Imlie starlife update Sunday 11 September 2022

Imlie 11 September 2022: Imlie cries smearing mud of her mother’s footsteps and reminiscing asking her to leave. Aditya asks if she is fine. She says she didn’t call them and send them away, now they will not disturb them forever; he should return to mandap and complete wedding; she will go to Pagdandiya. He says she will not go anywhere and will stay in his house; she may consider their wedding real, but its just a child’s play for him and he cannot consider it, he knows that villagers will not spare her if she returns to Pagdandiya, so she can stay in his house. On the other side, Dev with Anu scolds Sashank and sends him from wedding venue.

He returns towards mandap with Anu when he sees Mithi with Satyakam passing by and thinks if he really saw her, then thinks its really her and he should speak to her, then thinks the man must be Mithi’s husband and he shouldn’t meet her as their ways are different now.Adi and Malini sit back in mandap. Panditji asks groom to gift shank/sea shell to bride as as assurance and then asks to perform pheras. They both perform pheras happily while Imlie reminisces performing pheras with Adi. After pheras, Adi puts mangalsutra in Malini’s neck and says he shouldn’t have waited for 7 years to marry her and should have performed these rituals long ago. Malini hopes their love and relationship stays forever.

Imlie sheds tears hearing that. Aparna seeing that asks why is she crying. Imlie says these are tears of joy. Pandit asks to bring sindhoor for sindhoor dan. Aparna asks Imlie to bring sindhoor. Imlie brings her mother’s gifted sindhoor. Aparna which sindhoor is this as she gave her a small box. Imlie says this is Pagdandiya’s famous temple sindhoor which Adi wanted to bring it for Malini. Malini thanks Imlie the special gift. Aparna asks Adit to give it to Adi. Adi picks sindhoor and applies it on Malini’s hairline while Imlie reminisces Adi applying it on her. She thinks she is freeing herself from all the bonding after this and prays Seeta maiya to show her a way. She smiles hearing Panditji announcing wedding is complete. Adi and Malini meet family after that.

Mithi leaves with Satyakam in auto. Dev comes searching her in vain. Mithi cries reminiscing Imlie’s words and is shocked to see Dev in auto’s mirror. She reminisces their meeting in Pagdandiya, stops auto and runs out, but doesn’t find him and thinks she imagined Imlie’s father here.
Satyakam asks her not to keep any false hopes as Imlie changed and has gone far away from them, gets her into auto and leaves.Malini’s bidayi ritual starts. Anu emotionally tells Malini that she would be having her Badimaa and Chotimaa in her sasural, but she has only one mamma in her maika, so she shouldn’t forget her mamma. Malini emotionally hugs Anu saying there cannot be anyone like mamma as she forgives a child’s mistake repeatedly.

Imlie reminisces hugging her mother before her bidayi and thinks she did a big sin by paining her mother’s heart. Daadi then speaks emotionally. Malini stamps her hand prints on a cloth. Anu tells Malini that her maika is her permanent home and she can return anytime she finds any problem in her sasural. Daadi says when sasural is crying during bidayi, they will love Malini so much that Malini will never think of leaving their house. Malini calls Dev and not finding him asks Imlie to bring him. Dev cries looking at Malini’s cradle. Imlie walks in. Dev says he thought his daughter came. Imlie says she is not his daughter and asks what is he doing here. He says he is looking at his daughter’s cradle and emotionally tells that they tie a rope to cradle as childhood is very unstable and tries to run away and they hold it with rope. Imlie speaks to him emotionally and shares her moral gyaan.

Dev says she is cute and her mother gave her good knowledge.Imlie holding Dev’s hand brings him to family for Malini’s bidayi. Malini rushes towards Dev emotionally, and Dev leaving Imlie’s hand hugs Malini and giving her hand with Aditya’s says she is not only his daugther but best friend, she is his wealth and Adi should preserve it carefull and never hurt her. Adi asks not to worry as he is afraid of Mrs. Chaturvedi/Anu and will never hurt Malini. Anu smiles and says he can call her mummy from hereon. Aparna assures Anu that she is taking home her daughter and not daughter-in-law and will take care of her like a daughter. Imlie thinks Malini’s mother is nearby and she can meet her mother anytime, but her mother went far away and she cannot meet her now.

Imlie in a hotel room cries reminiscing Imlie’s words and tells Satyakam that she was Imlie’s life before, but now she ransacked her forever. Satyakam says she should be happy seeing Imlie happy in sasural, though she asked them to leave; thinks what is Imlie hiding from him.Tripathi family returns home and Aparna performs Malini’s graha pravesh. Malini slips, and Imlie holds her. She thanks Imlie for saving her from embarrassment. Everyone walk in. Pankaj asks Imlie to get in soon to watch ring searching ceremony. Imlie thinks ring is lost and starts drama. Pankaj says its a ritual. Nidhi brings a big utensil, and Aparna asks Sundar to bring milk from fridge. Sundar says its finished.

Rupali asks to get milk powder. Imlie hearing that creates drama and insists to get real milk. Pankaj asks where will he find milk at this time. Dhruv says there is a cow shed/tabela nearby and takes Imlie there with Pankaj and Sundar. Imlie milks cow with a lot of drama and teaches them to milk. They return home with milk. Malini and Adi’s ring searching ceremony starts. Nidhi says now they will see who loves more. They both start searching ring. Imlie feels sad seeing that. They find ring together. Badimaa says they have strong love between them and a third person cannot enter between them. Imlie gets more sad hearing that and seeing Adi and Malini’s love.

On the other side, Anu gets worried that Malini didn’t call her yet as she used to call her whenever she reaches her destination. Daadi and Dev say she shouldn’t disturb Malini as she is married now. Anu says she has first right on Malini and will call her right now. Dev stops her. At Tripathi house, each family member gives gifts to Malini. Badimaa gifts her jewelry, Bade papa his pen which he got after his 40 year service, Aparna her favorite perfume which Pankaj gifted her, Nidhi a makeup kit, Aparna a good advice, and children greeting card. They all rejoice. Imlie brings tea for them. Pankaj asks Imlie what will she gift new bahu. Malini says already Imlie gave her mehandi, chunri, and sindhoor, reminiscing the events, and asks Imlie if she will give her advice whenever she needs it as she knows everything.

Imlie says she knows to ward off mosquitoes and much more. Dhruv jokes that Imlie wants to send Malini out of house. Adi returns. Rupali jokes that Imlie wants to send Malini out of house. Imlie says she never told that and really doesn’t want to. Aparna says they are joking. Imlie angrily takes their tea cups away. Adi asks everyone to rest and let Malini rest for sometime. They all taunt him. Anu calls Adi and asks why is Malini not picking call. He gives phone to Malini. Family leaves saying they need to make arrangements for muh dikhayi ritual and Dhruv takes Adi away saying he cannot be with Malini until ritual completes. Anu calls Malini and asks why didn’t she call her. Malini says she got busy in rituals. Anu asks her to rest and let others make arrangements.

Malini says its a small ritual and she will rest after that. Anu sadly says there are many people there to take care of Malini and she doesn’t need her mother now. Malini asks not to say that.

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