Imlie starlife update Wednesday 27 December 2023

Imlie 27 December 2023: Atharva tells Dhairya that this is their last meeting and they will never speak to each other from hereon. Dhairya says he shouldn’t but should watch this video first. Atharva checks mobile and says its broken. Anu recalls breaking mobile. Dhairya tells Atharva that he wants to tell her something about Chini. Atharva says he has 30 minutes. Anu asks Chini to go and stop Dhairya before he exposes her. Chini stops Dhaiya and asks Atharva not to waste even a second on Dhairya; she asks Dhairya to stop troubling them when he is getting Imlie as he wished.

Imlie gets emotional looking at her first wedding lehanga and thinks she only has a bundle of memories left and is alone completely now.Atharva gets ready as a groom. He notices Imlie standing behind him wearing her bridal dress. He recalls Imlie telling that she removed that lehanga from her cupboard and will wear Dhairya’s brought lehanga for her wedding. He says she told she will not wear it.

Imlie says she had even told him I love you, but he decided to go away from her. She expresses how much she still loves him and how she can’t get him out of her life while he wants to go away from him forever. He hugs her and asks how is she feeling now, she should forget everything and tell what is in her heart. He realizes it’s his imagination. Tumko Bhi Hai Khabar Mujhko Bhi Hai Pata… song plays in the background. Imlie keeps back her first wedding lehanga and wears a white bridal lehanga with teary eyes. Atharva sheds tears while wearing pagdi and recalls his and Imlie’s wedding.

Dhairya knocks Imlie’s door and requests to talk to him once even if Shivani gets angry. Servant informs that Rudra is calling him on terrace. Imlie opens door and doesn’t find Dhairya there, thinks Shivani must have taken him away, what important thing Dhairya wants to talk about. Dhairya walks to terrace and searches for Rudra. Chini walks to hm and says she called him here to tell some truth. Dhairya says he knows she tried to kill Atharva and put a blame on him. Chini says Dhairya is Arto’s step brother, but Arto is her life and she made a mistake of trying to kill Arto which she didn’t want to. Dhairya says he will expose her truth. Chini says she truly loves Arto and Kairi or else she wouldn’t have kept Arto and Imlie’s daughter with her. Dhairya is shocked to learn that Kairi is Imlie’s daughter and says that is why Kairi is so much emotionally attacked to Imlie.

Kairi notices Imlie as a bride and asks her to marry her monkey paa. Atharva walks to her and says her monkey paa does whatever he does by his wish, he will not marry Imlie. Shivani walks to Imlie and says Dhairya wants to talk to her. Atharva says maybe Dhairya doesn’t want to marry Imlie. He leaves from there with Devika. Dhairya confronts Chini for keeping Kairi away from Imlie for 5 years. Chini pleads him not to tell truth to Imlie. Dhairya refuses. Chini says his long-awaited dream of marrying Imlie will not be fulfilled if he reveals truth. Atharva walks to mandap and sits besides Imlie. Devika says its Imlie. Atharva asks where is Chini. Kairi says Chini and Dhairya had gone to terrace. Anu tries to stop her. Kairi asks why she always stops her from telling truth. Atharva walks towards terrace to call Chini. Imlie says she will talk to Dhairya first.

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