Lost in love update Saturday 10 September 2022

Lost in love 10 September 2022: Virat tells Sai that her presence affects him and this is the reason he wants to go away from here. She says she troubled him a lot, but Pakhi is the reason for his transfer and she knows it well. He asks why this thought has gripped her, Pakhi has gone out of his life long ago and he has accepted this truth, he wants to know reason behind her frustration. She says she doesn’t have any frustration, but she didn’t realize how difficult it would be for him to see his love marrying his brother; she understands it now and will request DIG sir to get his transfer again. He asks who is she, if she is a CM or PM, to manipulating anyone she likes. She asks how dare he is to say this, even DIG saw her concern for him and hence approved his transfer; if he wants to learn manipulation, he should go to Pakhi and gives cafeteria example.

He pins her to a wall and asks why she drags this name in between them. She says this name is between them even before marriage and will not change. He walks away frustrated. She thinks her decision to shift to Gadchiroli is right, she is losing her mental peace here.After sometime, Pakhi brings tea for Virat and Sai and not seeing a pillow barrier on bed gets tensed thinking if they both are sleeping together again (one universal expression for every emotion). Sai returns from washroom. Pakhi says she prepared ginger tea for them. Sai thanks her. Pakhi sees bed on floor and asks when the hurdle between them has cleared, why are they sleeping separately.

Virat asks what does she mean. Sai taunts her old hobby of interfere between their personal issues will not go away easily. Pakhi says she came to call them for breakfast as she is preparing breakfast and wants whole family to have breakfast together. Virat asks if its something special even today. She says she feels like preparing food for everyone, especially Samrat. Virat says he will join them later and goes to washroom. She thinks both Virat and Samrat are sad, asks Sai to join family for breakfast. Sai says no as she needs to attend college and is not part of this family. Pakhi says that is why she didn’t attend yesterday’s pooja and created drama, she felt bad as her mother had to see her drama.

Sai says there is drama around her always. Pakhi says yes, there is drama even between Sai and Virat, that is why their beds are separate. Sai replies she should have almonds for memory power and reminds she told this bed dialogue repeatedly already. Pakhi says as an elder bahu, she wants to advice younger bahu that she should hide her bed from floor every morning. Sai says she doesn’t have any problem and doesn’t act like Pahi. Pakhi asks what does she mean. Sai ignores her. Pakhi repeats her one liner how dare she is to ignore her and asks the explain what she means. Sai says she knows what she meant and thinks Pakhi cannot fool her and its clear that she is acting as happy. Pakhi thinks she curses a day when Sai entered Virat’s life and took him away.

Sai asks why she is bothered about their sleeping arrangements. Pakhi says she doesn’t bother where they sleep, did they have a fight again. Virat asks her to stop stretching the issue, he kept quiet when she commented first, but she is stretching it repeatedly. Pakhi says she wants Sai and Virat’s relationship to be normal. Virat says their relationship can never be normal. Pakhi continues and says she wants them to be a normal couple, anyways she is bothered about her and Samrat’s relationship and wants it to be a normal couple relationship. Sai asks why she repeats same thing and highlights it forcefully. Pakhi frustrated tries to change topic and asks if she will come down for family breakfast. Sai says she doesn’t want to as she doesn’t want to feel awkward between intelligent people. Pakhi as usual complains Virat that his wife always insults her. Virat says she deserves it as provokes Sai always, they both deserve it in fact.

She changes topic again and thanks him for telling Samrat’s good qualities to her, she feels he is so good. Virat things everyone’s life is normalizing, even Pakhi saw Samrat’s good qualities, but Sai never understood him and when will his life normalize. Pakhi asks him to come down for breakfast or else Samrat will feel bad and will think she purposefully didn’t call them for breakfast. Sai says Samrat is a sensible person and understands everything, there is nothing wrong if any family member thinks against her. Pakhi says she doesn’t have any problem with her. Sai says she cannot believe a person who hates her since a year changes her opinion suddenly, anyways it doesn’t bother her. Pakhi complains Virat that Sai changes her stance so easily, she didn’t want to be a bahu and then she stopped everyone from meeting Virat when she was in hospital.

Sai says only Pakhi as she was trying to snatch her right, she wanted to serve Virat and then says she wants to serve patients as she wants to become a doctor. Pakhi asks Virat to join the family down for breakfast as his wife will not attend it and walks away taunting Sai again. Sai asks Virat to give her all financial documents. He asks why. She says its her Aaba’s and she wants to handle her financial responsibilities herself and not be a burden on him. He gets angry and says she doesn’t know what is burden and resonpobsility, returns her documents and says he doesn’t know what is she up to and her decisions may be wrong. She says its okay as she doesn’t want to be a wall between his dreams and expectations.

