I do update Sunday 4 September 2022

I do 4 September 2022: Shashi places a pistol on her head, and then eyes herself in the mirror, thinking that she couldnt fulfill the promise that she had made to her own mother. she says that she would have killed the person, had anyone else done this mistake. she says that she too deserves the same punishment. she is about to pull the trigger, when saif comes in and takes the pistol away. shashi is angry as to why he stopped her. He asks her to calm down, but she is beyond reprieve, and even cancels Juda’s call in frustration, multiple times. Juda avenges that she shall have to be shown what happens when people ignore or reject Juda’s calls.

meanwhile, shashi fumes that she couldnt fulfill a simple promise to her mother, while saif too apologises for his carelessness recently owing to indulgence in profuse adultery with the new bride. they both decide that tomorrow ahil shall have to die, while shashi says that she has a perfect plan.Sanam is tensed, when shaad enters and asks why she came so abruptly. She says that its nothing. he says that he knows she is upset that he asked her how does she know about ahil, his family, his background and his past so much. She says that she is way more boggled than him for that. he says that its okay and asks her to calm down, as she oes frantic.

He says that she was visibly angry with ahil, at the dining table, and didnt utter a single word. he keeps asking to bare her heart and tell what happened in the jungle, and asks her not to hide, while she is boggled remembering it. she says that its nothing like that. he complies, and says that he believes her. he gets up to go, and the new bride sees them tensed. sanam says whats she doing, as shaad isnt unnecessarily worrying, but a relation needs trust, and maybe nothing happened in the jungle, but she knows ahil has emotions for her, and hence shaad is insecure, and before things worsen, she would have to do something.

she gets up hurriedly and begins to go. the new bride stops her and asks why is shaad so angry. Sanam tries to go, but the new bride explains that the slightests inception of doubt can hamper the relation. sanam says that doubts arise when trust is weak. The new bride says that its evident, as shaad wouldnt have hugged her the way he did, after knowing that his wife spent the night with someone else. sanam is alarmed. the new bride clarifies that she isnt doubting her, as she knows her and ahil,. but if doubts can arise in her mind, then the same can happen to shaad too, as he is more insecure after her memory loss, which made her forget the intensity of his love. The new bride says that only love can suffice love, and that shaad proposed in front of everyone, and shouldnt she reciprocate the same even if by a small favour.

she informs sanam about the cocktail party for nazia’s marriage, which is a perfect platform for her to gift something to shaad, to show how much she cares for him. sanam says that she is right and thanks her. The new nride hugs her, evilly saying that she would do whatever it takes.Sanam talks to the tailor on the phone, giving him instructions for the cocktail dress, and the tailor asks if the measurements she gave are right, and she is absolutely certain that she gave the fitting of her husband. the tailor says that he shall deliver it in evening itself, her being ahil’s special guest. she leaves, hoping shaad likes it. Meanwhile, ahil is taunted by the new bride for the same, saying that jannat is blindly in love with shaad, and is looking for small gestures to show and express it to shaad.

She then compares that he doesnt do anything, despite her even agreeing to die for him. he asks her to show it once. She taunts him, and is amused at his disgust. he leaves in a huff. she thinks that he might leave now, but tomorrow evening, he would find it difficult to avoid them. later, shaad is asked to come outside by sanam, for a surprise. He keeps asking, while she doesnt give in and asks him to have patience. The doorbell rings, and the tailor comes in with tjhe cocktail dress. Ahil and the new bride too join them. She comes to shaad, and then informs that jannat is super happy since morning, and decided to see what gift she has planned for him.

Sanam presentes him the dress. ahil is frustrated, while she excitedly asks shaad how he liked. Shaad is very happy, and hugs her overwhelmingly. Ahil is disgusted. the new bride asks him to go on and try it, for them. shaad complies. Sanam doesnt like the fitting of his cloth, as shaad tries on his cocktail dress, and it fits loose. She reprimands the tailor for it. the new bride too reprimands the tailor for such a bad fitting. the tailor says that she made the exact fitting, for the measurement that jannat gave. sanam doesnt believe. latif comments that she remembers ahil’s allergy, but doesnt remember shaad’s fitting. shaad gets upset and takes it off.

sanam and shaad go inside. the new bride is extremely upset, that sanam’s foolishness spoiled it all. Ahil takes the same suit and tries it on, to find a perfect fit. the tailor exclaims about it too. Ahil eyes the new bride victoriously. he says that it seems the other lady didnt get it for her husband but for him. Ahil rectifies him and says that he actually got it made for her husband only. Ahil pays off the tailor and he happily leaves. he then turns to latif, and says that love doesnt need the test of time. he asks the new bride is this is enough or he needs more proof, and the more she tries to distance sanam from him, the more close she shall come. he leaves. the new bride is furious. the screen freezes on her face.

