Imlie update Tuesday 6 September 2022


Imlie 6 September 2022: Imlie waits for family to taste Sundar’s tea and dismiss him from job. She sees Twinkle trying to sip sugar laced tea, thinks Twinkle has diabetes and cannot have it, runs and snatches tea cup and throwing it away asks if she doesn’t know she cannot have tea. Family rushes down hearing cup breaking and asks what happened. Imlie tells Rupali that Twinkle disobeyed her and was trying to have tea, so should be punished. Rupali orders Twinkle to become murga/mimic a cock. Twinkle obeys. Aparna asks Imlie why did she break tea cup. Bade papa/Harish fills tea cup while Imlie tries to stop him saying its not good. Bade papa tastes tea and says its very tasty. Nidhi and Aparna taste tea and say same.

Sundar says he has worked in hotel and learnt to taste things first before serving them to guest, reminisces watching Imlie adding more sugar in tea and preparing another one. Family asks Imlie to repeat her words and accept her punishment. Imlie becomes murga with Twinkle and seeing Aditya passing by acts as exercising. Aditya walks into kitchen calling Sundar and filling tea himself sips it and throws it away shouting who make such a sweet tea. Sundar enters and tries to explain when Imlie enters and Sundar failed in his tea test. Aditya says Imlie makes better tea. Imlie asks Sundar to accept his mistake that he added extra sugar in tea. Adi asks him to work properly and walks away murmuring already there is a headache at home, Imlie. Imlie taunts Sundar.

Harish takes Imlie’s Social Studies classes when Badimaa/Radha asks him where they get quality and cheap honey. He says big market. She asks him to bring 10-15 kg honey soon for jagrata prasad. He says he doesn’t have proper knowledge of honey, so he will not go and get scolded by Radha later. Sundar says he will accompany Badke kaka as he has good knowledge of honey. Imlie shouts he is her bade kaka and she will accompany him to market to buy honey. Aditya walks down and informs family that Anu wants him to meet and give wedding card to her friend who is a 5 star hotel’s head chef and will select wedding’s food menu, he has become a courier boy from journalist now. Aparna says he has become khadoos/irritating and asks him to relax as he will not only marry Malini but also get relatives in her family, so he should respect Anu’s wishes also. Aditya leaves.

Bade papa takes Imlie to market to buy vegetables and honey. He asks her to check vegetables while he goes to honey shop. She holds his hand saying he will go to pan shop instead. He asks vegetable price and orders 5 kg bhindi. Imlie panics hearing price and takes him to different shops where all vendors quote same price. She shouts they are all looting innocent customers. He says 10-20 rs difference is fine. She says its a huge difference, she is a farmer and grows vegetables, so she knows the difference. He says he will go to honey shop now and not pan shop and goes alone where vendor tries to fool him with sugar syrup quoting 2000 rs per kg.

She reaches on time and seeing fake honey creates drama there again and throws all honey out of bottle saying its sugar syrup. Vendors shout to pay him and then go. Bade papa holds her hand and drag her away. At Malini’s house, Anu and Dev inform Adi that chef is their good friend who caters for royal families and greed to cater Malini and Adi’s wedding due to their friendship. They walk near car. Adi says they can take back seat while he sits in front. Anu comments they are not herd to go in same car, Adi and Malini can take another car. Adi thanks her for reminding of other option, she and Dev can go on car while he and Malini come in his bike.

Malini says she likes bike and sits behind him, leaving Anu fuming. Back in market honey vendors follow Imlie and Bade papa and insist them to pay their money. Vegetable vendors join them and they all demand to pay their money for making their losses. Imlie climbs a cart and warns them to stay away. Aditya and Malini passes by same market and stop seeing crowd blocking road. They get down to check. Imlie takes Bade papa’s phone and records video threatening vendors that she will forward the video to Delhi’s famous journalist Aditya Kumar Tripathi who will print their news in front page with a heading that vendors are looting innocent customers. Aditya fumes seeing that, but Malini stops him saying let Imlie handlie it. Imlie says Bade papa is Aditya’s uncle and she is best friend, he never speaks to her rudely and respects her a lot.

