Imlie update Monday 5 September 2022

Imlie 5 September 2022: Imlie fumes in anger while cooking food after Anu’s drama. Dev walks in. She asks if he came to check if she prepared food for his daughter or not. He says he came to chat with her and informs that he had visited Pagdandiya once. She continues blabbering. He says Harish/Bade papa told he only has a mother in her family. Imlie says she has nakli naani and goat chuari also and continues blabbering. He says he is just asking her mother’s name. She points knife at him and asks how can he ask her mother’s name. Harish walks in and asks what is happening. Imlie says Dev is asking her mother’s name.

Harish says what is wrong in it, she should tell her mother’s name. Imlie says if she takes her mother’s name in front of others, its inauspicious for her mother. Harish says there is nothing of that sort and asks her to go and get wedding card from his room. She walks away. He tells Dev that Imlie is very aggressive. Dev says she is very cute.Aditya shows Pagdandiya pics to Malini and says there is a deep secret hidden in pics which he wants to share with her. She says Pagdandiya is so beautiful as papa told and thinks Aditya is acting and she can act too. Back at home, Imlie brings card and gives it to Tripathi family. Anu shows her card.

Tripathi family likes it. Anu says good her guests didn’t see their cards, else they would have tought that she has gone bankrupt. Daadi says happiness shouldn’t valued by only money, she should not force her choice on others like Malini and Dev didn’t force their choice on her. Anu says shhe is right, she spent a lot on her card. Badimaa says even they did. Aparna says they poured in their hard work and love on this card and its shows in it. She asks Imlie to read the poem she wrote. Imlie reads it emotionally. Dev says its very beautiful and depicts Aditya and Malini’s heart. Daadi says Imlie gave Aditya and Malini a priceless gift.

Malini checks Imlie and Aditya’s pic and asks Aditya if he wanted to show that Imlie clicked his perfect pic finally; Imlie works in his house, gets goons caught, thinks papa as dacoit, and taught him to pose; its a good joke. Aditya says its not a joke, Imlie not only works in his house, he also has a relationship with her. Malini gets tensed and asks what relationship he has Imlie with him. He says he got into a big problem, villagers wanted to kill him and forcefully got him married to Imlie. Malini asks what kind of joke is this. Aditya says its not a joke, he got related to Imlie somehow. Malini collapses hearing that. Badimaa says Imlie should perform shagun. Imlie performs shagun. Aparna congratulates Anu. Dev says they will leave now and walks away.

Aditya rushes Malini to hospital where doctor treat her and ask him to finish admission formalities. He realizes that he forgot his purse at home and calls home’s landline. Imlie picks call, and he asks her to get a black-blue debit card from his purse. She senses his tension and asks if he is fine. He asks her to do just as he says. She brings purse and card and he asks her to tell the number on it. She starts describing numbers on card when nurse informs him that patient is awake now and wants to meet him. He keeps receiver aside and rushes towards Malini’s room. Imlie asks receptionist which place is this. She tells hospital’s name.

Doctor suggests Aditya that Malini’s mental condition is very weak, so he shouldn’t give any tension to her. Nurse offers water to Malini, but she insists to call Aditya. Aditya walks in and says he is always with her. Malini asks if what he told in cafe was true. Aditya reminisces doctor’s advice and says it was a joke. Imlie reaches hospital and asking about Malini’s room walks towards it. Aditya tells Malini that he didn’t know his prank would pose a risk for her. She asks if he didn’t marry Imlie then. He says he didn’t and in fact Imlie is very troublesome to her, she always spoils his work, today she forcefully broght electric meter reader and others to dining table and forcefed them, she is as good as a stone in his shoes, she just works in his house as her villagers forcefully sent her with him, he loves only Malini and cannot think of anyone else.

He notices Imlie near door. Malini emotionally hugs him. Imlie walks away crying. She sits inwaiting area and cries reminiscing Aditya’s words. Aditya walks to her and apologizes for what she heard standing near door. She wipes her te4ars and says she didn’t hear anything and asks how is Malini. He says she is fine now, he didn’t want to marry her with a lie, and if something happens to her, he will die.Aditya tells Imlie that he didn’t want to marry Malini with a lie; Malini wouldn’t tolerate truth and will die and even he will die if she dies; any truth cannot be precious than her life. He sheds tears. Imlie says he is worried unnecessarily, its a question of trust and not truth or lie her; if there is trust, even stone is god, similarly if there is a trust, its relationship or else thread; he should accept that he tied a thread that day in Pagdandiya and not relationship, it doesn’t matter if thread is broken, but relationship shouldn’t; he should do whatever he can to save his relationship, she and Seeta Maiya are with him.

Aditya returns home after dropping Malini home and over phone asks her to take care of herself. Malini says he dropped her home and waited till her room light was off, she is fine now. He asks her not to forget taking multivitamins before sleeping. She says she will, disconnects call, then calls back and says I love you. He disconnects call, then gets a call again and asks what is it now. Satyakam speaks and says he is Satyakam from Pagdandiya, if he can hear him. Aditya disconnects call and thinks how did he get his number. He walks to Imlie and asks why did she give his number to Satyakam, she acted innocent in hospital and showed her intelligence behind by giving his number to Satyakam.

Imlie says he knows that Satyakam doesn’t keep phone, how will she contact him. He asks her to stop her drama, she will return to Pagdandiya on 15th and since its wedding that day, someone from his office will drop her and she shouldn’t return to him in life. He drops bus ticket and walks away. Mithi asks Satyakam if he contacted Aditya. Satyakam says he could, but felt Aditya disconnected call purposefully. Mithi asks why would Aditya do that when he respects him so much and published his news in newspaper. Aditya says if a person comes to village, he/she forgets city and if he/she goes to city, he/she forgets village, this holds right for Imlie. She says he is thinking too much. She opens cupboard and seeing Dev’s doll remembers him.

At Tripathi House, women choose saris for themselves. Nidhi and Rupali select bright saris for Badimaa and Aparna, they both shy. Imlie walks in. They ask her to choose a sari for herself as they need to stitch a blouse for her. Imlie reminisces Aditya’s words and says bride and groom are important in wedding, so she doesn’t need any sari and just prays god to not be a burden on anyone until she is in this house. Badimaa asks where is she going. Nidhi says she may want to go to her nakli naani to escape work in a wedding house. Aparna selects a sari for Imlie. Nidhi says she will look pretty in it. Imlie says she will get breakfast and runs crying reminiscing Aditya’s words that she is troublsome to him, is just a maid and nothing else, etc.

She cries sitting near a wall and opens door hearing a door bell. She sees a man and reminisces Pankaj informing about a man. Man says he is Sundar who came to work here. She tries to shut door at his face and shouts at him to go. Family rushes to her and asks what is happening, ask who is he. He says he is Sunderlal who came to work here. Imlie asks why didn’t they wait till she went out. Family sees Sunder in blazer with gloves and costly bag and asks who hired him. Aditya passes by and informs that he hired Sunderlal to help during wedding. Imlie continues throwing tantrums and asks family to send him out. Family says since Adi hired Sunder, they have to give him a chance and ask him to go in and prepare tea.

Imlie resists and says she will prepare tea. Pankaj says if Sunder fails to prepare tea better than her, he will have to leave. Imlie agrees and bullies Sunder in kitchen, adds lots of sugar in tea when he goes aside. Sunder takes tea out. Twinkle insists to have tea. Rupali stops her and thinks how to inform her that she has diabetes at such an young age and sugar is harmful to her. She goes to get milk for Twinkle when Twinkle silently fills tea up and tries to sip it. Imlie notices that and rushes to stop her.

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