Sanam-2 is furious and says when Sanam forgot everything what was the need for her to remember everything about Ahil. Seems like he cast his spell on Sanam. Latif says well thats Ahils special charm. Sanam-2 fumes. They run out of Sanam-2’s room. Right then Saif comes and says her trouble wont end with fuming on others. Sanam-2 tells him not to come in the mansion without her permission. Saif says came to talk about the cocktail party. Sanam-2 says who cares about that party. Shashi Kapoor comes and says well this party will end all troubles of yours. Sanam-2 says, if only you knew my trouble. Shashi Kapoor says you have only one trouble – Sanam. Sanam-2 asks her how she knows all this.

Shashi Kapoor says guessed it and am mayor of Bhopal so had to dig all truth out. Sanam-2 asks what will you do to solve my troubles. Shashi Kapoor says when a person dies, all troubles end so when Sanam will die only you will be left in Ahils life. Sanam-2 asks Shashi Kapoor why she will do this for her. Shashi Kapoor says doing this for my brother. His happiness is in your happiness. Nazia is the biggest mistake of Saifs life but thru this mistake he did one thing right, made friends with u. Our friendship will usher in a new era. The world will fall at our feet. So, aapko meri ye dosti qubool hai. Sanam-2 stares at Saif and then Shashi Kapoor. She joins hands with her. Sanam-2 self thought, qubool hai. Shashi Kapoor says you din accept my friendship, Allah accepted my prayers. I will fulfill my mothers wish. Ahil will die.

Sanam tells Shaad that she understands Shaads anger. She gifted him something and it was a mess. Shaad says not angry just hurt that everytime Sanam tries to do something for him there is some error. The Apple Pie . the jacket. Sanam says dun do all this intentionally. Shaad says know that but other side of truth is one does such mistakes when one is not focussed. Thought that after holding my hand you will forget the past but. He asks Sanam if she is still chasing the past. Is there someone whose memory haunts her. Sanam looks up and Ahil looks at her. He walks away. Shaad tells Sanam that they are getting married and marriage is based on trust. Sanam says agree but its not like that.

Shaad asks Sanam what is it then. Sanam keeps mum recollecting Ahils proposal. Shaad says silence is not the answer of all questions. Shaad requests her to spill out her feelings. Sanam keeps mum. Shaad quietly walks off. Sanam self thought, some questions dont need answers. But before all these things mess up, need to make u and myself trust that am yours.Sanam-2 asks how will all this happen. Shashi Kapoor says ask Ahil to sing. All will be lost in his song and Sanam will feel tugged to him.

His voice will pull her to him. Send Sanam to the room and my man will shoot her and escape. Sanam-2 asks what if someone doubts us. Shashi Kapoor says not possible. We will be at the party with others. Sanam-2 says so all will be busy solving Sanams murder without knowing we hatched the plan. Sanam-2 thanks Shashi Kapoor for solving her problems. Shashi Kapoor says am solving my problems. Sanam-2 excuses herself. Saif says dont understand your plan at all. You wanna kill Ahil then how will you when he will be singing. Shashi Kapoor says my step brother is a heartburnt lover. Songs on his lips and death will be perfect match. She says have electric guitar for Ahil. Will connect high voltage wire to it.

Ahil will die and no one will doubt us. This new guitar is Sanam-2’s gift for Ahil. She will be blamed and we will be safe. Saif smiles saying ‘Maut ka guitar’.

Part 2

Sir Juda calls Shashi Kapoor again. Before she can take the call, Saif comes to her and asks her to come with him to check the guitar. Shashi Kapoor says nothing should be missing from my step brothers party. Shashi Kapoor leaves her cell behind and goes away with Saif. Shaad is walking past her room and notices the ringing mobile. He picks it up and notices its Sir Juda calling. He is in shock. He says this is the same man whom the world is trying to get rid of as he is the king of terrorism. Knew Shashi Kapoor had backing of someone big. So some connect between the Mayor of Bhopal and Sir Juda. Will expose all.

Sanam is in the alley and runs into Ahil. They look at each other. Sanam keeps mum. Ahil asks her if she is fine. Sanam says you should have thought about it before ruining my life. Coz of you i cant look at my hubby in the eye. Am lying to my hubby coz of u. Every relation is based on trust but thats breaking coz of u. Ahil says how can u blame me only, how u know Shaad isnt lying to u. Sanam says heard there are people who stoop so low but seeing today for first time. Ur talking crap about my hubby in front of me. Try all u want, but my love for my hubby wont diminish. He is the only truth of my life. Mujhe agar kuch bhi yaad hai to woh has sirf mere shohar. I love him and it will never end. Today will prove in the party how much i love my hubby.