Pakhi serves breakfast to Chavan family. Bhavani asks about new dish. Pakhi says its pizza paratha. Bhavani praises her that she prepared different dishes today. Pakhi says its her aayi/mother’s recipe who used to prepare it for her. Everyone praise her. Devi walks down. Pakhi asks her to have breakfast with everyone. Devi asks where is Sai, she will not have breakfast without Sai. Pakhi asks if she will be hungry if Sai doesn’t come. Devi says her aayi taught her not to disrespect food. Bhavani smiles and asks her to sit. Pakhi says she is lucky, some are not taught morales. Samrat asks if she called Sai, why didn’t she come. Pakhi says she did, but Sai got adamant. Virat says she doesn’t have to wait for Sai and have breakfast with them. Pakhi says Sai doesn’t want to have her prepared breakfast. Ashwini says Sai is a bit tension.

Samrat asks if she tensed regarding her exam or because Virat locked her in a room. Sonali says its a different issue, main issue is Sai escaped via window. Omkar asks her not to start again. Sonali says truth will not change if she shuts up. Omkar asks Samrat to have his wife’s prepared breakfast. Ashwini says one cannot judge by looking from far away, Sai is not tensed regarding her studies. Ninad says even she knows truth and denying it. Bhavani yells Virat is an IPS officer and Sai stopped him from doing his duty. Samrat asks if she is not happy seeing Samrat between them. Bhavani says she wants her children to be around her. Samrat says Sai did it for family’s happiness. Omkar yells everything has a limit, how dare Sai is to meet DIG and hold Virat’s transfer.

Samrat asks why they all always blame Sai.Virat gets angry and asks why are the discussing about his transfer, he doesn’t want to hear this issue again. Ashwin asks him to calm down. Samrat asks if he is fine, he became irrigating, does he get irritating with Sai also. Ashwini tries to change topic and says she will take breakfast for Sai. Virat says no need for that. Sai walks down ready and says she is going to college. Ashwini stops her and insists her to have Pakhi’s prepared tasty breakfast and twisting her ear makes her sit on chair and feeds her. Devi asks her to feed her also. Sonali yells Ashwini overpampers Sai, even they have bahus but don’t overpamper her, Ashwini prefers her bahu over her son.

Bhavani yells again. Karishma hopes even her saas/MIL pampers her like this. Ashwini asks Sai to have breakfast properly today as Bappa will visit home tomorrow and whole attention will be on him. Sai says there won’t be wastage of food from tomorrow. Pakhi asks Sai if she didn’t want to have her prepared breakfast, she should tell Samrat that she had come to her room to invite her for breakfast. Sai says she had come and need not worry as Samrat is sensible; whole family is having breakfast happily and praising their favorite bahu, they would have scolded if she or Ashwini had prepared breakfast. Bhavani yells to stop spoiling their mood with her irritating talk. Sai says she need not worry as it won’t happen from tomorrow.

Virat asks why is she insisting tomorrow, is she going somewhere. Aswhini says with Bappa’s arrival, all problems and differences will clear. Samrat says Ashwini is right, they should go and bring Bappa’s idol home. Virat says like before.Ashwini continues to feed Sai and Devi. Karishma says she is not lucky to be pampered like them. Ashwini says Sai is unwell today and Devi is a kid. Samrat asks Sai if she is unwell, if she took medicine, she must be knowing what to take. Sai says she knows her illness and took medicine and is waiting for its effect, thinks she will not tell him that she will leave this house without informing anyone; she asks him not to worry as she will not ignore herself. She then says she is getting late for college and greets bye to everyone.

Pakhi comments Sai didn’t like her prepared food, so she wants to have canteen food with her friends. Sai says if her biography is made, Pakhi can help a lot as she knows her well more than herself. Devi asks Pakhi why she is jealous if Sai didn’t like her food, its not necessary if someone doesn’t like her food and tell truth. Pakhi asks why she hurts her with her bitter talks. Devi says she tells truth, why don’t she think even her bitter talks hurt Sai. Bhavani scolds her to have breakfast silently. Sai asks Devi to have breakfast as she doesn’t want anyone to scold her, anyways whenever someone supported her, they are questioned and humiliated. Virat asks why is she overreacted when Bhavani scolded Devi commented on Pakhi.

Sai says he should understand what she means, nobody understood Devi till now, Devi accepted her the way she is and didn’t try to change her like other family members, she will always support Devi and sorry if Virat thinks she overreacted, they need not worry as this will not happen from tomorrow. Shivani thinks why she is saying this repeatedly.

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