Adi frowns hearing that. Vegetable vendors get afraid and walk away. Honey vendor says he will get them pure honey. Imlie says once trust is lost, it cannot be regained. They walk away. Imlie gets tensed seeing Adi standing inf ront of her.Imlie gets afraid seeing Aditya with Malini watching her drama. Aditya gets Bade papa/Harish down from cart and asks if he is fine. Bade papa says he is fine. Anu walks to them and asks Aditya why did he bring them to cheap area, which place is this. Dev says its market. Anu says who comes to such a cheap place, its tacky. Aditya says Hindustan, 90% of Indians buy vegetables and groceries from here. Dev repeats.


They see Kapadia Hotel servants buying honey from honey shop, Aditya asks Anu if its her friend’s hotel where they are going. Anu asks Bade papa why did he come here. Bade papa says to buy vegetables and honey to prepare Matarani’s prasad, but couldn’t buy honey due to the drama happened here. Anu scolds Imlie. Malini praises Imlie’s skills of handling mob. Aditya tells Bade papa that maa and badi maa will prepare prasad even without honey, so they shouldn’t bother.

Imlie thinks prasad will be made of only honey and covering herself climbs tree to get honey from honey web. Malini notices Imlie climbing tree and informs Aditya and Bade papa. Aditya asks what is she doing. Imlie says getting pure honey. She reaches honey web, shoos away honey bees via smoke and fetches honey, then slips. Bade papa shouts worried for her. She holds bark and says she is safe. She reaches ground and tells Bade papa that honey is ready to prepare prasad sweets. Bade papa says she stopped his smoking fearing cancer, but she gives him heart attack repeatedly. Malini laughs. Imlie says his health will improve with honey. Aditya notices bee stings on Imlie’s hand. Malini says Imlie is amazing.

Back home, Imlie writhes with pain and applies ice on her bee sting wounds. Aditya offers her ointment and scolds her fore risking her life, calling him her friend and says whatever she does to impress him would be waste as she will go back to Pagdandiya in 2 days.Once he leaves, Sundar taunts Imlie that one who bites was bitten by bees. She asks him to stop joking and explains everyone’s food requirements to him. He asks why is she telling this to him while she wanted to send him out yesterday. She thinks how to tell him that she is going from here after 2 days, says he should remember it as she may not be here for long. Aditya hears their conversation. Sundar asks how does she know family well when she came here just a few days ago. On the other side, Malini looks at her family pic.

Daadi walks to her and says she will be married in 2 days, how is she feeling. Malini says she only knows Adi in her new family and don’t know if she will get adjusted with other family members or not, she is starting a new life with Aditya after 7 years of courtship and hopes she gets along well with his family. Daadi blesses her. Imlie tells Sundar that she is not related to them, but got connected to them by heart; her mother says connection of hearts is most important. She then realizes Sundar asleep.

Next morning, jagrata arrangements start at Tripathi House. Sundar serves tea to everyone. Aparna asks where is Imlie. He says she is still sleeping. Aparna gets worried and walks towards kitchen. Imlie cries reminiscing Aditya’ bitter words. Aparna walks to her and asks if she is fine. Imlie says she is. Aparna gives her clothes to wear for Jagrata. Imlie says she will not attend jagrata. Aditya enters and asks Aparna not to force Imlie when she doesn’t want to. Aparna walks to him and asks what problem he has with Imlie. Adi says Imlie is their mad and not family member. She says she doesn’t know how Imlie came here, but she got near to their hearts so soon and they don’t want him to insult Imlie repeatedly.

Adi tries his best, but Aparna warns him. He says he came to inform her that everyone are waiting for her outside and walks away. Aparna cheers up Imlie and asks her to get ready soon. Imlie emotionally hugs clothes and cries.Jagrata starts. Malini with family enters. Tripathi family greets them. Anu says she bought gifts for them. Anu says there was no need for it and thanks her. Twinkle asks if anyone didn’t inform her that they all are wearing same color dress. Anu says she knows, but that girl doesn’t suit her. Aparna says she is looking beautiful and greets her in. Aditya sits with Malini and family and enjoys Matarani’s bhajans. Rupali and Nidhi make Imlie sit behind Aditya and Malini. Sundar thinks Imlie doesn’t know that maids cannot sit with bosses. Imlie feels disheartened seeing Aditya’s attention towards Malini.

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