Part 3

Ahil prays to Allah that in this fight between heart-and-head when the head wins, a person loses all. Before Sanam, in her anger, confesses love to the man whom she doesnt love, i need to make her realize that only i am in her heart. Right then Sanam-2 comes to Ahil saying, a persons stubbornness can ruin their life. Here u and i both are stubborn. Lets see how this ruins u or makes u. U believe ur love so much, will break that belief in tonights party. Will make you see how Sanam doesnt remember anything, neither you nor ur love. U wanna remind Sanam of ur love, well go ahead. Sing for her in the party. Maybe ur voice will reach her heart.

But dont think that will work. Ur love is extinguished from her heart. Ahil says if thats the case then in tonights party, Sanam will be with me. Thats my promise to you. Ahil walks off. Sanam-2 smirks, Sanam wont be close to you, she will go far away from you. First your love will be insulted then killed off. She laughs.While sanam is trying on dresses for the cocktail and asking for shaad’s opinion, he is too engrossed in copying juda’s contact and other details, from shashi’s phone, who is berserkedly searching around in the house, for her phone.

Meanwhile, ahil rummages through his stuff, and finally retrieves a pic of him with sanam in happier times. meanwhile, the new bride gets gazalla and latif to an evil task, asking them to anyhow spoil the traditional dress that sanam plans to wear. they comply. While sanam enthusiastically talks to shaad, he is lost in shashi’s thoughts, and walks out, ignoring her. Sanam is boggled at his behaviour. Shaad confronts shashi, with the phone, saying that he knows very well how to unravel secrets. He walks out. She is frustrated, as to how shaads has messed her life. she says that after she finishes ahil, she would get to shaad too. She gets juda’s call again, and is very irritated at that too. she rejects the call.

In her room, sanam too is tensed about the complications of her lovelife. Just then, gazalla and latif come in and try to get her to understand that marital strifes are common. While she distracts sanam, latif puts the steaming iron on her dress. Sanam is oblivious of this, and then suddenyl gets the smell of something burning, and turns around in shock to find her dress torn. she wonders what she shall do. The new bride comes saying that her heart and mind are in different places. She sayss that she is overthinking of shaad, and that she just made a mistake. Sanam says that she is tensed as to what to wear. The new bride gives her the packet that she says contains a dress that ahil has sent for her.

Sanam rejects, while the new bride says that she understands her hesitation, but it doesnt matter who gave it to her, but the matter is who is she going to dress up for, tyhe love of her life, and her husband, shaad, and then requests her profusely. sanam agrees for her sake. She then leaves amusingly. sanam eyes the packet frustratedly.The new bride is very happy at the irony of love. She thinks that ahil shall fall so badly in sanam’s eyes, that even when she dies, she only has disgust and hatred for him in her eyes. Ahil eyes the pic saying that he has only loved her with such passion, after having hated her with such fervour. She taught him the true meaning of love, and then he was a changed man.

He says that after she sees the pic,sanam shall be reminded of her love for him, and their intensity and then he sdhall leave to destiny that she comes back to the true love of her life. Sanam however resolves seeing a tensed shaad that some love stories are incomplete even after having been married, she wont let that happen to her marriage. She says that tonight she shall come so close to shaad that noone shall be able to separate them. meanwhile, shaad is determined to end all evil tonight, and that he shall defeat shashi kapoor this time for sure. Shashi meanwhile thinks that her life is a game, in which she has always won, and that tonight, she shall not only win, but ruin everyone else, so that she cant say that she didnt fulfill her promise, and that tonight her mother shall avenge her death. Meanwhile, juda too thinks that he shall establish his supremacy and show shashi who’s the boss.

Shashi meanwhile in the evening begins to entertain guests, waiting anxiously for ahil and the new bride to come. When they do, he thanks them for their hospitality, inwardly thinking that she shall rightfully become the heir of the house. She asks ahil about sanam and shaad. the new bride says that she too is waiting for them. meanwhile, sanam fidgets in front of the mirror, as she wears the modern one piece flowing gown that she thinks ahil has selecetd for her. she curses ahil. meanwhile, shaad takes the revolver thinking that now he shall put an end to shashi’s terror. sanam tries to clarify that she has no other option, but shaad gets a call, and casually asks her not to bother at all. he asks her come along, as she is getting late. The screen freezes on her tensed face.



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