My desire update Saturday 10 September 2022

My desire 10 September 2022: Preesha tells Rudra that he married her by trick and snatched everything from her, now she snatched everything from him by trick. She holds Yuvraj’s hand and says she and Yuvraj will live happily without Rudra’s interference. Rudra cries remembering marrying Preesha, their happier moments, etc. Mahima slaps Preesha and says her akka is dead after what she did, isn’t she ashamed to do all this, even their parents are ashamed of her, she married Rudra for his wealth, she was boasting to be Saransh’s mother, she is the most selfish and greedy woman she ever saw in life. Ahana yells that Preesha is selfish and greedy woman since before, she always warned Rudra against Preesha, now she snatched everything from them. Balraj says he didn’t expect this from Presha, he had already informed her that he will transfer all his wealth to Saransh, then why did she do this even then.

Rudra asks if he wasn’t supporting Preesha in her plan. Balraj says he was, but didn’t know she would do this.Rudra says if Preesha wants his properties and wealth, she can take it and even kill him, but he will not let anyone take Saransh away from him. Preesha says he cannot do that. Rudra says he can, now he will marry her sister Mahima. Everyone stand shocked hearing that. Rudra continues that he will marry Saransh’s real mother and keep Saransh with him forever, he will marry the same woman who wanted to separate him from Saransh. Mahima says what rubbish, she will not marry him. He asks if she wants Saransh or not. She says she already got Saransh’s custody.

He says after 6 months, he will prove her insane and take back Saransh, then she will try to commit suicide again and roam on roads crying. She asks if he is warning her. He says he is telling what he can do, if she agrees, then Saransh will be with her even after 6 months, else she will lose him. She says she came back for Saransh and can lose her life but not separate from him, so she is ready to marry him for Saransh. Everyone’s shocked faces are shown again. Preesha holds her. She shouts to stop as this is happening because of her. Rudra exchanges garland with her ordering Yuvraj and Preesha to move aside and asks Panditji to chant mantras. He then holds Mahima’s hand and performs pheras.

Pandit asks groom to apply sindhoor in bride’s forehead. Rudra does same and picking mangalstra tells Preesha that he brought this mangalsutra for her, but didn’t know she would divroce him today. He fixes it in Mahima’s neck saying its hers now. Panditji congratulates him and Mahima that their wedding is complete and they are husband and wife from hereon.GPS enters shouting Preesha and asks what is all this, why is she with Yuvraj and Mahima with Rudra. Mahima says he came late and cannot do anything, Preesha betrayed Rudra by divorcing him by trick and married Yuvraj and took away all his wealth. GPS stand shocked.

Preesha says she needs to go and walks away with Yuvraj. Bekhayali me bhi tera hi khayal aaye….song..plays in the background. Rudra reminisces his and Preesha’s romantic moments. He removes garland and walks away. Ahana asks what is happening, how can Preesha snatch their whole property and Rudra just wants Saransh. Rudra meets Yuvraj and angrily looks at him, they both then smile and shake hands. He says he didn’t think he would have to thank him in life. Preesha gets out of car, runs and hugs Rudra emotionally. Serial’s title track…plays in the background. She apologizes to Rudra for hurting him. He says she doesn’t have to as all the drama was planned by her. Preesha nods no.

Rudra asks Preesha not to say sorry as it was a drama which they planned. She says she was feeling bad playing this divorce and property drama. Yuvraj asks why she is tensed while she herself is a doctor and one needs to give bitter medicine to cure the illness. Rudra says Yuvraj is right. Preesha informs that she went to temple and Matarani showed her way. She goes into flashback where she sees an insane man holding Mahima’s pic and calling her Anjali. She follows him and asks him to tell him about Anjali. He asks her to feed him food him first. She feeds him food. He thanks her and says he was very hungry as he didn’t have food since 3 days. She says he seems to be educated, what happened to him.

He says he was a CEO of his company and Anjali was his secretary, he fell in her love and gave her many costly gifts, they got engaged and suddenly his company went into losses and he lost his job, just before a week from his wedding Anjali escaped with all his money, he is searching her since then. He continues that he met many people who told similar story that Anjali fooled them and took away their money. Preesha thinks how can this happen. Man pleads her to take him to Anjali. Just then, police comes and man runs way. Out of flashback, she tells Rudra how can Akka betray so many people, she is trying to ruin Saransh’s life for money now.

Rudra says good he reached on time and goes into flashback where he tells Preesha that Mahima will take away Saransh and he cannot live without Saransh. Preesha says he doesn’t have to stay away from Saransh as she found a new evidence against akka. She explains about meeting an insane man who informed how Akka conned him and escaped with his money, he also told akka conned many other men and took away their money. Rudra says they should find out more about con-woman Mahima and save Saransh. Preesha takes him to the place where she saw insane man before and they see him dead due to car accident. Rudra sees photo in man’s hand and tries to take it, but police stops him.

He asks Preesha how will they prove Mahima is a conwoman now. Preesha says they need to visit City Mental Health Clinic in Chennai where akka was treated and find out if its really akka or some conwoman who conned many men. Rudra says they rushed to Chennai soon to find out truth. Yuvraj says they executed their plan really fast.Rudra goes into flashback where he books Chennai tickets and reaches Mental health clinic with Preesha and sees the place burnt out. They ask watchman if the mental health clinic shifted somewhere else. Watchman says it got burnt completely in a fire accident and reminisces a woman setting fire in which even hospital staff and patients were gutted completely.

Preesha says it must be akka for sure and asks watchman if he didn’t complain. Watchman says he did, but they didn’t find any evidence against that woman. Out of flashback, Preesha describes her next plan to lure Mahima to find out her truth. She tells Rudra that they should take their biggest enemy Yuvraj’s help for that. They reach Yuvraj’s house where he is shocked at first, but then when he hears they need his help lets them in. Preesha says he needs to marry her. He gets happy and asks why is she revealing it in front of Nalla Khurana. She says fake marriage for Saransh. Yuvraj reacts. Rudra says if he considers himself as Saransh’s angel, he should help them as Saransh’s life is in danger. Yuvraj agrees, and they explain their plan to him.

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