries Shubham but she didn’t listen and doesn’t care about Dadu and Indu. He asks her to think for them before taking any decision. Mithai has tears in her eyes.

Kirti tells Sid that I am fine, we should go back home. Mithai, Kirti and Sid arrive back at the house. Girish is outside and asks where were you? Kirti says we were looking for my phone, nothing to worry about. She takes him inside.The family starts the engagement ceremony, Rohan makes Karishma wear a ring. She takes a selfie with him and makes him wear the ring too. Apeksha asks Sid where did he go with Mithai? Sid says we will talk about it later on. All family members take a photo together. Karishma says Apeksha is wearing white which is not matching with our colors, she asks Apeksha to go out of the frame for now. Apeksha feels insulted but goes out of the frame.

In the morning, Mithai thinks about Dadu’s words and says how will I say no to him about marriage. I want to start my business first. She brings tea to Dadu but he has Indu’s reports, he mistakenly drops it. Mithai takes the reports and reads lung cancer. Dadu thinks she will know that Indu has cancer. Mithai thinks Dadu has lung cancer. Dadu tells Mithai that don’t worry, there are medications for all this. Nobody should know about this, especially your mother. Mithai says we should tell the family. Dadu says people will look at the person differently if they know about the illness, don’t tell your mom about it. Mithai thinks he doesn’t want to worry anyone that’s why he doesn’t want to tell about his lung cancer. Shubham comes there and says we have to go to the shop.

Mithai leaves from there. Dadu asks Shubham how is Mithai? Shubham says she makes delicious sweets and I think her business will be successful soon.Gitika finds Kirti’s photos from yesterday and says what is all this? I have to talk to her. Chacha comes to her and asks what happened? He looks at the photos and asks what is all this? Gitika says someone sent it. Chacha says we should tell Girish about it first.

Scene 2
Mithai recalls reading the reports and thinks Dadu has lung cancer. She says Dadu has always helped me, what will I answer him? She prays to God to help her. She cries to God and says this is a big illness, why Dadu? I can’t even tell anyone in the family as Dadu doesn’t want anyone to treat him as a patient, he promised to get treatment. I won’t tell anyone about his illness. She prays for his health.The inspector calls Sid and says we have arrested the goons who attacked your sister. You have to bring your sister and other girl to the police station. Sid says okay and ends the call.

Mithai bumps into Sid, he glares at her and leaves.Indu comes to the mandir and prays for Mithai’s marriage. Mithai comes there and hears her. Indu says Dadu has helped us a lot, I just don’t want any trouble to fall on his family because of us. Mithai comes to her and says I am going to the shop so I came to pray.Gitika and Chacha tell Girish about Kirti’s attack. Girish says I shouldn’t have let that girl Mithai in this house, I will throw them out. Gitika says we should talk to Kirti first.Pramod comes to Shubham and asks about Mithai’s business. He says maybe Dadu is doing all this to bring Mithai closer to you? Shubham says no, Mithai has already said no for the marriage. Pramod says you know Dadu can be pushy when he wants something.

Mithai comes to Dadu and says I have thought about your words. I am ready to marry your grandson but I have a condition. Dadu looks on.

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