Imlie starlife update Saturday 10 September 2022

Imlie 10 September 2022: Imlie tells Aditya that she will not go as a girl leaves her maika and goes to her sasural permanently, Pagdandiya is her maika and Delhi is her sasural, he is her husband and she will never go away from him. Adi holds his hand and walks saying he will end this drama right now. He walks to Aparna. Aparna emotionally tells that she is coming from Malini’s room and never saw such a beautiful bride. She describes Malini’s good qualities and says her son is happy only with Malini and she wouldn’t have accepted any other girl if he had brought her before Malini, she has accepted Malini as her bahu and will never accept anyone else. She continues and seeing Imlie asks Adi if he scolded Imlie again.

Adi looks at Malini. Malini enters with Anu and Daadi. Nidhi and Rupal say Malini is looking so pretty, let us go and welcome her. Aparna leaves. Adi tells Imlie that she can to go and tell truth to everyone if she thinks he is snatching her right. Children rush towards Malini calling her chachi and step on her dupatta. It falls down tearing off. Malini gets sad seeing it. Rupal says its beyond repair. Imlie walks to Malini and gives her dupatta saying if she doesn’t mind she can wear her dupatta. Malini says Imlie got ready so well, how can she take her dupatta. Imlie says if she wears it, it will become suhagan’s dupatta, so this chunri is hers and even suhag’s right. She drapes dupatta on Malini.

Everyone smile seeing that. Malini thanks Imlie followed by Arpna. Anu says she wouldn’t have arranged designer dupatta so soon, so she is also thankful to Imlie. Dev thinks why he gets dearly feeling seeing this girl. Arpana and others take Malini to mandap.Imlie cries sitting aside and thinking she was wrong about her right and should go from here. Someone looks at Imlie from nearby and hides seeing Dev walking to Imlie. Imlie calls him bhura daku and says his guest has more guests than people in Pagdandiya. He asks why did she come here. She says she came here for fresh air. He says she wants to run away from each function, asks if she found whom he was searching. She nods no.

He blesses her that she will get what she wants and whom he is searching. She says thanku. He says he should thank her instead as people don’t give even blessings, but she gave her chunri to Malini, only a younger sister can do this to elder sister. She smiles. He leaves saying Malini must have reached mandap. Imlie thinks she never thought of her father with amma and dadda’s presence, but is missing him today. Satyakam with Mithi walks on road and hopes Adi takes Imlie’s study’s responsibility. Mithi says she is not worried about Imlie’s studies, but is happy that Adi’s family accepted Imlie. Police commisioner discusses with his team that Satyakam was seen in Delhi and must have come for a big attack, so they need to nab him before that.

Malini and Adi’s photoshoot starts. Malini tells Adi that wedding is just a reason, she wants to click good pics with him. He smiles. Daadi asks to start garland exchange ritual. Imlie thinks Adi’s office employee must have come to pick her up, so she should go and get her bag. Sashank throws coth on her and kidnapping her takes her to a room. Adi sees his office employee munching food and thinks he should have been waiting at gate for Imlie. Malini asks all okay. He says always when she is with him. Sashank tries to molest Imlie. Imlie slaps him. He holds her from behind and says she should not have done this. She shouts to leave him. Adi enters and gives him a solid punch reminiscing Sunny and Tinkle seeing Sashank kidnapping Imlie and informing him.

Sashank says he was hit because of Imlie. Adi says its a question of relationships and he should have killed him if he was not Malini’s brother. Family walks in and seeing Imlie’s condition console her. Shashank lies that villager Imlie tried to lure him. Anu says nobody will say anything to Shashank and giving him a tight slap says she shouldn’t not have ignored his silly mistakes. She apologizes Imlie. Dev kicks him out saying he is disgrace on their family. Imlie stumbles shattered. Malini apologizes saying this happened because of her. Imlie says its not her mistake. Family takes Imlie out. Adi consoles Malini and takes her out. Family says let us return to mandap.

Adi says he cannot marry Malini as he is already married, Imlie is his wife. Everyone stand shocked hearing that.Aditya tells family that he cannot marry Malini as he already married Imlie and she is his wife. Imlie realizes she was imagining it when Aparna calls her and asks if she is fine. Adi says he wants to tell them something. Imlie thinks she realized that marriage is good when both hearts meet, how to explain this to Adi. She tells Adi to stop calling her and get into mandap for wedding with Malini. She holds MAlini’s hand and says lets go. MAlini holds Adi’s hand and they all 3 walk together smiling. Imlie makes Malini sit next to Adi in mandap, reminiscing herself sitting next to him earlier during their wedding. She then walks away sadly. Dhruv asks where is she going, he will accompany her.

Imlie says he doesn’t have to worry as she is not helpless and slapped Shashank twice before Adi came. Dhruv leaves asking her to take care of herself. Imlie runs outside and sits crying. Mithi with Satyakam reaches there. Imlie is shocked to see them, runs and hugs Mithi. They both cry emotionally. Imlie asks how did she come here. Mithi says she remembered her so much that she had to come to meet her, Satyakam found Adi’s address and bruoght her here. Imlie hugs Satyakam next emotionally. Satyakam asks if she is studying well, he saw her news in newspaper and felt proud of her. Imlie smiles. Mithi asks if her in-laws love her a lot and what is this decoration for.

Imlie says for her wedding as family was not present here and hence want to perform her and Adi’s wedding again, she is wearing bridal sari for her wedding. Mithi says she is very happy to see Imlie happy and is thankful to Adi. Satyakam asks her to call Adi as Damadji/son-in-law and asks Imlie to introduce him to Damadji. Imlie gets tensed thinking wedding rituals must be going on. Just then, they hear police siren and hide.Panditji asks groom to apply sindhoor on bride. Aparna calls Imlie. Dhruv says he saw her going out and will bring her. He walks out and sees police who say they came to search someone. Police walks in with him and inform Adi that they got a tip that rebel Satyakam is seen around this place, so nobody will go out or come in until they search this place thoroughly.

Satyakam says he will leave while Mithi can stay with Imlie. Imlie says he should take Imlie along as she cannot keep Mithi here. Imlie is shocked and asks reason. Imlie asks how to introduce her poor mother to her in-laws. Satyakam reminisces Imlie stopping him emotionally before and says her language is same, but her behavior has changed. Imlie says her in-laws accepted her, but how will she introduce her poor mother and fugitive relative to them. Satyakam says she spoke truth today at last; she cannot introduce her maid like mother or fugitive relative, he had high hopes on Imlie and thought she is very near to his heart, but she went far away from him, etc. Police continue searching Satyakam. Imlie says her pheras are about to start and she cannot let her poor family to attend it and have free food. Satyakam says if he wants them to go, they will go, she shouldn’t forget her roots though, etc.

Adi passes by and stops hearing Satyakam’s voice, thinks he protect Satyakam.Mithi gives Pagdandiya’s temple’s sindhoor to Imlie. Inspector walks towards them, but Adi misleads inspector and sends him away. Mithi pampers Imlie and walks away with Satyakam. Imlie cries profusely feeling her mother’s touch, picks the sand where her mother stood and smears it around her face. Adi walks to her.

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